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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Considering the fit, finish, interiors, after market and resale value any day it would be a Toyota Etios instead of the Tata Manza!

i felt fit and finish of interiors was not good on Etios. Felt it to be better on Manza.

Point in case, the door pads on Etios. When pressed, huge gap between the glass and pad, on pressing a bit harder, it went down, not because it was soft touch door pad, but because there was immense gap and probably nothing below to support it. So it went down. Left a bad taste in my mouth when shelling out 7 lakhs and spending most of our time inside. I drove the top end model of etios. Didn't happen in Manza.

Exterior fit and finish was great in both the cars. Didn't notice any large gaps in both cars. Solve the interior quality and etios is hard to beat. I guess they did to differentiate and justify altis's high price Also bring down the wait time.

While Etios will have excellent resale in future, its still to early to talk about it as there are hardly many etios on road.

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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

My 2 paisa too please. India just doesn't have a decent sedan in the 7-8 lakh range. What I need is an exteriorly classy looking car that sips petrol reasonably frugally, has all (within reason) the standard safety features available in western markets, and has a well-insulated, well-appointed cabin. Is that too much to ask for?

Neither Etios, nor Manza, nor D'zire, nor the Logan fit the bill. At each of these instances, I feel like we Indian customers are being taken for a ride.

I would much rather buy a second hand civic/corolla, even though I don't like the idea of second hand.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

Fiesta 1.6 SXi (petrol) is just above 8 lacs in Pune (with all discounts put in).
If this car interests you, then please do consider it as well.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

I can understand your dilemma! I witnessed a very involving discussion on these two cars, not very long ago! My suggestions:-

- If u can amend your options (and if u r lucky) - go for second hand Civic/Corolla. These cars are at least two notches above those two. If you spend some time in the forum and some more in the market, you will certainly have a deal in your hands! Strongly recommended.

- If u want to stick around with your decision to buy a new car, then I will recommend Toyota Etios over Manza. Mainly because its' reliable car. Not that Manza isn't, just that Tata is still to prove it on road! If you have any doubts, stand near ANY Indica/Safari/Indigo that has its engine running, and then go and stand next to any Toyota gaddi (even good old Qualis), u will have your answers! Yes, if you intend to use the car for a year or two and then move on, probably buying Manza would merit a re-think. In case you have loads of running, then too, Manza (diesel) is recommended (this is only because Etios diesel is still not in the market). Else - its Etios that you need!

Hope it makes sense!
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

The manza ages fast. It starts looking old within a few months, i think due to its styling, especially the rear. I own a vista and would say its a great vehicle, no-nosense and gives you a great return for the money that you spent on it and i am sure Manza will give that as well.
I would say go for the etios, not my pick from the sedans out there, but between the manza and etios i would pick etios anyday for a petrol car. A definite no-no for a petrol manza, because you will get pathetic fuel economy for the large vehicle that manza is.
If Petrol is what you want, then Etios it should be.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

I would go ahead with the Manza, if I was looking for space and quality. However, the Etios is also not all that bad. Yes, it has pieces of poor plastic all around and has poor ICE. You can do nothing about the interiors, but the heck with OEM audio. You have all the T-BHP ice gurus to help help you out with aftermarket ICE. Now, coming to performance the Etios will thrash the Manza any day. And I agree with it being quite fun to drive. Overall, the Etios wins it.

On another note, if you are looking for rear seat comfort go ahead with the Manza. I have driven my neighbor's car on the highway. The car does 120-130 kph comfortably at around 2000-2500 rpm so you can cruise comfortably even in the run in period. The rear passengers didn't report problems with the car being uncomfortable. But the Manza according to many reviews is better. I haven't driven the Manza so I cannot comment about it. Also expect Toyota A.S.S to be better (at least a tad better) than Tata. Will give you some peace of mind. My 2 cents, test drive both the cars once more and then decide. Good luck mate.


OT: Why don't you try getting a used Civic? Would be much better. Check GTO's post on lateral upgrades.

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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

Gautam, in case u r interested in an Etios, there is atop end Etios for sale in my apartment building. apparently it has done only 700k. PM me if you ar einterested and i will put u in touch with the owner.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

My two cents being a Manza Owner, a diesel and just 3500 on the odo though:

Manza is feature rich and Elan looks richer. Simply loving the car. The typical negatives that is TATA A** & niggles have been beaten to death on this forum. The general feeling that I get from Manza ownership reports/problem threads is that once you are through with your initial teething issues, the ownership is pretty smooth. The bigger let down for me is Manza's handling on bad roads and not happy with it as some of the roads that I get to drive is bad. The ride though is not as bad as long you drive a bit carefully on bad roads.

From what I infer, do not think that they have improved the handling in the Elan where the changes are cosmetic in nature. Would love to stand corrected though. Feel that a different suspension set up would do wonders to this car and gave my feedback to the ORG MARG surveyors that Tata R & D had employed to survey Manza owners.

I don't know how FIAT's petrol engines fare on the longer term but Toyotas are known for easily clocking 150,000-200,000 miles without much issues.

If you get to drive on bad roads or intending to keep the car for long, would suggest to go for the Etios. Or perhaps by the time your Etios is about to arrive, you may get the Elan+ with better handling or Toyota may decide to spruce up the features to solve your dilema .

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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

IMO the Manza Elan is a better VFM car. Agreed that the Etios is a better handler but in daily commute in city traffic, one is hardly able to feel the handling. In City commute what really keeps you happy are the interiors of the car, a good ICE for the traffic jams, comfortable seats and a good A/C.
I have owned an Indica for 6+ yrs and 150K Kms now and never had major issues, while the A$$ is not bad as what people write. I own an ANHC now and feel let down by the "legendary" A$$ of Honda, and the lack of VFM.
The Etios is a new platform and yet to be tested in harsh Indian conditions. The Manza Elan is an improved Manza (much like the Indica V2 vs Indica) and should be a better choice.
One last point when comparing the engines don't compare Tata Vs Toyota, it should be Fiat Vs Toyota...!!! On VFM and overall appeal the Manza Elan wins hand down.
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Smile Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

I had travelled in Etios and Manza (diesel) and have driven both for short distance. I cant comment about manza petrol version as i have not driven or travelled in one. My suggestion is with a driving distance of only 700kms per month Etios makes sense in every way. Though the interiors are very bland and cost cutting is evident everywhere its still has got better leverage than manza in terms of handling and comfort. But if it has to be a diesel you can pick manza but should learn a trick or too to handle to post sales service. Another suggestion, if you dont need lots of storage space why dont you look at hatchbacks as given your budget you have really great choices with good safety features. Cheers.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

When I decided to put my money down on the Vista, I was in a similar quandry. But I still bought the Vista (65) petrol.

What I originally thought or was told about Tata (bold) and what are the reasons which I brought it...

1) Poor A$$ - My average usage would be around 12K kms per year. The Vista has a service interval of 10K kms total visits to A$$ - 2 per year (max).
Actual Experience - Only three servicing done so far (16000 kms on the odo) - After every service, I received an SMS and call from TATA Customer support to rate the service on a scale of 1-10 on multiple parameters. Once I just said (second service) that the service enginner (SE) who delivered the car was not the one who made the original work log and also not worked on the car. Not a big issue but this is what happened.
Within the next couple of days I got a call from the service center apologizing for the 'mistake'. I was told that the SE was out of office and so someone else delivered. Next day the SE came to my home (after calling, though i politely declined) to check on the car (my home is 30 kms from the Service Center). He called customer service (CS) to confirm that he checked the car, took my signature on a form which was then emailed to the CS. I received a call from CS again to confirm.

This is when I realised it was not just GOOD A$$ but EXCELLENT A$$.

2) Image (Tata being a poor build quality car) - The car will start rattling after 10K kms, suspension will make noise etc.

Experience - I have covered 16K kms on some really bad roads almost daily. There are NO rattles. My doors close with the same 'thud' as before. My suspension does not creak, groan nothing...Touch wood.
In fact a friend who has a Swift, recently drove the car loved the space and comfort. And then, took us on a bad road, turned the speakers to mute and drove three times over a broken stretch of 500 meters or so. I understood what he was trying to do (acted as I didnt though ). After this 'test' he said, and I quote his exact words ' I dont believe you have done 15K kms on this car and is this a TATA??? '

That is what it is.

3) Image (Tata being a TAXI manufacturer).

You spend more time in the car than outside it. What matters is your comfort more than anything else. How many times will you do the 0-60 or 0-100 as they say in mags? How many times will you be happy to travel in the car, rather than 'putting up' with it.
I feel when you inside the car, the comfort matters. Nothing else.

But now I know why the taxi manufacturers love the TATA cars. Because they are SO WELL PUT TOGETHER that they last long.

I rest my case.

All said, go for the MANZA. You will not regret it. All the BS people give about Toyota being a quality manufacturer, just ask the US oldies, would they have bought a Toyota in the 80's or early 90's. Toyota changed and TATA is changing.
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

After driving the Etios, I was too tempted to drive the Manza. Sae the ad of ELAN and I was like too impressed.

Finally drove the Manza. The Elan variant looks just too perfect. The plastics seem better than FIAT. Superb performance as I drove on ring road at 140 speeds. Found everything just perfect.

My vote undoubtedly goes to MANZA!
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

I own a Manza Quadrajet Aura ABS. have clocked 9 K kms with equal miles spend on Highway and city. Also i have test driven Etios for a friend of mine. If you are thinking about Manza Petrol... just blindly buy the Etios. But Manza Diesel is a completely different beast. The ride, handling, interior space and comfort are unmatched for in the segment. It is pure pleasure to drive the machine on highways, the car easily clocking 160 Km/hr on expressway without the co passengers even realizing the pace. I have completed 3 services till date (1k,5k and one just yesterday), i have faced no niggles yet apart from a vibration from the parcel tray which was corrected during the first service. I am pretty happy with *** till now, it is true that TATA has made efforts to better their after sales. Infact i had very low expectations from *** part initially but was pleasantly surprised. But considering that Tata service is not consistent all over, you might want to visit the service center near your place and talk to customers around there to know their experience.

Now about the Etios experience, the car is well built and very peppy to drive. It will definitely prove to be a very good city car. But it is the highways is where i have my reservations, the car nvh levels take a beating at anything beyond 90 km/hr. Also the car being very light; the handling also deteriorates at high speed. Cost cutting is evident in the interiors and features as already pointed out. Though i believe interiors is subjective to ones taste.

With the petrol prices moving northwards, a diesel might prove to be a good choice.

Similar to other bhpians, i would advice a Etios for petrol city car, but it is diesel Manza is a hands down.

Hope this helped Good Luck !!
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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

To me, if its petrol, it should be the Etios and since there's no diesel Etios as yet, no comparison on that front!!!

People, before supporting for a Tata product please keep these things in mind :-

1) Toyota has always created 'super hits' in India or rather all over the world. Can you tell me ONE Tata vehicle that's really a class apart like the Innova, Qualis etc?

2) I believe any car will take 2-3 yrs onroad in India to really 'prove' itself. So that point even the Manza doesn't qualify as a proven car (the way people are supporting the 'improvement' made by Tata in the car and wrt Service).
NOTE: All brands of cars hold good for first 2-3 yrs, its after that the real game begins. so wait before for few yrs before the 'final' statement on Manza's durability and reliability AND the T.A.S.S.

3) I have a couple of my petrol Manza friends talking about lack of power during 'overtaking' in Manza esp while doing those huge trailers. Thats something to note. Engine seems to be far better in Etios.

4) Ask yourself, why is Tata offering so many goodies (and a car like Dzire isn't). Tata is trying to promote Manza like anything (godo for the competition though). Manza 'may' be good, but its your hard earned money, don't take a 'lottery' paying 5 lakhs!

My advice is, since Toyota things are mostly safe bets, wait for a few more months to get the semi review from real customers and just 'confirm' the Toyota 'class' yet again in Etios!!! Or as many have done, trust the brand 'Toyota'. GO FOR THE ETIOS.

"When both cars are relatively new, bet on the Brand"

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Default Re: Toyota Etios or Tata Manza?

About the engine of the Tata, ie the FIAT 90hp Safire or what FIAT would just call as FIRE, it is not exactly very suited to us Indians. Having experienced it in my parents Punto, I have a little bit of idea. Even though you may think that Manza is a sedan and the Punto is a hatch, the Punto E-pack is actually heavier than the Manza.

The FIAT 1.4Fire is a very revvy engine, with most of its power concentrated at the higher reaches of the rev-band. It does not exactly have massive torque, just 115Nm compared to the diesels close to 200Nm. More importantly this 115Nm comes in at a high 4500rpm. Thus if you drive the FIAT engine like an Italian would, it completely transforms. Work the gearbox and keep the revs over 3500rpm, something which the engine is very happy to do producing a lovely engine note, you will find a a nice smile spreading across your face.

On the highway, while overtaking those long trailors, stay in 5th gear and you will be slowly going ahead. But drive like the Italians, slot it into 4th and just slam the throttle down, and you will hear a lovely growl and then a surge past the truck.

The Etios is truly very noisy from what I have seen from the cars on road, especially in today's world of super quiet diesels. I will agree the FIAT 1.4Fire is not exactly one of those super quiet Jap engines, but at least it has a lovely engine note.
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