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Smile Re: Countries you have worked in

Germany - 2 years (Frankfurt, Regensburg)
France - 6 months (Toulouse)
US - 6 months (Indianapolis, Austin)
India - 5+ going strong! (Bangalore, Mysore...)

I loved working in Germany. Completely organized work assignments, crystal clear communication and add to it no stupid assumptions and sidelining whatsoever. Add to it help and support from all colleagues as I was the youngest there!
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

US - 2 years
Germany - 1 year

Anyday prefer the working atmosphere and culture in Eu better than the US.


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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

^^^ Second that. I have loved working in Europe & GB a lot more than working is US or Canada.
Colleagues and Management are a lot more supportive and collaborative, whereas the Americans are insanely competitive. Definitely, the Americans are more efficient in getting work done, but it is not as enjoyable to work out there.
Just my personal opinion.
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Worked both in the US of A and Germany.
Though i had offers to work in China and Brazil as well, declined due to family constraints.

Anyday i would love to work in Germany because they are wonderful people with similar Indian type family values and integrity. Also i love the landscapes and the countrysides.

US of A is good too but difficult to manage without a Car.
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Ghana( Accra) - 1 year

Zambia( Lusaka)- About 4 months

Bahrain (Manama) - 1 Month

Japan ( Tokyo) - 6 months

Vietnan( Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi) - 2 Years and going.

India ( Bangalore ) The rest

For nice people to live with , I would rate Ghana and Vietnam ahead of other countries.

I have found Tokyo's infrastructure and planning the best followed by Manama and Vietnam. The other cities too have been more or less better than Bangalore. That says a lot about how the Babus have been taking us for a royal ride inspite of the rich resources available.

Like the work culture of Vietnam. They dont overwork and enjoy life in general and seem happy. Girls and Boys are pretty free to move together anywhere and nobody bothers.

Japan's work culture is too much of hard work although methodical and process oriented. One of the safest places I have seen.

The African countries are a bit lazy in general. Safety is an issue .

Middle East a bit of "I Pay you - You Do It" Kinds

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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Australia (Melbourne 9 months)
Japan (Tokyo 3 months)
Bangalore 5 years

Japan was so awesome and people were so helpful. I never felt lost even though i was not able to read or talk anything. Tokyo was super safe. Women used to walk back to home on empty streets at 2-3 A.M. i simply loved japan

PS: okay, in Japan work was hectic. but now a days other client project are also hectic
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Canada - 8 years
USA - 6 months
Denmark - 6 months
India - 6 years

Loved workingin Canada and in Denmark.

The scandinavians are the best when it comes to work life balance.
They make u feel comfortable in all aspects at work.
Cannot expect the same in North America and India.
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Originally Posted by vb-san View Post
Worked in India (2 years), Singapore (10+ years and going), Thailand (Bangkok - 2 years), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur - 1 year).
A month or so in the US (New York), and business visits to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines. Thats about it
Adding my personal observation on the places I have worked:

Singapore: My home base for past 10-11 yrs – Quite an easy place to work, once you get into the groove. People are very methodical, everything has to go by the books, and crystal clear documentation is very important. The one-dimensional thinking can be a problem at times, but the characteristic of the society. The best part is, this place is so multi-cultural, with a huge amount of expatriate population. Knowing different cultures and mingling with them on a regular basis is one of the key reasons for me to continue here for so long. And then, this is one of the safest country in the world, topped up with excellent infrastructure.

Thailand: Love this place for the vibes, people and food. Thai people are one of the friendliest populations in the world. If you look beyond the negative publicity related to sex tourism, Thailand is a place blessed with natural beauty and deep rooted culture. People are generally quite laid back, and going from Singapore, I really enjoyed my 2 years stint there. Being too result oriented may create a discord here.

Malaysia: Very similar to Singapore in work culture, but a bit less structured. And Kuala Lumpur is so much like Mumbai.
Japan: Super efficient, extremely polite, and workaholics to the core. As an expatriate I found the place very fascinating to work, but I guess it will be quite stressful as a local. For stats, Japan has the maximum no. of divorces happening after retirement age. And their inter /intra- city trains / subways have the peak hour traffic between 9pm to 11pm. That explains the time they spend at workplace.

For me, Tokyo is a mini New York, but much more cleaner, and the warmth of the people is something hard to find elsewhere. One point to note – Japan is very hierarchical, and male dominance is very evident.

US: Work hard and play hard is the motto. I guess they are the one who invented professionalism, or rather the impersonal way of professionalism. Work relentlessly from 8 to 6, and past 6pm you party or release all the work pressure in the neighbourhood bar. Again, once you get into the groove, it’s indeed an enjoyable work style.

India: I started my worklife in Bangalore, but that was not good enough to form an opinion. But I have worked with a fascinating mix of Indians abroad. What I noticed in the past few years is the substantial growth of Indian workforce in countries like Singapore. The knowledge pool is immense, but can do better in time management.
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

I have worked (meaning not just a visit - stayed for 6 months to 3 years or more) in the following countries:

1. Japan - Very very hard working sometimes bordering on obsession with work. However, very polite people who really open up once you get to know them well. I still keep in touch with many though I was there back in 2000-2002.

2. Taiwan - Much less structured than the Japanese but equally hardworking.

3. Philippines - Nice place and nice people - very laid back kind of work ethic

4. South Africa - Very laid back. The motto was work hardly but play hard !! Really enjoyed my stay here - was out for partying almost every weekend.

5. USA - Good work life balance - I found it liberating after the pressure cooker environment back home. Was able to spend quality time with family.

6. India - Where I'm right now - One word - Pressure cooker !!
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

Homeland India : 2 years 10 months (2.5 years in North, 4 months in Chennai)
UK : As of now, for past 2 months
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Default Re: Countries you have worked in

The worst thread on t-BHP i've been to! Show-off thread! Why on earth would i like to know, which all countries have people, whom i don't even know, worked in or went for vacation. Now, people who felt offended might try to bring reason (how it might be helpful) into this thread, but it's show off in my opinion.
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