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It's really good that we are in a phase where india will be home to a whole lot of cars, some we always dreamt we'd have, but the pleasure of driving does not seem to be be doing well, people are paranoid, restless and impatient.

It's nice to know that there are a lot of people who appretiate and enjoy driving, but unless we decide to take some reponsibility, while on the road, we can be sure of really bad days ahead.

It's easy to blame the Traffic cops, yep, they take pride in showing more revenues from the fines they collected, but none tries to educate the public for some simple rules we could follow. But we who are educated and have driven in other parts of the world should try bring in some conscious driving habits.

It's sometimes more of commonsense than any rules, we forget most of the time.

I'm not sure if i'm braggin, but i really dont enjoy by drive back home in the evening these days. In fact i end up losing my temper almost everyday...

We always feel we should use the two wheeler to reach faster. Can we have a day when we feel we'l take the same time either by 2/3/4 wheeler
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Ok, driving in other countries is really diff from here. First of all having a handful of people driving with rules doesnt help here at all.
The basics of proper road rules are not followed. Doesnt this get taught in driving school. Well thats another story, i know of so many people who say " I got my license today!" then ill ask can u drive? And they will say im still practicing.
In foreign countries u will not be given a license unless u are confident and drive properly after taking a really intense driving test.
Basic rules like keeping ur lane, forget about driving in slow and fast lanes, that principle is unheard of. Signaling when changing lanes. Moving off from a signal immediately and as quick as possible preventing the guy behind you getting the signal red.
If basic rules are followed then there would be so much more effeciency on the roads. Now everything is just cluttered up, and everyone is trying to push into the gap coz there is just no order. Accidents would decrease exponentially.
Things like keeping in the slow lane will allow fast traffic to flow on the left. And dont get me started on bikes. The general public on bikes drift from lane to lane with no sense of traffice. Then when u pass them they almost collide in to you, then they want to swear and get mad. I can go on, but really its to no avail.
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I have driven in other parts of the world as well as other parts of India, and believe you me, Bombay has the best traffic sence compared to any other City in India.
Now ofcourse its not systematic at all, if you compare it to other major countries. And I dont see it ever can be anywhere near being as good. To keep the drivers inside the boundries of the rules, first the system has to change. People dont respect the system because its not worth respecting.

Honestly I feel, forget the roads and potholes, first keep a system of having same length - height speedbreakers for christs sake.

I mean I dont have anything against the speedbreakers, to reach my home from any road, I have to cross 9-10 'bumps' within a span of 500 meters. I dont complain about the quantity, but the size and shape of all these 'bumps' are different, not a single is similar to the other.
Cant even have low profile tyres etc, on a standard Indian Cars, (these speedbreakers are chassis breakers), forget about a sports car or its likes.

First we need to systemize these things, then it'll be appropriate to even take a re-test of all the license holders, including a theoretical one.
I know thats impossible. But has to be something in that lines, u know. (atleast for female drivers)
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Very true Neel! There is absolutely no joy in taking your car out. Driving has lost all its charms, atleast on bombay roads. There is no sense of discipline in anyone. It makes you so mad, even you tend to forget basic road manners. Sad to say, but bombay is becoming like delhi in every sense of the word.
They are so many driving schools with as many uneducated and illiterate instructors. So what road discipline can you learn when your instructor himself is a stupid moron. There are villagers who have got down from their up country trains yesterday and who drive rickshaws today. Road sense, duh! wazzat?
So many rickshaws on the road, govt shud limit the numbers. But they cant. you ask why. Cos bajaj has the monopoly when it comes to making and selling these dangerous contraptions. No country and no govt in their right sense would allow rickshaws to ply on their roads if you see from the safety point of view. But do you think any govt which rules in India has the guts to take panga with Bajaj?
When we brought the siena home, i dreamt of taking long enjoyable rides. Now every ride is less of a pleasure and more of a headache. Now i wish i had got myself a jeep and trampled over the rascals who line our roads.
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