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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

Though I wasn't very particular before, with the excitement of the new car always lurking, it was only when I started driving that it really hit me.
The Fiesta was one example, and though I might still get to drive her occasionally, I still can't help but think of her whenever I drive. Learnt to drive on her, and it served me well for 85Kkm. On the other hand, the cars that I don't drive are the ones I don't mind replacing that much.
I believe it is more to do with the fact that when we get a new car, we always compare it with the old. And more importantly, over the ownership period, we keep on making small changes and modifications to ensure that it is the best car for us, that when the time comes, we just cannot find a good alternative. Everything said and done, nothing has been able to replace the fiesta, and I doubt many new ones would either - however, I am getting the emotional attachment with the other cars I have been driving since the Fiesta left.
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Default Re: Swift Vxi 2006: Long Term Ownership Report (60,000 km)

I hate selling cars because every-time I feel a part of my family is gone forever. We have two cars now and I intent to keep them till they are fifteen years old each. Thankfully parking is not a problem where i live. The more cars you have the more you want to have !
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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

I can identify with the OP and other posters on this one. I just sold off my trusty Zen, which has been my only car for the last few years. It's run almost 70K km, and more than holds it's own with newer cars (as I mentioned in my long term ownership review). Not going to get into all the qualities the car had, as that off-topic for this thread, but the feeling of finally having sold it is starting to sink in (I made the sale half an hour or so ago, and then walked back home).

So, how DO I feel? Sort of empty, like a part of me has been taken away. Kinda sad (real sad I'd say, except this is a different sort of sadness), sort of like when a beloved relative leaves one's house after a LONG stay. . .:( the house just doesnt feel the same for a while. I just can't believe there are no parking hassles tonight, no setting a reminder on my phone to tell the guy who cleans it to do a better job, etc etc. There's be no more long drives to hill stations in it, no more marveling at the A/C (granted, the A/C is not as powerful as in other cars, but it does a pretty stellar job for it's size), no more zipping around faster cars - in short, our baby is GONE. I guess the only thing I can do is to hope that the guy who took her takes great care of her.

I know it's not logical to feel this way about a car - especially when I should be getting another soon - but thats how I feel at this point, and apparently many others feel the same way too. Just thought I'd share my feeling with you guys.


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Default Selling your treasured and Cared for Ride - Experiences

As I browse through different threads - I noticed, a significant bunch of BHPians are on their 2nd or 3rd car.

Nothing different from me either - WE LOVE CARS and want more of them....

That said, I am curious what goes in your mind as you look at selling your cared for possession. Considerations, experiences - the good and bad ones and more importantly - any regrets?

Let me start off with my story of the Xylo E4 that I bought new.
Bought - Sep 2009, Sold Apr 2014 - 46K on the clock.

I'd posted an ad in local sites and had even made a trip to Autocar for their evaluation. 2L was their assessment. NO THANKS. I was cheeky enough to offer them 2L and willing to buy a Xylo on the spot!

Couple of weeks later, get a text message at about 9:30 in the night about some customer having looked at my sale posting. Since his number was shared, I texted the prospective customer providing some more details. He called me right back inquiring on some aspects of ownership (loan, commercial etc..) Turned out he stayed nearby and he asked if it was ok to come by and take a look. No issues. I was expecting couple of guys to turn up - but he came with his family (wife+daughter). Took a quick look and asked for a drive. Looking at him, I handed the keys and said go for it. He was surprised I was not coming along. I explained that his evaluation would be better if I was not along . He went for a drive, came back in 10 mins and said he will take the car. WOW. We did a quick 2 min negotiation on price and locked it down (more than twice was Autocar was offering)

Additionally, he withdrew 10K from an ATM and handed it over as token money. If his financing deal fell through, he insisted me to pocket the 10K.

I had the financiers check 5 days later and the beast had a new home. I couldn't have asked for better experience.

What do you guys have to share?
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Default Re: Selling your treasured and Cared for Ride - Experiences

Originally Posted by mmxylorider View Post
As I browse through different threads - I noticed, a significant bunch of BHPians are on their 2nd or 3rd car.


What do you guys have to share?
I had quite some experiences when selling my Punto 90 hp back in 2013. I loved my car to the core and was absolutely devastated that I had to let it go.

The car was 1.5 years old and I was expecting around 5.75 Lakhs for it.

Now, we all know how difficult it is to sell a FIAT in India. I posted the AD in Carwale with a price of 6 Lakhs and expected next to no phone calls.

Surprisingly, I did get a few calls. The offer varied from 4 Lakhs to a maximum of 5.2 Lakhs. Those who offered anything less than 5 Lakhs, I politely told them that this deal won't work and there is no need to negotiate.

Then there was this gentleman (let's name him Mr. F) who called me and offered 5.5 Lakhs. I had no better offers till then & was willing to let the car go for that money. But I told him that I will wait for a week more to confirm this deal and if I do not get a better offer, then I will contact him. Meanwhile, I told him that he is free to call of this agreement if he gets some other better deal.

A week later, I called Mr. F and informed him that I am okay with 5.5 Lakhs, if he has not finalized on any other car. This guy then tells me that he will give me 4 Lakhs. He went on to tell me that FIAT is not a good car and that the car's market value is less. He was showing as if he is doing this good deed by offering me some money for my FIAT.

I had already declined a few offers because this guy had promised me 5.5 Lakhs! I was so pissed at him that I vowed that I will never sell my car to him.

After 2 days, I got an offer for 5.75 Lakhs and the car was sold.

Interestingly, Mr. F called again to know the status of the car. I had a grin when I told him that the car is already sold to someone who appreciates that car and sees good value in it and gave me the correct price for it. He actually had the audacity to tell me that he gave me a very good price and I should have sold the car to him, since he called first. Further, he was arguing that
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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

Three sell offs till date and all were quite dramatic.

1. '89 LML Vespa sold in 1998 - ORW 494 : This was 2nd scooter and he loved it, refusing to upgrade to a bike inspite of my pleading. Sometime in '98, we were to go to our village for some function. Roads were bad and the scooter had a small niggle. He left the scooter at his friend's Bajaj dealership (dad's friend owned it) for repair and borrowed a 4s Champion for our trip. We returned the next day and he went in the evening to collect his scooter only to know that it had been sold. The guys in the showroom repaired it, cleaned it and kept the gleaming machine in the parking to dry. There were other old and exchanged 2-wheelers which were lying there to be sold. A guy came and thought it to be available for sale, showed his interest to buy. Some guy at the dealership thought it was available for sale and sold it for 14k. Somehow, dad wasn't angry and laughed at the whole incident (he had bought the scooter for 13k in '89) and bought a Caliber as a replacement. I was happy and yet, I was sad. I loved that scooter and never got to see it again.

2. '98 M800 DX sold on 8th Oct '11 - OR 15C 5589: This was our first car and clocked around 80k kms. There were random rumors that Govt. might scrap vehicles which are 15 yrs old and mom was insisting to replace it. And so was I. But I asked to retain the car and take it away with me while Dad should keep the Swift that he planned to buy. Dad was insisting just the other way round.

On 6th Oct '11, the car was taken for a routine service by his office driver. Dad also told him casually that he was planning to sell the car. On 8th, the car returned to his office directly, all fresh. Then the driver came and told him, a staff of the office was interested to buy the car. There was no negotiation on the price, the guy paid the very same day (70k) and took the car. The car never returned home. I was going to join my first job and was in train when dad called me up said that the car is sold. Didn't know what to say so I just nodded and disconnected.

3. '12 P180 sold in May '15 - KA 01EY 4065: This was my first bike bought with my own money. Had run ~18k kms when it was sold off. I had an accident in February and it was slightly bad. Since then my dad was insisting that I sell off this 'powerful' and 'speedy' bike and drive the car only. When I told him that a car is not practical, especially in crowded areas, he suggested I buy an Activa.

Sometime in April, I convinced him that instead of selling this almost new bike and losing money, buying a new Activa and again wasting money; I will retain the bike and use it very sparingly. The car will be my primary ride and the bike will be for nearby errands. He was happy and so was I. One evening in May, I had been to meet my friends and returned home. I saw a staff from my office was visiting him. I know him very well and he knows I love my bike and how I care for it. We exchanged pleasantries and then dad informed me that uncle would buy the bike. The price was 43k. Since the bike was Bangalore registered but plying in Bhubaneswar, uncle would take care of getting the NOC and changing the ownership. I was sad but didn't say anything. Uncle said that I keep the bike till the time he transferred the money and got the ownership transferred but I refused. I asked him to take it away immediately. It was so random and abrupt, I don't remember that date and don't have any parting shot.
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Default Re: Selling your treasured and Cared for Ride - Experiences

I am procrastinating the sale of my Palio - and going through these experiences makes it all the more clear that the emotional attachment to car is a big thing!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
On the other hand, I've just been glad to get rid of some cars.... I can hardly wait to bid adieu.
Yes. My first car was a M800 (~ year 2000) - and since the Palio was firmly in my sights, when I sold it in 2004, I was eagerly awaiting the new one to be delivered.

Originally Posted by noopster View Post
.. bought it despite it being way over budget as a 26th birthday gift to myself (with some help from Dad!) This was the car that I took on the Pune e-way and hit 165 kmph in...
The only other asset which I had when I bought the Palio (costed 5 lakhs) was a small flat (for which I had paid 2.3 lakhs!). People thought I was crazy to buy a car costing more than house.

Originally Posted by RacingForIndia View Post
I tried to sell by 5 (now 6) year old Ford Fiesta, but didnt have the heart to do so.
Hopefully the Ecosport will help me decide.
You are lucky that you have zeroed in on the replacement; sadly, nothing else seems to make the cut for me.

Originally Posted by Swanand Inamdar View Post
We men, get over other breakups pretty soon, but cars? Nah. We aint programmed that ways.
Yes - despite the strange looks you get fawning over a decade old car (& surrounded by swanky new models and makes) every sunday, you feel like shouting this is MY CAR and I AM NOT LETTING IT GO!!

Originally Posted by raj_5004 View Post
... we all know how difficult it is to sell a FIAT in India.

I had a grin when I told him that the car is already sold to someone who appreciates that car and sees good value in it...
Don't tell me - sometimes it gets your goat when a persons (who obviously never had a owned a FIAT before) disparaging the brand and treating it like a junk....

You're lucky that you got a buyer who knows his stuff - now, if I could only convince my wife that (an used) Linea Tjet will be apt companion for the Palio, (so that I need not sell it).

Mod Note: Post edited. Team-BHP strongly discourages unsafe driving practices that put yourself and other road users at risk. Please do NOT post about illegally high speeds on public roads.

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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

Yet to sell a car but have sold 3 bikes so far and since fellow bhpians have also given their feelings on bike sales, would like to pen down mine too.

2004 150 DTSI Pulsar - brought this in the final year of my college and drove it to around 65k kms in around 3 years though the ownership was around 5 years. Wasnt in town for 2 years during which it was pretty much idle. While I planning to anyway sell it, somehow i was not able to completely part with it. While it was not my first bike technically, but in terms of ownership it was with me since day 1 and no one else had even driven it apart from me. Was going for my higher studies and any money helped. So sold it for less than half of what I had purchased it for to another person staying in the building. Luckily I still get to see it but unfortunately isnt in the best of shape

2009 TVS Apache RTR FI 160 (Dual Disc) - purchased this as a pre worshiped one in 2010 from a person who was going "onsite". Had 13k on the odo and had the service records. Adding to it had 2 teflon coatings left. Bargained and brought it for less than half the price. Kept it for another 3 years covering around 30k kms on it but had to sell it off owing to becoming a family man. Still miss that bike. The person who purchased it said he had never seen such a well maintained bike even by first owners and brought it without much bargaining. Spoke to him recently and he said the bike is amazing and he got an offer for more than what he had purchased it from me. How true it is, I am not sure off

1987 Yezdi Classic 250 - This is the one where i really couldnt make up if I wanted to sell it or now. This was the bike in which me and my parents went on road trips, I learnt driving a bike on this one on the then under construction Expressway. Have spent endless weekends working along my father on it to adjust the contact points, carbo cleaning and what not.

Unfortunately the bike was in Mumbai for a long time and my dad could not take care of it at all because of which it was kind of rusting in peace and I thought I would restore it someday but society folks started creating a problem and had to move it out. Adding to it, the problematic points and oil leaks coupled with the need for a fitness certificate just pushed me over to sell it. That was really a heartbreak for me and even the day I left it at the new place, I felt as if it were looking at me and asking me to take it along.
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Already I am having lumps in my throat whenever I think of parting with my car, which had been part of my body for the past nine years and here I see such an emotional waterfall.! Just one more week to go and I have kept rolls of tissues stand by. I only hope the new car helps me overcome the melancholy that seems inevitable.
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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

My dad was one amongst the first owners of the maruti ss80. That car was a huge upgrade over a rust bucket premier president that we had. When the newer version of the 800 was launched soon, we were lucky enough to upgrade to that as well. However, dad never felt comfortable with the driving position of that car, particularly the sloping bonnet which was a rather new design for those days and he might have felt that he was driving a car with an invisible bonnet. It was quickly sold off and replaced with a used premier padmini. I was a ten year old boy and it took me months to recover from the sadness of downgrading from a sparkling new 800 to a used premier padmini. Sighting of a maruti 800 would depress me for years to come and even today i can feel a hint of that sadness as i type this.
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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

We had a 2006 Honda Civic in Bangkok and it was the car I learnt how to drive and used it as my daily drive there. It was the family car but I used it most out of the 4 people so I had a great attachment with it. I then had to move to New Delhi for further studies in 2013 and I almost weeped the day I had to come here. I knew I would miss it so much. A year later my parents also moved here and hence the car had to be sold. I damn near lost control of my self when I got to know its up for sale. Thank fully, it got sold to a family friend who keeps me updated time to time. Now it touched 1L kms recently and my friend sent a pic of it which keeps the memories alive. It is one car I would like to work and buy it back and keep it if I could. Too many fond memories attached to it. None of our other cars have evoked the same kind of emotion the way the Civic did.
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Default Re: Heartbreak when selling your car!

When I had actually decided to sell my car I felt sad I was giving a part of my life away to some stranger. I had put the car for sale on the used car websites and then after two days I immediately pulled the ads down. I then ended up not selling the car for atleast always another 1.5years. Not because I couldn't get a buyer but because I was attached to the car. Finally when I did sell the car I made a video with the new owner driving it away. Good news was the owners work place was around ten minutes away from my residence so everyday one my way to work I could see how she was faring.
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