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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
Out of pure FRUSTRATION ! I tried to register an email id related to my name on Yahoo and Msn but could not , tried a lot of permutations and combinations to no avail. So, after 20 mins of fustration - this is what I came up with "Normally_Crazy" . Thankfully it was a hit with everybody - so I stick to it everywhere
My story is same as n_c's above, I was tired of searching = khoj in hindi.
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Good thread! As I might have mentioned elsewhere, I chose my nick based on a pleasant experience with a a rental, a Proton Dancil to be specific, whilst holidaying in M’sia.
Advice on the Net was to rent a car on arrival at airport Langkawi, as the taxi fare from airport to hotel would be the same as 2 days car rent! Boy was I glad I heeded the advice, as distances are long, public transportis scarce and walking around the place is no joke and I would have wound up like Donald Duck: bow legged and flat footed.
While the Singaporeans on my flight flashed their plastic and sprang for the newest, largest, most expensenive SUV/MUV they could get, I carefully counted out my ringitt and splurged on the Dancil. My fellow passengers will tell you that their Malaysian maintenance technician will ride over from Johor everyday on a Bee Hoon Honda Cub, work for them in their Government flat, and ride back at night to a house with a garden and a car, all considered a luxury in the Island city. That's why they will rent a nice Nissan Xtrail or VW Caravelle whenever they are in Langkawi, where it's cheap, because cars are duty free and petrol is low cost. A bit like middle aged German businessmen groups hiring leathers and Harleys and doing biker holidays in the US.
My little buggy had a few snags, such as a passenger window which would not wind down. “Please manage and don't wind down”, said the tout. I checked that the AC worked and agreed. I should have checked the entire car more carefully! More later!
As I rolled away from the airport, it began to rain and I found that the wipers were hard and did a poor job of clearing the rain. Fortunately traffic was sparse and I reached the hotel in one piece. Travel fora will tell you that you can't get lost in Langkawi: don't believe that spiel. The person who installed the signage on the island should be shot or at least offered as a sacrifice in one of the volcanic hot springs that dot the place!
The weather cleared and all the hardships were forgotten as my wife and I enjoyed the breath taking natural beauty of the island for the next few days. On the last day, with the frugal engine of the Proton not making a dent in the stock of the fuel I had filled, I decide to do a hill climb at the famous Gunung Raya scenic spot, in a blow out attempt at emptying the tank.
The climb started uneventfully, with the road cutting through fern filled jungle and winding around the hill (881m above sea level ) without resorting to switchbacks or hairpins. The countryside below appeared intermittently through gaps in the trees and at places the famous Pantai Cenang beach could be seen as well as the marina at the Star Jetty. Humming birds raced along with the car and easily overtook us as we puttered along. If I had given in to temptation and bought the Lumix LX3 with its fast f2 lens (this rare digicam is available abundantly in Langkawi at very attarctive prices ) I would have been able to capture the flight of these brilliant birds, with their up and down darting motion . As it is I had to manage with my old Fuji f11 (brought along instead of my Oly e300 ), to capture these shots. I’m pulling the trigger on a Lumix GF1 soon, so expect some better pics.
Along the way, we saw parts of the hill side had cracked and water gushed out in scenic waterfalls. And even further along, parts of the hillside had cracked and broken away in scary looking rockfalls. These were huge rocks and had taken down power lines at some places. The missus suggested we turn back, but that full petrol tank was a deal breaker for THAT course of action. Hahaha!

Halfway up,we hear gurgling sounds from the bonnet and when we prise it open, we see that the water has boiled away because of the altitude and because of a broken pressurised system that has gone the way of all rust. I wait for the engine to cool down before I fill it with water from a mountain stream carried over with a bisleri bottle (Didn't want a cracked block to add to my problems). As we continue, the problem repeats and I search in the boot for some material to block the radiator cap and regain some pressurisation. I don't find anything suitable but I do find a half full plastic can of antifreeze. Knowing that the stuff increases the boiling point of water, I dunk the contents in the radiator, and top up with water. Success!

We make it to the top and a stunning view, and return back to the hotel smug and satisfied. I almost felt like Robinson Crusoe for having battled the elements and prevailed!
Hence the handle “Proton” as the Dancil had played a great part in testing my mettle! Think of what nick I would have chosen if I’d rented a Scuderia in Maranello! Can dream can’t I?!

GP1 Supercars Club - Supercar Club Comparisons

Hope you enjoyed the tale, and hope that my account does not boil/spill over into another topic! I will flash the OT card if that should happen. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the chin wag that ensues.

Excuse me if I've broken any rule for limiting post length.
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My initials , followed by my year of birth.
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MadBiker, Explains itself why i chose that name
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I am a physics guy;and I love graphs. I drive an Indica (torque based driving), love massive diesels (torque) And so the name was born
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Caught by the "H" bug, nothing like zooming around in a Honda (ANHC).
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Was fascinated by Johnny Depp's character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Loved the movie. Now waiting for the fourth part.
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"Madhavipponmayilal thogai virithal...." - Madhavi, the golden peacock, flares and fans her plumage. And so goes on a popular Tamil film song. No wonder I picked it up.

If you want to hear this ever-green song, just google "Ponmayilal" and you may find some YouTube videos. Enjoy.

Incidentally, you may stumble upon my technical scraps in various forums. Advantage unlimited.

No prizes for guessing my real name.
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qqplus stands for quotable quotes plus
my newsletter's name

i dont send the newsletter anymore
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I chose my name from the rpm-meter.First thing that struck me when I was looking at the tbhp membership form ( I don't like vehicles which don't have rpm - meters) .Purely personal opinion but I consider vehicles without rpm meters as for the mango public (Clarification: Aam janta)
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Name followed by initials followed by date on which I was born
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Default anagram

pinkray is an anagram of my real name
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Used all my favourite user names but all got rejected so tried something in random.
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Smile The ghost who walks...

Originally Posted by pinkray View Post
pinkray is an anagram of my real name
"Priyank", "Kiran PY", "Pinak RY"???
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Cool The greatest rock album ever

needless i say, my user name was inspired by the greatest rock album from deep purple.. tried it..got it ..way back.. im not much of a poster more of a reader..!!!!
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