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lets not forget that the real jap car boom has been over the last half decade or so... the price of fuel has risen sharply over the last few years and it has started to pinch the customer(even the americans,not just us asians) ... 5 years ago GM had way more world market share than toyota and honda put together ... what happened to jap car reliability and efficiency then ??? it certianly wasn't showing in sales figures. thats because FE wasn't that much of a priority then.

right NOW .... i would say japs definately have an edge over others right now ..no denying that ... but the americans are waking up to the rising fuel expenses of its consumers and are working on more efficient cars and even hybrids and deisels.
me ... i would not write of ford or a chevy just yet ... they are great companies and will definately fight back.

Cheers !!
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American cars
- Fuel guzzlers
- high power
- low in looks

Jap cars
- fuel efficient
- cheap to maintain
- not that great in power

Europian cars
- Would say the combination of both, like those of puego, merc, BMW all are gr8 in power, and many of them good in FE as well.. Well, to get the combination you have to pay high price..

Some times I feel, I would get an American Car and a Jap car for the price of an Europian car.. we'll these are just my thoughts and no offence meant..
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Here's my take on all three ---
American cars
1. Different designs, always loved the designs, totally different from one's produced on the other three continents.
2. Excellent manufacturers of suv's
3. Brilliance of sheer power.

European cars
1. Ground breaking designs
2. Safety paramount in these cars
3. Excellent engineering and build quality, can last a 100 years easily!!
4. high innovation in all aspects of car building

Japanese cars
1. Awesome technology
2. Cars worth the price
3. Good build quality
4. Worth the money
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Originally Posted by Bob
hi all.


can you pls throw the light ?

what is the comparison between AMERICAN vs JAPANESE vs EUROPIAN cars?
pls try to give facts about all drama.

cause,i'm in confusion from sometime.

one year ago i've brought OPTRA & very happy with my decision.

[i had test driven almost all sedan in that segment,in conclusion i take OPTRA.
i don't see any negative poins in my car.on the contrary i had fallen in love with my car for it's driving comfort,road presence,plush feel of interior etc.]

from that very day, when i meet any friend, we always indulge in comparison between japanese car vs american cars.
they always curse GM,FORD and always favour HONDA,TOYOTA or any japanese cars.although they respect europian cars like MERCEDES,BMW.

can you throw light buddies ?
we can discuss pros & cons of both side.

[one thing is sure,i am here to discuss both the side with open mind.
even i know that OPTRA is sell in U.S. under brandname of SUZUKI FORENZA.
and it's formarly sold as DAEWOO NUBIRA]

thanx . . . .BOB

All that i'd say is that your car was designed in Asia (The original Nubira) with parts sourced from Europe and is tested and modified for India. The only reason why the Forenza made it to the States is because GM has a stake in Suzuki. So your car is absolutely Asian and European, so not to worry, you have a great car at hand. And even if your friends have Hondas, Toyotas, Suzukis or any other jap car, you still have a better car as most of the sub 10 lakh Jap cars are cheaply built(Read : mainly Honda's interiors of any price category)- 3rd world country cars (I have a Jap car myself and my family too have only Jap cars, my Grandad has a 1971 British Ford too).... But I also have to say that when it comes to sheer performance the Japs can prove to be more than competitive. The American cars are actually way behind when it comes to technology and class (Class I.M.H.O) as they most often just simply scream Bling. The European cars though would be the most simplistic and technologically advanced than any other.
So as I said earlier your car is Completely from this side of the world so they (your friends) really cannot criticize your vehicle.

P.S- All that I have mentioned above are just opininons and facts and do not mean to start a war.

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Okay, I don't have enough expertise to make a comparison.. I would rather compare based on their sound

American (Corvette and Mustang)- These cars give out a deep-throated- hostile growl. "Don't mess with me" kinda. You can also feel the engine laboring to rev up

European- I would like to seperate the Italians and the Germans
Italians- (I have heard only Ferrari)- What can I say? a shrill, high frequency scream. hard to believe this is coming out of an engine
Germans- Listen to Porsche !! My Fav. Beemer too. These cars have all that- deep, smooth and at the same time powerful sound. No comments about MB (No offence)

Jap- Can't help loving them because that is what I own !!. This is the middle of the road sound, with velvet smoothness. No offence to anybody seems to be the Japanese car making philosophy, more diligently followed by Toyota. Other cars sound better !!
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if u have lots of money forget jap and american cars go for European brands and yeah you should have lots and lots of idle time.

if you have just enough money to keep pay to keep visiting the fuel bunk as often then go for american and some recreational weekends.

If u are like me who wants a car to SAY NEVER DIE then go for a Japanese. I have a 2nd owned Nissan bought at 193K on the odo and added up 257K in 5yrs and thats only with the regular oil, filter , plug changes.
Talk of reliability, 100 / 120kmph daily cruise, with FE then Japs are way ahead - personal experience.
P.S. - I am so in love with my car that I want to get to india (even if its LHD).

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