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Adding the quirks of the Maharashtrian accent in English:

We tend to shorten the "eh" where it's not and lengthen the "eh" where it shouldn't be:

1) Did you see that Male Gibson movie?
2) I'm calling you from a pissy-oh (PCO)
3) And my all time favourite (for those who understand Marathi). Friend of mine, true-blue Puneri "This is maatra too much haan!"

Also, true anecdote, Bengali accent:
My Bengali friend and I ( had just met the guy and we'd decided to look for a room to rent) were looking for this address and he stopped in one shop to ask for directions and then came out. Conversation as follows:

Me: So did you get the directions?
Friend: Yes. (In Hindi).... Yahan se do kilometer jaao.... left hand side pe ek bhikaari aayega. Wahan right mudke us lane ke end mein jaana hai aisa bola.
Me: Thinking - Bhikaari? Who the hell gives directions based on someone as transient as a roadside beggar? What if he isn't there today?
Anyway, we proceeded for 2 km. Then,
Me: Kidhar hai bhai bhikaari? Muze to kahin nahi dikh raha hai.
Friend: Pointing to a shop "Yeh dekh na, idhar hi to hai". Shop name was "XYZ Bakery".

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Originally Posted by Gansan View Post
LOL, then how about "cousin" becoming "kajin" up north?!

And I have heard the usage "He ij afraiding" in Delhi, when the speaker actually meant "He is afraid"!
Try this one-- A bihari clerk in my office sat for a UPSC exam, I asked him how the exam went? He replied " Maths me hum thoda Confujiya gaye" (I got a little confused in Maths)
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Outside Bangalore you have to ask for waram water.
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One small shop near my college PESIT, used to sell Gobi Manchori.!
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Read all the pages in one go, and quite intresting and funny. I noticed in some in the north pronounce the 'ra' is like a 'da'.

And the case in point that we were discussing at that time was why would Skoda want to have a car by name Laura
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There peculiar pronunciations in areas in and around Patna, da is pronounced as ra, so the tounge twister goes like"patna ki sarak(sadak) pad(par) ghora(ghoda) sud(sur) patak patak kad(kar) mada(mara).

while influx of so called pseudo chinese or sino indian cuisine has given birth to new terms "manchuriam" ,"Choming" and "chopsi".

Similarly across north India you will find Idly pronounced as "Italy" and dosa as "Dhosa".
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Heard From A Dealer In North India
New Cars In India

Bholvo Ej 80
Phord Bhieshta
Phord Bhigo
Bhokswagon Bholo

And If U Bhant Otheer Cars See The Bhirst Building On The Lept. (first Bldng On D Left) Or Call The Number Chikch Gero Gero Jevan Jevan Gero Gero (6007700)
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Coming to Marathi accents and surnames, we had a new colleague joining us and his name was SHITHOLE pronounced as SHHETHOLE.

Just guess what went through him and the team when he was being introduced to our American colleagues
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Most of we Indians while asking question add word "na" at the end, for example, This is right "na"? It always make me burst into laughter when such question is accompanied by a jiggling nod/sideways neck movement by any of our southern Indian brothers.

I have also noticed quite a lot of people mainly from Gujrat/Maharashtra, they pronounce "have" as "ha-oo" "give as gi-oo" "Leave as lee-oo". Not to offend any of Gujjus but most of people from that region pronounce "sh" sound as "s" and vice versa i.e I had a classmate from Gujrat while I was at uni, his name was Vikas but upon asking he always said vikash. But when ever he had to say words like shift, should, shop etc he'd say sift, sood, sop respectively. There are alot of other people I have met from same region have similar pronunciation.

PS: no offense meant to anyone. These are just my observations.

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I remember one of my college professor telling this in our class room during summer season. "Open the bindows, let the air phorse come in..."
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I have heard my Marathi friends used to saying BrrAid for Bread.

Lot of others from different states say alarum for alarm.
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Shoshal Science. (Social Science) frequent during my school days

Heard this from one guy-
L spelled as Yull
M = Yumm
N = Yunn
R = Aarrrr
S = Yuss
X = Yuxx
H = Yuch
Z = Zhud

Carl Zeiss = Karrrrllll Zchheiss
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OK, old thread.

I know the Maruti thing has already been discussed, but can anyone enlighten me of an English word with a 't' which is pronounced as the t in Maruti?

On the other hand, there are plenty of English words with 'th' which are pronounced like the 't' of Maruti.

So, the Northies reserve 'th' just for the 'th' sound of Marathi (I don't know if it's true, but that's what the OP implied), while the Southies don't (I know this is true from the conventional spellings of Telugu and Karthik. Oh, and Hindi language film Karthik calling Karthik spelled it with a 'th'). I guess neither is right or wrong.

And there is no Wa in Hindi. There is only a Va.

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I got this from a Slaes person in Tata show room attending to me,
Salesperson: this can and shift have the same engine. you can go for shift sir.
Me: What?? where to shift?
SP: no sir, maruti shift.
Me: oh you mean Swift.
SP: yes sir, shift!
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Originally Posted by tacho View Post
OK, old thread.

And there is no Wa in Hindi. There is only a Va.
Spell these then, WAzood, aWAra
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