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Old 27th September 2012, 23:58   #1006
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

I have no words to express my grief. All I can say is 'Thank You, Sam'.
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

Unbelievable and too shocking! It's really difficult to accept that we wont get to see any more Yetiblogs in future. We all will miss you Sam.
RIP Sam.
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

It is unbelievable, RIP Sam. May God give Jenny the courage to overcome this trauma in life. Thank you so much Sam for taking me through different corners of this world. I was travelling with you when I was reading your travelogues.
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Old 28th September 2012, 00:41   #1009
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

Shocked, My true condolences
anybody who frequently visited T-BHP, would have recognized Sam without a need of intro.
His posts were detailed, he always had smart and funny reasons to bring smiles to the readers.

I am sure everytime a new member goes thru forums he would miss Sam Kapasi.
May he rest in peace and god give courage to his friends and family.
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

One of the most shocking piece of news for bhpians since I joined tbhp.
My heartfelt condolences for his family.
Tbhp shall never be the same.
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Old 28th September 2012, 02:00   #1011
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

To have over 1000 posts (within barely four days) from all across the globe paying rich tributes on this forum to a person who was tragically snatched away from this world in the prime of his life only speaks volumes of the man that we all loved, admired and respected, whether we knew him or not.

I knew precious little about Sam -- before or during the time he was with us on team-bhp -- but his legendary travelogues could never escape my attention. His ability to put his experiences into words, his style and choice of words, idioms and phrases, would easily have shamed many award-winning writers.

My association with Sam was restricted to just one thread, sometime in Nov-Dec 2010, when I was in the process of buying my i10. I was on the lookout for a budget head unit, until I read a post accouncing the launch of the JBL GT-X333.

Sam's info on the JBL GT-333 was enough for me to consider it, even without testing the unit. Despite Sam's cautionary advice to team-bhpians to review (see and hear) the unit before investing in one, I was more than willing to take the chance for two reasons.

First, it was a JBL and I have had a soft corner for JBL products every since my dad purchased some awesome floor speakers in 1990.

Second, it was Sam's faith in the product. I happened to find a JBL certificate with Sam's signature authorising my friendly dealer (Apex 2001 at Porvorim) to deal in JBL products. The dealer too had a positive impression about Sam and he said to me: "If Sam says the product is good, it will surely be good."

That was more than enough for me. Thanks to Sam, I was the first in Goa -- and on this forum -- to buy this head unit on the very day the shipment arrived Goa. I posted my experiences on team-bhp and Sam was kind enough to acknowlege my assessment of this great unit.


For the most of us, Sam was a genius with travelogues and was also associated with JBL. Beyond that, I know precious little about him.

The fact that he has touched so many lives brings me to the following suggestions:

1. My request to moderators is to compile an obituary/eulogy about this wonderful son, husband, (father?), friend, colleague and fellow team-bhpian, for the benefit of many of us on this forum who knew precious little about Sam. From the death advertisement, I noticed that he was yet to celebrate his 40th birthday. Where did he grow up...what and where did he study...how did he get into the audio industry...when did he get married to Jenny, etc. Providing these details about Sam would enable many of us to better understand and appreciate the man who gave so much of his life, philosophy and guidance to us and many other members on this forum.

2. If his travelogues were a joy to all of us on this forum, I can only wonder how interesting it would be to the large number of people NOT on this forum. My second request to the moderators is to compile ALL of Sam's travelogue's (words and pictures) into a book. This posthumous publication (with a foreword by moderators on this forum) would be a befitting tribute to this wonderfully gifted writer and a befitting token of team-bhp's love and respect for this wonderful person. I would surely buy a few copies of this book for my friends and relatives. the proceeds of this book could be used to set up a fund/scholarship/memorial/etc. in memory of our beloved Sam.

In fact, even on his website (http://www.yetilife.com/?page_id=2), Sam had this to say:

"I have been writing for years on an automotive forum called Team-BHP where, inexplicably I had more followers than I could ever imagine. Many of my stories are republished from there. Some think I should write a book. Me, I don’t know if I’m good enough. There’s even a facebook fan page about my writing. No, I didn’t start it."

Then in the comments section, Jegedeesh had this to say:

"I have stumbled upon your writings in Team-BHP and found this site just about today, i am amazed that you have this wonderful art of writing and it just made my weekend – stay the same and continue writing.
PS : The book idea isnt a bad one mate – just do it .. we know you are good enough."

And Sam replied: "One Day Jegedeesh."

Could this be that day?

3. I would also request the moderators to compile all these hundreds of condolence messages and compile them into a book, which could be presented to his bereaved wife, Jenny. Such an exercise was conducted shortly after the untimely demise of our T-bhpian member, TRRK, sometime ago.

Would sincerely request our dear moderators to consider these suggestions.

My deepest sympathies to his wife and family. May God give them the fortitude to overcome this terrible grief. Let them know that 60,000+ members on this forum have, in one voice, expressed their sadness over the loss of a unique Superstar. A genius far ahead of his times. A legend we simply knew as Yeti!

A fellow team-bhpian in grief.

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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

R.I.P Sam. Feels like a loss from the family
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

Sad. Thanks for all the nice articles which touched me and made me feel different emotions. As many told on this forum, they took the caption 'Sam Kapasi NO MORE :(' as a joke. I too, knowing how you tell something. Unfortunately it was no joke.

RIP sir, I cannot make anyone happy with this sad news. But God must have a plan and must have a better job for you. Good luck and have a good time in a new avatar.

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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

Though i am not that active member on this forum, but there are certain persons on this forum whose threads i would never miss and Sam sir was one of them. No matter what mood i am in his blogs would always manage to make a smile on my face and help me feel happy from within, his narration was so real as if the story is actually happening in front of the eyes and his trade mark wit was something none could manage. All i can say that our forum has lost a gem and it could never ever be replaced by anything! I don't know why, i have'nt ever meet him in person but when i heard the news i was sad whole day, such was his aura. I was like why God why? R.I.P Sam sir, you will be always alive in millions of heart that you have touched. May God give strength to his family in sad time..
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Unhappy Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

Naive and stupid I may sound but I check this thread every day wishing a post from the Yeti with photo of him capturing his funniest of all facial expressions and a big bold text saying "Gotcha all"! :(

Couldn't stop thinking about you brother since the day I've learnt about your rather way-way too early departure.

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Unhappy Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

I seldom post. But this is something that I had to write in about. It's like a member of the family has gone. I had met Sam a couple of times at the Autoexpo, it's hard to believe that he is no more.
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

I feel fortunate for having read his reviews and may his soul rest in peace. My heartiest condolences goes to his family and friends.

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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

I am shocked. A very sad news.Rest in Peace Sam.

We will all miss you and your threads.

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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

R.I.P. Sam.
We will miss you!
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Default Re: Sam Kapasi is NO MORE :(

I hadn't logged into Team BHP for many days now and didn't know of his demise. I was shell shocked last night when I saw his pic and the obituary on Times of India. I feel as though I have lost a close friend I have known for many years. Who on this forum did not love his Yetiblogs. Probably the almighty thought we were getting too much of Sam's writing and wanted to have it exclusively for himself.

Rest In Peace Sam - We will terribly miss you - you were unique when you were around and have now become an immortal legend on this forum.
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