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Old 28th April 2006, 17:43   #1
Senior - BHPian
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Talking Decode your name !

Cyborg Name Decoder
Monster Name Decoder
Sexy Name Decoder

My name: Priyank

Cyborg: Positronic Robotic Individual Yearning for Assassination and Nocturnal Killing

Monster: Poisonous, Redhead-Injuring, Yokel-Abducting Nightmare from the Kingdom

Sexy: Playful Romantic Individual Yielding Affection and Naughty Kisses
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Old 28th April 2006, 17:57   #2
Senior - BHPian
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Name: Satish
Cyborg: Synthetic Artificial Troubleshooting and Immediate Sabotage Humanoid

Monster: Sinister, Anthropologist-Torturing, Investigator-Snatching Horror

Sexy: Stud Administering Thrilling, Intense, Sensual Hugs
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Old 28th April 2006, 18:04   #3
Senior - BHPian
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Name: Deepak
Cyborg: Digital Electronic Entity Programmed for Accurate Killing
Monster: Deadly, Evil, Explorer-Pulverizing Abomination from the Kingdom
Sexy: Dreamboat Exchanging Erotic Pleasure and Arousing Kisses
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Old 28th April 2006, 18:40   #4
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Nice one,

Name : S.A.G.A.R

Cyborg : Synthetic Artificial Galactic Assassination Replicant

Monster : Sinister, Anthropologist-Grabbing Abomination of Rage

Sexy : Stud Administering Gratification and Arousing Recreation

Pretty cool huh?
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Old 28th April 2006, 19:45   #5
Distinguished - BHPian
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I like this

Monster...:Jogger-Yoking, Orphan-Torturing Horror of Yuckiness
Sexy...: Jewel Yielding Orgasms and Thrilling, Hot Yeses
Cyborg...: Journeying Youth Optimized for Troubleshooting and Hazardous Yelling
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Old 28th April 2006, 20:43   #6
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My name dosent qualify, Because it has more than ten characters!!!

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Old 28th April 2006, 20:46   #7
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My name is Ritesh and this is what I got!!!
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Old 28th April 2006, 20:55   #8
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M.A.J.O.: Mechanical Artificial Judo Organism
M.A.J.O.: Malevolent, Abhorrent Juggernaut of Oblivion
M.A.J.O.: Man Administering Joy and Orgasms

I always knew about the last one.....

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Old 28th April 2006, 23:32   #9
Senior - BHPian
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Monster: P.A.N.K.A.J.: Person-Abducting, Nun-Kidnapping Abomination from the Jungle

Cyborg : P.A.N.K.A.J.: Person Assembled for Nocturnal Killing and Accurate Judo

Sexy: P.A.N.K.A.J.: Playful Adonis Needing Kisses and Arousing Joy
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Old 29th April 2006, 01:17   #10
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there is a site where if you give ur number and name. it converts it to a good meaningful name.

e.g. 98840 84835 will be converted to 98840-vivek.

totaly forgot the name of the site. does anybody know?
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Old 29th April 2006, 01:31   #11
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<a href="http://sexy.namedecoder.com">
<img src="http://sexy.namedecoder.com/webimages/champagne-m-WADHWA+AJAY.png"
width="240" height="180"
alt="Wonderful Amorous Dreamboat Happily Winning Arousing, Ardent Joy and Animalistic Yeses"

<a href="http://cyborg.namedecoder.com">
<img src="http://cyborg.namedecoder.com/webimages/governor3k3-AJAY.png"
width="240" height="180"
alt="Artificial Juggernaut Assembled for Yelling"

<a href="http://monster.namedecoder.com">
<img src="http://monster.namedecoder.com/webimages/reptipod-AJAY.png"
width="240" height="180"
alt="Anthropologist-Jeopardizing Abomination of Yuckiness"
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Old 29th April 2006, 02:41   #12
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Old 29th April 2006, 02:47   #13
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S.U.H.A.I.L.: Stud Undertaking Hot, Arousing, Intense Loving

MONSTER DECODER: Sinister, Unholy, Hitchhiker-Abducting Imp from the Labyrinth

CYBORG DECODER:Synthetic Unit Hardwired for Assassination and Immediate Learning
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Old 29th April 2006, 06:44   #14
Senior - BHPian
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Cyborg Name Decoder: Aritifical Machine Intended for Troubleshooting.

Monster name decoder: Abhorrent, Maiden Injuring Terror (Maiden as in babes?)

Sexy name decoder: Adonis Made for Intense Touching.
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Old 29th April 2006, 08:49   #15
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This is fun...


Cyborg: General Operational Unit Trained for Hazardous Assassination and Mathematics

Monster: Grim, Orphan-Upsetting, Townsfolk-Harming Abomination of Madness

Sexy: Gorgeous One Undertaking Touches and Hot, Arousing Massage

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