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Another great classic that I forgot to mention in my previous post is "The Great Escape".Starring Attenborough, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson this movie is on the lives of allied POWs who plan a daring escape form a German camp considered to be a fortress.
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Default Re: The World War II: Movies, Books & Trivia

Originally Posted by shashanka View Post
........... who came to a sticky end at the hands of the Gestapo! - biography by, among others, Coulson Thomas "Mata Hari: Courtesan and Spy".
Sincere apologies for the above error - Mata Hari was tried and executed by the British and French forces, accused of spying for the Germans. This was in 1917, during the First World War and there was no Gestapo under the Kaiser. But she was a glamorous night-club dancer in Paris and and used this setting for her espionage work! Sorry once again.

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Default Re: The World War II: Movies, Books & Trivia

Thank you Mayankk for guiding me to this forum. this thread has some very useful information and interesting comments. it is surprising that India's contribution in WW-2 has been largely forgotten or willfully ignored. People would be surprised to learn that India contributed almost 2.5 millions soldiers for WW-2 as British india army. This number is almost twice the size of current Indian army. The british india army fought in almost all the theatre of wars like europe, north africa, Middle-east,Indo-Malay region and South east asia. one of the most fiercest battles of fortitude outside europe were fought in the Burma and Kohima and its sad that this generation doesnt know about it.
One of the most compelling reason that the India's contribution to WW2 has not been covered in our history books is that during this time the nationalist temper was at its peak and the Indian political heirarchy was against the war. Though british were able to garner support from Indian political masses during the later stage of war to allow them to carry on with the war without looking over the shoulder for unrest in India. However the complete apathy towards a momentous world event is unforgivable.
it also brought to the point that even if as indian we would not like to emphasise on the WW2 as it would undermine the political awakening at that time and Indian leaders have disassociated themselves from the war saying that the war is between the Nazi and imperialist forces; one can not escape the fact that the affects of war on Indian subconscious have also been erased much to own disadvantage. Case in point is the Famine of Bengal in 1943. the man made famine is one of the largest in recent history and should have been highlighted at each forum. however since the famine was a byproduct of WW2 , it has been allowed to fade away in oblivion much to the dismay. i dont recollect a main stream film by indian director on this debatable topic. even if some regional cinema has made some movie, the effect is minimal.
i think most of the greatest movies and books of WW2 and WW1 have been covered in the thread. However i wish to recommend 'Rommel- A Desert Fox' as a must read. the book is not without its shortcoming, especially the hurried pace during the later stage and an apparent bias of writer against Rommel. the greatness of the Rommel can be gauged from the fact that despite being a total biased against him in the book, you would end up marvelling the tactical acumen of the genius of Rommel. an infantry officer who changed the tactics of armoured warfare
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