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Old 12th July 2006, 17:14   #16
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1980 Ambassador, was ten years old. Used to practice in the factory. Wasnt tall enough to look over the steering wheel, so i used to look thru it. Super memories.
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Old 13th July 2006, 01:17   #17
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First drove my dad's 1985 Maruti 800 when I was 13. Never drove again untill for another 2 years till we bought the 2002 Zen VX. and boy is it a pleasure to drive - till 2day. way better than our 2004 Esteem VXi.
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Old 13th July 2006, 02:05   #18
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The first car on which I learnt driving was the Ferrari 355 Cabrio way back in the mid nineties. After I woke up my lessons were in the Humble but omnipresent Maruti 800.
Going to advanced stage I learnt how to do drifting on bald tyres(I did not know it was called drifting then) on Fiat 118NE. I also learn around then that drifting and electricity poles have a wonderfully magnetic connection.
Off roading I learnt on the Maruti Gypsy King carburetted.
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first car that I learned driving on, when i was 17, was the family car...Premier Padmini... an '84 model..I sold it off in '04. It had a steering column mounted gear lever Car's mileage was atrocious! Towards the end it used to give 8kmpl.
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Old 13th July 2006, 07:53   #20
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Hmmm... I started to drive, in the year 1996. 10 Class Annual Holidays... Dad's Amby....
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well....my first driving classes....class 6..that too in my dad`s old fiat...boy!!it was fun to drive...the clutch was so hard..literally had to hold the steerin wheel hard for grip while pressin it......it was sure lot of fun though
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Originally Posted by Technocrat
move this car back & forth in our parking as I wasnt allowed to drive officially

hehehe.. same here. Did that for 2 years ( 10th and 11th ).
Drove for the first time in Astra on University circle - Chandani chowk road at age of 17.
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Old 18th July 2006, 10:48   #23
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My first memories of the driving seat are in my father's jeep. I would sit in his lap and steer as he drove. My first real drive was in our Morris 8, a 1948 model, sometime in 1985. It had floor shift gears, wooden floor boards and a side valve engine. It took ages for the engine to respond to the accelerator. So much so that when my father got an Amby, this new one seemed sprightly.
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Old 19th July 2006, 15:45   #24
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Hi, used to steer vehicles from when I was 6 onwards. That would be 1984. Earliest memory is sitting on the gas tank of my dad's Jawa and holding the handle, including throttling. 4 wheelers used to be my dad's Amby, and my uncle's Matador!

The first vehicle I drove all by myself was my dad's company LWB Mahindra CJ340, with my parents blissfully unaware, of course! This was when I was 9 yrs old. Couldn't smuggle out cushions, so had to sit at the edge of the seat. As luck would have it, my elder sis saw me, went and sneaked on me to the folks. Of course, some fireworks then were expected.

I guess it was seeing my absolute passion, my dad would allow me to drive the Amby around the block late at night (Sleepy ol' Bangalore in the late 80's) with two cushions behind me, and the good ol' column shift gears.

Ah, those were the days.. My dad drives a 740i BMW now, but would still happily drive an Amby or M&M at the first chance.
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Old 19th July 2006, 15:54   #25
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I was 8... my uncles Fiat... only in 1st gear..didnt know abt changing gears and stuff.... but was a decent 1st gear man.... barely cud see the road thoguh... used to drive in the buildng comppound..... Solo..believe it or not.... had gotten a big yelling for it..still remeber that Slap...
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I drove a Tata Sumo our family had. Was asked to park it in our verandah in reverse. Was tricky the first time. My family is in transport business, so we do have a lot of trucks, cars, jeeps, etc. So driving came naturally. Then, grandpa and uncle made me drive Trax some 20 k.m. every time we visited our farms. That did it, was amazing learning to drive without formal instructions and shortcuts. My only regret, I haven't got a truck license as yet, long story...
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Old 19th July 2006, 16:55   #27
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Actually learnt to drive myself (with driver in the front seat) in pur old Nissan Bluebird sometime when i was around 11-12yrs i think. That was in our compound, so i just had to control the steering, shift into D as the car was AT and the car used to move slowly. Then slowly learnt how to use the gas pedal.

Reversing was a prob as well, and so were tight turns.
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Old 19th July 2006, 20:42   #28
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During my 10th standard vacations.. In the family 800. It was on a deserted (in those days) road behind my home.Dad was in the passenger seat. In those days, our 800 had a clutch which engaged like a switch, either it was on or it was off. It might be the easiest car in the world to stall at that time. But even in my very first go, I didnt, and was really pleased about it.
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Old 19th July 2006, 21:22   #29
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i started driving when i was 12 years old in our old 374Kkm run white Maruti 800 (it was green but repainted white later on). My dad's driver taught me and i later went and told my dad that i drove.
It was in his office compounds only.
The next day, i graduated to a Daewoo Nexia Deluxe which was more fun.
When i was 13, just before selling of the 800, i was driving it on the roads to show off to school friends who were on the bus but there was something wrong with the brakes and they seemed to be really weak (weaker then the usual weak) and i almost ended banging the school bus (remember almost). I ofcourse stopped driving on public roads then and limited it only to our building and office compound.
However, before selling of the 800, i kinda reversed into a pole by mistake (it wasn't that high that one could see it) but luckily the car didn't suffer any damages.
But then after those 2 incidents, i didn't even touch the roads till about a year ago when my driver started giving me the car in the private lane outside our building and i restricted my driving till there only, but now, we have shifted and there is no space for me to drive.
Sad times.
But it explains why i miss our 800 and nexia so much.
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well i started when i was 16 with a maruti omni..that was amazing experience or you can say excitment
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