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Default Which and when did u drive first?

Which was the first car u ever drove or practised driving on? How old were u then? It may be an old noisy car or a nice swanky "Papa ka gadi", but it will be surely special in some way and those memories of you tryin hard to master the art of braking , clutchin and driving will always be with you forever.

Starting with me, the first car I drove was a Mitsubishi Galant (Auto) in 2004 at Kuwait, I was 16 then. Had a nice time, got everything correctly except reversing
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Family's Premier Padmini - in 1994 (was 14/15 yrs old then). Just took it for a drive without my parent's knowledge (they weren't in the house at the time !), and the driving, supereme confidence and the mental connection with the automobile simply came naturally like I'd done it all my life! It was a great feeling, imagine - being able to drive in top (4th gear) during the 1st 5 mins of the 1st drive ever of my life - no driving classes, no adults helping out etc !

My folks then had actually thought I'd become a Mechanical Engineer when I grew up - due to the affinity for cars I had - not the Software Engineer I eventually became
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My first solo drive was in our "Pista Green" M800. This was in the summer of 94'.

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what a coincidence, i also learned to drive on a 1999 galant auto, used to take it around the appartment complex in nj. sweet memories this brings back
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I started driving in summer of 96', was away on vacation to my maternal uncle's place in M.P called Raipur now in chhattisgarh.
There I started driving Premier 118 NE( I guess it stands for Nissan Engine). My first drive was in his factory compound which was arnd 5-6 acres and then onwards I use to go to factory everyday till I was there and drive whole day. Once I returned, used to drive a Maruti 800 whenever I got a chance to sneak it out. But I still cherish my old 1984 hand gear Fiat Padmini which was always parked as no one used it once maruti was there( now sold). It had a loud engine note which was awesome. I still miss it.
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The first car i ever drove was a Volkswagon Golf and was the very car I learnt my driving on in the year 1985.

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Toyota corolla earlier version in US driving school. First driven car after learning Mazda 323
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First sat on the steering in my dad's Toyota Cressida when i was 7 years old.

First started full fledged driving on my dad's Premier Padmini in 1992
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Yes, I very well remember starting off in a 1973 model (fiat) premier president at the age of 12.

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i used to sit on my Dad's lap and drive at the age of 4 in 1991...
i learnt driving in my Uncles M800 automatic (it was a specially ordered automatic, since he had lost his left hand fingers)
This was at the age of 6 in 1993.. i then moved on to my Dad's manual M800 within a weeks time, then slowly moved on to our Fiat and then the TATA Estate, all within a span on 1 month... I used to go with my dad every morning at 6.00am to an open field where he taught me driving.. I was never allowed to drive on the road until November 2005 (thats when i turned 18)

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Fiat 132 (auto) - unplanned drive out of driveway into bombcrater on the road - in reverse.
iraq, 1980.

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Premier Padmini Deluxe BE 1984 Model, drove in 1993 - I used to move this car back & forth in our parking as I wasnt allowed to drive officially
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Alot of my friends find this hard to belive but the first time i drove was at the age of 9. In my old maruti 800(dinky version) with a heep of pillows on the seat and my driver by my side, used to drive around my building compound for years.
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Used to sit on my kakas lap and drive around in the sumo controlling the steering.Actually sitting on the drivers seat was in 1998 when dad used to come to pick me up from school and than take me on a deserted road nearby school and make me drive with him sitting next me in our 800.I Still have the memories+the 800 which is 8 years old now
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first proper drive was in my 118ne when i was i think in my 6th grade. was at worli seaface. learnty mainly on that and my bro's modded gypsy. and things got finer after i started driving my esteem regularly once i got to 16.

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