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What have they achieved by doing this?
Till this morning they have achieved nothing....
What they were trying to achive - another Sabarmati Express riot- ended up as a non-starter;
Mumbai has defeated global terrorism again. Salaam Mumbai!
And the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends of hose who never reached their destination...all we can say that life will not be the same again; maybe time will heal everything.
Our thoughts and prayers must be with them...
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Pics And Current news at:- http://ww3.mid-day.com/
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Even in this moment of trouble, Mumbai stood united and helped each other...damn you politicians.

I salute Mumbai's spirit for the umpteenth time to stay resilient in times of trauma.

My country, my holy land,
The universe in a grain of sand,
There's nowhere like where I am,
All my people go hand-in-hand. - METAKIX.
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At times like this I feel more the need to be back home at Mumbai with my family. I am a proud Bombayite an I know that the people are gonna bounce back and life is gonna go on. A Prayer For Those who Lost their Lives in the attacks.
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Originally Posted by khaadu75

Hey, U got me wrong about that ... I didnt mean coverage on news channels but here on team-bhp

I tried calling rtech & NC but cudnt get thru but did sending an sms !! Did get a reply from him though none form Rtech yet ..
Let us face it -- even the news channels do not report objectively when it comes to Kashmir. E.g. you will often see headlines lke "Four Lashkar-e-Tayba terrorists shot dead", when there is not a shred of evidence that the people shot dead were indeed terrorists -- there will only be a claim to that effect by the police or paramilitary forces. God knows how many innocents have been mowed down in Kashmir, both by genuine terrorists and by our own police/paramilitary forces.

Regarding the present Mumbai blasts -- I would like to request everyone to be objective and not jump to conclusions as to who was responsible. I see people already accusing Pakistan without any evidence-- this will only inflame passions and mislead people. While it is clear that the blasts were carried out by professionals, we should wait for a complete investigation by our agencies and then draw our conclusions. For all we know, it could be the work of some disgruntled local groups or even political parties that are now out of power -- this may seem far-fetched, but cannot be ruled out. I would like to alert Mumbaikars to the fact that some well-known rabble-rousers amongst our politicians are already in Mumbai now and will soon start to make inflammatory speeches. Let us hope communal passions are not aroused this time around and innocent people are spared further agony. The only people who need to be punished are those responsible for the blasts (both directly and indirectly) and we can only know who these people are after an impartial investigation.

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I hope all team-bhp mumbai members and their families are safe.
God bless the souls we have lost in this gruesome act of terrorism.

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its time we extracted some utility out of the funds spent on nuclear research, defence forces, etc.
why is it that america can declare war on whoever the feel like, make use of nuclear explosives, and we just keep waiting for everyone to support us.
@khaadu: this is not towarsd any bashing of the system or anything, just what i feel should be done to try and safeguard our nation's peace.

hope everyone around here alongwith their families is safe.


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Default Hats off to Mumbaikars

Originally Posted by manson
its time we extracted some utility out of the funds spent on nuclear research, defence forces, etc.
Who will you blow up with atom bombs? Terrorists have no face. I don't think even Pakistan controls them all (otherwise there wouldn't be bombing in Karachi all the time). They are international forces without any face or country.

I was watching TV for the live updates and one common theme across all the channels was the devastation caused by blasts in typical media style AND the overwhelming help offers by common man to those in need. If media is bad at times, it also useful in bringing such good things to notice. There were people on roads offering food/water/tea to those, stranded in traffic jams or outside train/bus stations. Very recently, an international magazine had rated Mumbaikars lowest on their social responsibilities. Now, you don't need an astrologist to prove it so wrong.

If the terrorists wanted to kill or dampen the "spirit of Mumbai", they have failed miserably. Time and again, Mumbaikar's have proved themselves strong and courageous enough to overcome such shocks.

Bombay Stock exchange, offices are back on track. The trains are running again despite of tragedy yesterday.

Hell the terrorists and Hail Mumbaikar!

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I hope that all Team bhp members and families are safe.

Cowardly acts by cowards, sickening to say the least.....over 200 perhaps have lost their lives and we will probably never see the faces of the animals who perpetrated these acts
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Default I could have died yesterday, almost

Yes, I was in one of those ill-fated trains and the explosion ocurred just in front of me. I boarded the 5.48 slow Borivili from Churchgate for reaching my home in Malad. It was perfectly normal till we left Khar. I was sitting at the left rear side of the front 1st class compartment-not in 1st class, but in the 2nd class portion( In Mumbai trains two compartments are there where one half is male 1st class and the other half is 2nd class). In front of me there was a partition separating the 1st and 2nd class.At around 6.25 suddelny there was a huge sound and it became dark.I was sitting in the left side of the train and some people fell on me.
The train compartment was full of black smoke and nothing was visible.Fortunately there was no fire.Evereybody was shouting and crying and trying to get out of the train which was running in full speed midway between Khar and Santacruz. It slowed and people started jumping out. When I came out the train had already stopped. It was a scene I do not want to see again. People were lying on the track, some still trying to jump, some more were trapped inside the 1st class. The right side was completely damaged and ripped apart.I could see atleast two persons inside lying unconcious. Then one person indicated towards my forehead (I was not able to hear anything as both my eardrums were completely blocked). When I cleaned with a cloth I found it full of blood. Some people took me to the Santacruz station and helped me to clean the wounds with water.I searched for a clinic to get first aid but could not find one.I came out of the station, took an autorickshaw and came to Malad staightway.
I was so nervous and shatterred that I forgot to inform my relatives about my safety. After sometime when I regained my senses I found that all the phone lines are dead.Somehow my brother(and then one of my senior collegues) ,after trying for a long time, were able to contact me. I told them about the incident and came to know that this was not a standalone case and there were 7 blasts.
It was really a terrible experience. The physical injury will heal but the mental shock will be there. Afterwards I came to know that there were 7 casualties in that compartment. By God's grace I was able to come out unhurt, almost.

I hope all the team-bhpians are well and safe.

Purnendu Bagchi
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Bloody hell, I left my office by 11 pm drove down to my place from tulsi pipe road, guyz trust me situation was worst..and i really appreciate all mumbaikars everybody was on the roads and was ready help each other..i think we shoud kick all the minister out of mumbai who came last nigh, those buggers came and they blocked the highway not a singe bike was able to move atleast for 1 hr.. Its high time i think we all are being punished without any reason in this dirty politics... MODS CAN I USE ABUSIVE LIGNO. i cant control after seeing the situation last night..
you can just see blood and bodies lying here and there and luggage..
that was worst...

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Very very sad to hear this purnendu but what is important is that you are safe & were not hurt seriously. It can be a very traumatic experience and I am sure you will recover from it.

Hopefully our other members are fine too.
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Seven blasts: many dead, many more injured!
Next day: 99% attendance at office!
That's what I call spirit!
Well done, fellow Mumbaikars!
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Purnendu, Thank God you are safe and sound! It will take some time to recover from this shock! Feel sad for those innocent travelers who lost their lives for no fault of theirs. It is high time Government dealt sternly with those spineless terrorists who don't have the guts to fight with our Armed forces and so targetting innocent lives.
If it is proved that Kashmiri terrorists are involved, then Government should take some clue from Israel, raid the POK, flush the terrorists out and take control of POK. This is the only way to deal with these beasts.
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