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Old 8th January 2005, 13:51   #31
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Hey, will you guys accept seriously modded scooters?? Cos thats all I can contribute.LOLLOL

But I really love the idea, and I know this club will go places.

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Old 8th January 2005, 14:23   #32
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why not make cars with engine capacity differentiation. Class a b c d etc. We can also have drag races for fun at night at Khargar. We can inform people on the site and have the race there. Maybe all people can donate and make a christmas tree. it wont cost much. What say? later on we can have prizes also if it works out well. That way we can have more drags in Mumbai.
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Old 8th January 2005, 20:23   #33
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Hey z klasse,
That is a very good idea.But only if the mods agree to it.

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Old 10th February 2006, 17:22   #34
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gud idea indeed! I believe there should be a grading as per modification as if somebody has very minor modification for e.g only skirtings on exterior rest all stock he should be in grade say E and if we have fixed parameters like for best modification which includes engine should comes in catagory A
just a raw idea
Wadhwa Ajay
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Old 11th February 2006, 02:00   #35
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I'm all for this idea.....
So when do we start?????
eagerly waiting......

Yeah I think a grading system should be put to use.
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Old 11th February 2006, 19:59   #36
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I dunno about how great this idea is - as people have mentioned, how many of us go beyond the exhaust/filter/wheels upgrade ?- there may be only a few members with cars which have been extensively modified.

Team-BHP is itself a sort of informal club for car enthusiasts and maybe the admins could look into getting Team-BHP registered as a proper club with the MAI and FMSCI - it would open the door to a whole range of possibilities.

We could then hold our own events - rent places at the two racetracks or have our own autocrosses and drags at open grounds or even airfields if the IAF is wiling to rent out runways - there are also plenty of old disused airfields all across the country - they were made during WWII for the USAAF IIRC and are lying all forgotten except a few which are used by some aviation engineering colleges.

The admins/directors of a possible Team-BHP club could then give assent on a case by case basis for members to take part in events such as the Speedruns, Autocrosses and Desert Storm/RdH using Team-BHP decals.

And I agree that a proper , reasonable system of classification be developed :

We could have seperate categories based on engine capacity and then break them down further based on the level of mods so that every member of Team-BHP can be assured of not being left out.

1. up to 800 cc
2. 800-1100 cc
3. 1101-1300 cc
4. 1301-1600 cc
5. 1601-1800 cc
6. 1801-2000 cc
7. 2001-2400 cc and so on

Cars at the lower end of their respective class could be given a sort of handicap.


these categories could then be divided into :

a. Completely Stock except Rims and Tyres and perhaps a stock replacement air filter.
b. Level 1 - Air Filter/Exhaust/Strut Brace
c. Level 2 - Level 1 + Turbo + suspension upgrade
c Level 3 - Level 2 + Nitrous Oxide+ECU remap/stand alone mgmt system etc...

...though it all might get a wee bit confusing....

If only we had access to dynos, then we could create simple classifications based on bhp at the wheels which would make things a lot simpler.

With contributions from members and perhaps even sponsorships from the Auto related industry... (though, by their current record, it semes unlikely that we'll get even a single paisa for sponsorship)

well anyway - lets take in suggestions from all the members and decide on something simple and practical.
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Old 7th September 2006, 07:52   #37
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This is good idea from Zaphod.

And another suggestion is that as GTO said we can have another section for this and if possible send a mail from the administrator to all the members that this is a new section and can post their informationwith cars photos so and information as to where they got it done and and incase any more suggestions from the gurus.

what say guys???
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Old 7th September 2006, 13:28   #38
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I agree to this saturday I will be meeting with the pune guys and will also ask shivz to get camera will click some pics and post them one of the modded fiats the top one will be comming so stay tuned , suprise in store
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Old 9th September 2006, 15:37   #39
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Great Idea Dude !
Watever grade or levels..
Count me in !
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