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Well, well, if you belong to the category of those who believe in whatever you see and hear, without questioning the fact, then guess what? …You have been fooled! I am not excluding myself from the distinguished category of those millions of people across the globe who have been tricked by playing games with the mind to believe that the 9/11 ruckus was merely coax n completely made up. And guess who is the mastermind…President. (Soon to be ex-president, I hope!) George W. Bush himself!!!

No man in his right mind is going to believe that a president especially that of the U.S of A would do something as puerile as blowing two vital economic towers and give a blow to the economy of thy own nation. Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? Well so I thought when a friend of mine told me it was a big scam…I thought it was foolish to even think that way. But after a thought and putting the sequences in order…it all bloody makes sense…now note this- did you know that Osama bin laden and Bush had economic relations related to the oil business long before the occurrence of 9/11? Inspite of the known fact that Osama was one of the most wanted terrorists of the world, it did not keep the president from joining hands with him. Ok, now, he (the president of course) asks Osama to bomb the twin towers. What does he get in return? Well, millions and millions of dollars (and that’s the math I cant even do!)…See it this way…..Twin towers are gone. Osama is blamed n hence Afghanistan comes into the picture. It is called the “war against terrorism”. From Afghanistan the limelight is shifted to Iraq. Why?…. Terrorist country with weapons of mass destruction was the apparent reason. Well besides all the over-enthusiastic talks on the BBC and other news channels by our suddenly active U.S president (who went on more holidays than any other U.S president just in case u didn’t know) did any of us catch a glimpse of an evident proof that proves Iraq a real threat to the “world” or the U.S? Well being a psychology student I’d be atleast that capable of realizing that fear has to be built and for any person with a strong stimulus and capability to give bad vibes it’s a piece of cake. We were made to believe that indeed the world was in danger and the war was titled the “war against terrorism”. Well, ladies and gentlemen…now comes the time for the harsh fact, it was not the world’s war against terrorism (was the world or any world body involved anyway?) but U.S’s thirst for the oil refineries in the middle east. Bush has already gained control over Afghanistan, Iraq and slowly its spreading to all the Middle East countries which are no.1 producers of oil in the world. Now when you get a turn over of millions and millions of dollars and a permanent business in oil which is 10 times more than the amount lost by the blown up twin towers it isn’t really a bad deal, is it? So now you see, it was all a scam and so well planned.

I’d also like to raise one more point, if Sadam Hussain could be tracked and captured, why is it so difficult for the U.S to catch hold of the “the man” Osama. Well from what the news channels speak there is a lot of linkage with the Osama family members. They haven’t even been questioned yet! And while people became more aware of this shady game and questions were raised against Bush affecting his election polls, after 2 long years comes a video from Al Quida clarifying WHY were the twin towers blasted (wonder what made him suddenly realize the need to give an explanation?). Osama seems to have suddenly felt the need to give the people of the U.S an explanation. If I may quote…he says in the tape “We never thought of hitting the towers until we saw the oppression of the American-Israeli coalition on our people in Palestine and Lebanon…the incidents that really touched me directly goes back to 1982…when the us permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon with the assistance of the 6th fleet”. He continues, ‘In these hard moments, it occurred to me so many meanings I can’t explain but it resulted in a general feeling of rejecting oppression and gave me a hard determination to punish the oppressors. While I was looking at the destroyed towers in Lebanon it came to my mind to punish the oppressor the same way and destroy towers in us to get a taste of what they tasted and quit killing our children and women.”

Some of you may ask..Why wouldn’t Bush directly bombard Iraq if that’s what he wanted?…My dear reader, the twin towers gave him an opportunity to point fingers at Afghanistan and gradually change the direction of the finger to Iraq. He couldn’t jus wake up one morning and say “ Oh you know what, I think there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and I think it may be a threat so lets declare war” Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was this ticket to enter into the affairs of the Middle East, he needed that bombing of the twin towers to enter in the middle east and we all know he very well succeeded and we all the UN, the members of the us senate, allied countries and every human in every country believed him so gladly and could not do a thing except write long articles and give lengthy speeches. It’s become a one man’s world! Bush got all of us to believe in what he wanted us to believe and guess what?…We all did!….He’s not the one to be blamed. We are! And about the elections, all I wanna say is “May the best man win.”…..Ohhh but there is only one man competing right?….Would u even call Bush man enough after reading all this?

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