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Old 10th August 2006, 00:52   #16
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The ideas presented here got me thinking: most of the people who read ACI/Topgear etc., and therefore fit into the definition of your 'target market' would already know JBL quite well, and would at least consider it as an option while upgrading.

When the question of adding on another magazine, how about reaching out to those who don't even know of JBL, and for whom Sony/Kenwood/Philips is all there is in mobile entertainment? You said somewhere that selling speakers worth 4k to regular people is the breadwinner for your business. To that end placing ads in some of the non-auto mags might help immensely - even if it cannot be as frequent as your current advertising. So next time uncleji and auntyji plan to upgrade their audio, they would not say: "JBL? yeh kya hai? original saaman dikhao bhai..."

But yes, AI would again not fit the bill, even by this line of thinking.
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Old 10th August 2006, 01:25   #17
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Originally Posted by aZa
I think a Paid article would be better than an advertisement. Autocar carries Sony Xplod articles on Car audio/amplification/in car video etc ... something similar for speakers, amps and wiring could be done, while talking bout the products in between.
I'm definitely gonna agree with that point. The Sony articles are quite informative and would are a good way to gain the confidence of buyers.

My personal experience with JBL advets (and I buy at least one auto mag every month, mostly TG, sometimes ACI) is that there seem to be too many JBL adverts (i dont think i've ever seen an ACI issue without the JBL logo on the back cover). Awareness for JBL is already huge, but what I think you guys need to get across is the positioning of the brand. What I mean is that until I started reading the ICE threads in TBHP I used to think JBL was in the same league as Sony (a mass market brand, cuz of the bombardment of advertisements). You guys need to add a little bit of text to explain the products and build up some sort of premium image, and focus a bit more on the products and less on the logo/brand.

And somehow I dont seem to recall any ads for Infinity.
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Old 11th August 2006, 11:19   #18
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The moment I get my ACI I know that the back cover belongs to JBL. I look at the ad only to see any new product launches. Else only to see the creativity involved (due to my background).

So my question is what is the point in giving ad in the same mag every month? It makes sense only when
1) The % of new readers are substantial
2) You have a new product launch.

So, on the first point, you might break some groud if you go for Auto India. But I would decide only based on research.
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Sam, It is normal that more than 50% of the new credit card buyers will not be car owners and for sure unaware of JBL, but surely would be a prospective car buyer or in a position to influence either now or in future. It is better to position JBL as a hi quality speaker brand among them.

Also arrange for a column which run's for 2 or 3 issues which tell's about speakers and their installation. Start with what a speaker is and how high quality sound output is considered when designing speakers, here all references can be made to JBL speakers, award's the speaker has won in different countries e.t.c. Mainly don't forget to point out patent's of JBL now and then in the article. Also if possible educate people about gray items and fakes in market.
Have a small diagram of installation and explain what speaker's and amp can be used for front, back, woofer and so on... If possible a table with the car names and JBL speakers that fit front and back. Start from a small car in one issue and move up in the next.

If you sign for the ad hopefully they should publish this article in 2 or 3 issues as a compliment.

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Originally Posted by Rtech
They had a promotion with HSBC credit cards last month. Make purchases worth Rs.1,000 with the card and you get a free years subscription to the mag. I got my first issue of it this month.
LOL so here is the answer to the mystery magazine in my postbox!!!! :-)
Although it did say HSBC subscriber I was not sure how HSBC decided to send it to me or was it just a promotional thingie..

But the magazine itself didn't really interest me that much.
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Sam, I think you could also ask for data like circulation numbers for other mags and what income groups they are circulated amongst. That would perhaps make it a more studied decision. Why I say this is that while many people buy cars, only few are enthusiasts logging on Team-bhp. Many will just go for a sound system their car dealer recommends, or office admin department sanctions. So, more than a head count on Team-bhp, cold statistics may serve your purpose better.
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Default No!


JBL is a premium brand. It's not to be associated with el-cheapo magazines.

Even if it goes to 78000 folks, I would be compromising on JBL's brand values.

BSMotoring which is distributed to all Business Standard (Condensed version copies) is a better bet. That will reach out to a lot more people. However I would like to know more about BSM (and it's target audiences) and their claimed reach before deciding.

Good luck!

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Business Standard is having a promotion for their paper, which includes a condensed version of BSM. You could check if the rear outer cover of this condensed version is a better option. Or a combination of regular version + condensed version.
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Old 12th August 2006, 20:59   #24
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i would say yes if it isnt too expensive to advertise.

auto india has it's own dedicated readers, for example like my dad who reads auto india before reading the other mags.

it's after all india's oldest car mag.
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I think everyone here is under the impression that JBL sales are primarily at the high end. I would think that JBL actually makes it $$$ in India from the entry-level to mid-range products. And if thats the case, then mass publicity through mags like Auto India might just work out.

Is that correct, Sam?
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Old 13th August 2006, 18:30   #26
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I would say YES YES YES.provided the price is right and its on the outer back cover.

You are not targeting auto buffs,but anybody with a car!!!.So more the eyeb@lls the better!!!!

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Wow!! Now there's an informed and an educative response. Thank you, all of you.

As you can all imagine, there is a copy of every motoring mag in India, lying in my office. I recieve them all gratis from the publishers.
@the end - You are right, you will not find a Autocar Issue, without JBL. One half of that cover is our domain, lol and I make sure it stays that way.
We did do some work with TG, but like GTO, i'm sorely disappointed with the magazine.
To answer a few other points, we have done a few pullouts with ACI, explaining what amps and speakers etc etc etc are, i wrote some of that myself.
With regards to non auto magazines: we do cover India Today, Outlook, Kingfisher in flight etc etc but not for car audio.
See, YOU guys percieve us as a car audio brand, that is actually a third of what we do! Ergo the brand building is not only done thru auto mags.
@white knight- being of a creative background, you will note that we have a lot of fun at the back of ACI (and i hope you like the creatives, I change them every damn month lol)
@GTO - Bro, you are spot on. JBL makes some seriously expensive stuff, but we make our bread and butter selling the mid-end stuff. (Your namesake speakers) incidentally, it's what WE call mid-end.
@the end - We are not a mass market brand at all, but due to some immense teamwork, brand building and fantastic products, we are number 3 in India now. (Speaker sales wise only, as we make no HU's) and that in itself is an achievement. Before you can ask, sales wise, pio is 1 and Sony is 2.
To have a "specialist" speaker manufacture come 3rd is fantastic and shows the direction in which the educated Indian consumer is moving.
and THAT gives my dept money to spend and so you say - you see TOO many JBL adverts. Honestly, i will take that as a compliment
The print quality of Auto India is pathetic, the content is not spectacular. However, the outer back page seems to be the common suggestion.
Yes, it is a lot cheaper than ACI, TG or OD.

I think I will ask Auto-India to move Jabra off the back cover (No offense to anyone at Jabra here) and place a JBL ad there. let's see how THAT goes.

You guys super-rock. I'm gonna copy and paste this thread for reference.

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I'm gonna copy and paste this thread for reference.
You could also print. Click on Thread Tools and choose Printer friendly version. That ought to be a start!

All the best with Auto India. Keep us updated on the response
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Hey I Like & own some Jabra stuff

Jokes aside keep us posted on how AI goes. It does need a serious facelift though & if you talk to RM you can tell him I am a friend of yours!! Might not get you a discount but still you can give it a shot

P.S. Just Kidding about the discount part!
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You know Sam, while I do not buy Auto India, I always take a good look at it (read the classifieds) and usually always notice the back and front covers. Isn't that what your really want!

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