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Old 17th August 2006, 23:33   #46
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Originally Posted by hondadude
I don't support minor driving vehicles on public roads but sometimes I wonder about the following.

How would people have reacted to this news item if the driver was 28 years old ?
We as a community, cannot clap at these guys when they pull off a high speed stunt, and shun them when they endup killing some one. It drives me mad when I see all those hi-speed stunt videos on the net. Any drag race on a public road deserves to be condemned. Even people who watch organized drag races on public roads are being arrested in Southern Calif. A lot of kids seem to think, their affection for autos should showup on the speedometer.

I am not sure if his parents voluntarily handed over the keys to their kid, but I am sure they will get a lot of grief over this incident. Especially when the media knows about it, and another seemingly well off person with the right intentions has been a witness. My point is, some kids are inherent trouble makers/crooks who take advantage of their parent's trust.
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And everybody loves The Fast and the Furious !!!
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Originally Posted by Mad Monkey
how many people on this forum who are preaching ...began driving below the legal learning age of 17 ??????
Oof, that touched a cord of guilt!

I did learn to drive 40 years ago, when I was below the legal age. But then again I learned on my own roads on my own private lands. Maybe itís similar to learning to ride a bike inside your own living room.

In the 40 years that have passed by I have given written and driving tests and earned driving licenses in the US, Europe, Singapore, Australia and India.

I have had the good fortune to experience driving a home made drag racer at Seattle International Raceway, wearing racing slicks with a 6997 cc Corvette engine putting out 425 bhp and drag parachutes that shoot out to slow the vehicle when you hit a switch.

Itís not to justify what I did at the age of nine, Mad Monkey, but when you approach the age of 50, you might be tempted to preach too.

In any case if you found any of my preaching hard to digest do drop me a private message. Iíll be happy to try to understand your position.

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Originally Posted by Boom Shiva
W12: Riding a cycle on public roads is legal. Sleeping on the footpath isn't. If you don't get that, I guess you never will, so I won't say anymore.
Driving a car on a pavement is equally illegal , so is dragracing and hitting a cyclist at highspeeds..

The underlying presumption in both cases is same...... Car drivers own the roads , can race , maim and kill whereever they want and then split the legal hair to pass the buck....Some people dont like people sleeping on pavements , many more dont like cyclists or 2wheeler riders on the roads

If you think this is Amir - Garib / Mithun Chakraborty dialogue even I wont say anything more.

Just to remind you , We had agreed to disagree on this.. So you are welcome to stick to your earlier stand and I am sticking to mine.
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What is a cyclist doing in a high speed road in a posh colony? He should be near his slum , not in this road or better still in his hometown

This road is for us car wallhs to drag and race..
1. People in posh colonies also consume milk.... and thank God it is a cyclist who is delivering it not a cowherd with his cows....

2. The public road IS NOT meant for drag's and races.... use the goddamn track or a private road for racing....

i hope the government increases the legal driving age to 21... hopefully 21 year olds are mature enough to drive.... most of the kids today are just spoilt wannabe's

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Ok. Just for the record, there's a HUGE difference between under-age driving and under-age racing. People can get full fledged rally/track licenses below the age of 15. But that's just for track use, not on public roads. There's no harm in learning how to drive UNDER SUPERVISION at ANY age. Of course, I do not promote underage driving either, but I have very strong feelings about underage racing ON PUBLIC ROADS.

What I'm trying to say is, obtaining a driving license at the age of 16, (as is the international norm in most western countries) is perfectly alright, PROVIDED the license holder ALWAYS drives under supervision.

The kid in question is certainly to blame here, but more importantly, it's not entirely the kid's fault. His parents are at equal fault too. In fact, his parents ALONE are to be blamed. At such young age, parents should always be present with their children, supervising and guiding them in the right direction.

Even I started driving at the age of four, but never on crowded/city roads, and right uptil I turned 18, my dad was ALWAYS there with me. And because of that, my learning curve was very pleasurable, and thankfully, none of my cars have even had a scratch, while being driven.

My sympathies go to the milkman. I hope he recovers soon.

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Originally Posted by veyron1

Even I started driving at the age of four, .....
Tell me this was a typo???

This reminds me of a case in Mumbai a couple of years ago, where a bunch of school kids sneaked one of their parents cars out...completely lost control and ended up hitting a pole on Worli seaface...the car actually split into two parts....right where the bonnet meets the a pillars/windscreen... I think it was an Ikon...

That was in the news for a long time, something like that should atleast stop parents from giving their kids the keys to their cars..... since no one seems to learn from other people's mistakes..

Very tragic indeed, hope the milkman makes it.

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was the kid drunk by any chance ?
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Originally Posted by ram
when you approach the age of 50, you might be tempted to preach too.

... I have started preaching at 30 itself.....
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Originally Posted by fb1
was the kid drunk by any chance ?
poor media people forgot to add that to the article to make it more juicy. 200kmph

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hey swale84 i remember the incident you were talking about ,the pics of the incident were in one of the auto mags....kid was doing 140 when he lost control ,hit the divider ,car flew into a pole ..Still gives me the shudders ..If you wanna race ,go on a track ..if ppl have the money to afford such cars i am sure they can afford to race on tracks too .
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Default Read This!

Well guys stuff like this happen but does anyone know what the boy had to say? You cant really understand how a guy feels but therz this frn of mine and this is what he has to say!

He has a white Octavia and a Diesel Indica and his best friend has the NHC "BLADE" and "Kroniq" customised by Arush (Autopsyche). He sayz that his ride is stock and he races against the blade daily at around 8pm in Delhi Traffic at 200kmph (I dint believe that tho), he says that he is knwn as "White Octavia Wallah" in Delhi n Gurgaon. Hmmm now what do u say to that, I tried explainin him thats its ok if its after nite hrs but dont do in traffic but u knw hw these guyz are, he says that he n his frn have kept an open challenge for tag drag for 10k bet, and they never lost till date....Duh!

I think you have been long enough in the forum to know we prefer proper English here. Won't delete this time, but kindly don't repeat this.- Mod team

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Originally Posted by swale84
Tell me this was a typo???
Sorry swale84, its not a typo.


Someone else also interested to find out underage learners, please go through the above link
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@swale84: Unlike most, I've NEVER snuck out. The only person I'm honest with 100%, all the time, is my dad. I've never lied to him-never had to. Besides, my dad always obliged whenever I wanted a go at the car. He was ALWAYS there beside me, controlling all actions at all times.

That was what I was hinting at. Giving a powerful machine, that would be handful for most experts to handle, to a kid, on public roads without supervision-is never a good thing. Which is why I quoted that the parents are to blame.

Trust the newspaper-wallahs to blow it up. First it was John's accident with the "Yamaha Hayabusa R1", and now with this 200 Kmph Accord. Sheesh. These reporters will do anything for a story. Period. Media sucks. Period. Gone are the days when factual journalism was the epitome of public adoration, and pen was mightier than the sword. Aajkal, mirch-masaala lagaane ka, aur dhanda karne ka. That's it. Technically speaking, you need at least 1-1.2 kms of empty stretch to do that kinda speeds. At full throttle. Assuming it was the V6.
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Actually for all those doubting it, its very easy to do 200kph on the road the kid was on. I have seen lots of my friends do that too, its a straight 3km 6 lane empty stretch.

Dont know how far the media reports are true, 200kph was the figure given by the eyewitness.. even if the accord was doing 160-180 (very easy on that road even for a novice) it could be mistaken to be fast enough to be assumed as 200kph.

furioussphinx: thas news to me! Ill try to find out who this 'white skoda wallah'

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