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Originally Posted by rjstyles69
Hey all.Have some pics of the burning bus could I post them here on this thread? MOD's please respond.
No need. Those will be the pictures of burning buses only.
That's not going to give us any solutions. We know about all these. We see these in certain intervals, don't we?
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its hard to digest 'brake 'problem theory since we have been seeing mad volvo's ripping on an almost 24 hour shifts for quite some time now and that to at highways and on limit without any problems even without any maintenence!!

one more possible thing is if you people read what the driver quoted he says 'i vaguely remember overtaking a 2 wheeler and seeing a rickshaw'and does not continue and ends saying brakes did not respond and 'i shouted brake fail' and jumped out and ran toward the security shed,i feel he may have had a temporary black out and pressed the accelerator instead of brakes..

he went over 2 wheelers,rickshaw hit a bus stand and finally came to a stop after hitting a tree think of the things he ploughed through,

similar incident had happend a decade ago near sheshadripuram(near police station)a bmtc bus hit a pan shop instead of taking a right hander,
fortunately there were no casualties(fatal).
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Default BMTC / Police Say Driver Error

Times of India Bangalore edition has a detailed report on the accident.

As per the article, preliminary police investigation has said that the driver was probably speeding as he was about 45 minutes behind schedule on that trip. He was probably trying to get past HAL compound before the convoy of HAL buses that come out of their factory at the end of shift.

While all the post event analysis go on, lets spare a thought for the people killed and what their families would have to go through. One of the dead is the auto rickshaw driver. Imagine what his family would be going through. Though most auto drive like demons with scant regard for safety or road rules, I always think that while they should be severely punished for this, death is too high a price to pay.
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Posted by DRC
Condor, Not sure about BMTC, but I have seen KSRTC guys being so casual about knocking some one off the road. It appeared to be very playful to them. I have reported it to the authorities too who also seemed very casual.

I agree with this. The BMTC drivers are so casual about killing and running over people. Plus they have a strong union. The other day I witnessed an incident in Jayangar 4th block. There were 2 ladies getting off an auto and paying him on the road leading out of the bus stop. They were standing on the road as the auto was parked just adjacent to the footpath. Then this BMTC bus driver saw this and from the center of the road he veered to the side towards the women and purposely started speeding down the road. He ripped past the women at almost 40-50kmph and it was so close that he actually grazed her pallu as he went by. I was but a mute spectator to this. I felt that any thing that I might have shouted to the women might have made them step or turn back and even the slightest movement from them would have brought them under the wheels of the bus.
The driver was actually looking at his mirror as he went by them to see if he has finished off his job. This is just not acceptable. Agreed that he was angry that the women were on the road but just imagine what would have happened if the women had died. Is that the way to teach sense to somebody? Moreover it was not like the women were in the middle of the road. It was not crowded and they were well to the side.

An other incident happened to my wifes relative. He was going down the KG road near anand rao circle. There the signals turned red and he applied the brakes on his scooter. No one know whether he slowed down gradually or rapidly and no one will ever know. A bus that was coming behind him wanted to cross the signal even tho it was red and ran over him crushing him dead on the spot. His relatives filed complaint and tried talking to the authorities but the driver was let off scot free thanks to their union and ultimately the entire incident was forgotten by the authorities.
So either you break a red signal and get fined by the cops across the intersection or you follow rules and pay for it with your life. Money or life is the choice here. Yes, BMTC bus drivers are gods in Bangalore and you have to be under their mercy if you want to see the light of another day.
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Ahhhhh ... 'Bang'-a-lore.
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Originally Posted by typeOnegative
Ahhhhh ... 'Bang'-a-lore.
Not for long. From November 1 - the Kannada Rajyotsava day, our city will be forever henceforth known by its traditional name of Bengalooru.
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Just came across this thread while going through the old posts....
Any ideas what came of this case? Looks like another one of those come and go kinda incidents.
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road divider/median was installed after the accident. actually HAL employees are demanding such divider since long but govt did not heed their request. it took an accident to make the govt to come to senses and install the divider. it is strange that they left that little stretch between AP road- suranjan das road junction to HAL helicopter division without divider for such a long time. eversince the divider is in place the trafic jams on this stretch esp in the morning are less. prior to this all buses/cars /lorries along with two wheelers used to jump to opposite lane( from marthahalli side to city) and cause jams. now it is reasonably free
accident happend bec volvo guy jumped in to opposite lane and hit bikers and pedestrians
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I vaguely remember reading something in the papers about the driver being arrested but no idea whether he's still in jail.
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