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Default Morons on Zee TV

I rarely see TV on a Sunday, but happened to do some last week. Flipping through channels I come to Zee TV and see a guy and a girl riding bikes and blabbering something. They are riding without helmets. This is what catches my attention and I continue to see the program.

The show is called Jaabaaz or something like that. First of all these hosts are riding bikes without helmets.

As a prelude they show a guy riding a modded Suzuki 2 Stroke on dirt with all routine jumps, slides etc which we see in all rallies. Then they introduce the guy who is in his early 20s or less and he is going to do some stunt for us. Good for him...and us. I carry on to see...

Now there is a Ramp (rather a cliff built of wood) with water (some 20 feet) below and this guy is going to jump into it riding his bike. His parents are there as well and there is lot of drama before he goes on the jump like tying a coloured cloth on his hand (the ones you find in North Indian temples, Dont know what it is called) and tilak on his forehead with some emotional music thrown in for a good measure.

So this guy throttles his bike and behold... rides the bike without any protective headgear and whoosh..... plunges into water. After few moments he emerges out of water (Victorious ???!!!)and there is jubiliation.

I am like dazzled like how can they do this ? There is disclaimer telling the viewers not to do the stunts as they are performed by experts on the show. They can do any bloody stunt but it is their responsibility to make sure the participants put on a Helmet to say the least as a minimum protection. That left me wondering that when did being an Expert in riding made your head resistant to breakage in case of a fall...

I agree that in India there is a disregard for any safety in the name of generating more audience but we expect mainstream channels to be more responsible...

Comments guys...

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Yes, bullfrog. I agree. Really good points. They should not be doing irresponsible stuff like this and then tag on a disclaimer saying "kids, don't try this at home". And after watching these shows every joe thinks doing crazy-@$$ stunts with no protective gear is macho.
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I think i've them shooting these lame stuff behind Sector 44 noida.
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Old 28th November 2006, 21:33   #4
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All the ZEE news channels suck to the core.
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Was that show titled 'Shabaash India'? They have done crazier stuff before.
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Old 29th November 2006, 09:51   #6
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Oh yeah....i saw this episode too...

These guys have nothing better to do or what? And the emotional music was so gross!!
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Old 29th November 2006, 10:46   #7
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I was recently watching a programme about the bollywood stunt world.

Even a small action scene in a movie demands the stunt doubles to risk their lives without sufficient protective gear. It's really scary!!!

They even mentioned an old stunt man who lost his life when he tried to jump a car into a lake.

There were no divers in the lake that could save him, his seatbelt got jammed and worst part....he didn't know how to swim.

On one side you have all the film stars, with five body guards round the clock and on the other side, you have stunt people risking their lives as if it didn't matter.

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Old 29th November 2006, 11:06   #8
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too bad the channels are promoting such stuff. their responsibility doesn't end by simply writing "kids, don't try this at home". these programmes should be taken off the air immidiately.

i m sure the Xgames bikers are much more daredevil than this crazy @$$ but they never go out without their protective gears.
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Old 30th November 2006, 12:05   #9
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if this wasn't bad now the morons on cnn ibn are showing people without helmet doing stunts on bike on a well moving public road. these are the same guys who will show later tonight how kids get in trouble while behind the wheels and then criticize them their parents while they show this to everyone.
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I saw a different kind of moronic behavior from Zee News the other day. The anchor grandly says (in Hindi), " Lets talk about small cars now. Maruti is all set to launch the new Zen blah blah blah...". Cut to a scene in some kind of lawn or garden where a couple of people are shown sitting in the new Zen checking out the insides. The camera was on the windshield showing these guys checking out the car! And another guy had the front door open and was clicking pictures of the insides of the car. Again the Zee camera showed this guy clicking pictures of the interiors! Then there was a long shot of the car's front with a model standing and posing on it. There were a couple of auto show type models and the camera only focussed on their faces while the anchor's voice kept up it's blah blah in the background. They didn't bother to show the rear or interiors of the car. Only one long frontal shot. Someone should have told the cameraman that the newsitem was about the car and not the models and the people checking out the vehicle! Absolute morons!

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