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Here are the ones i loved and watched again and again







etc etc.
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5.Schindler's List
How's that a war movie? May be war-time movie, but not a war movie.

Ok, my list. It is not ordered, too tough a task.

1) Saving Private Ryan
2) Memphis Belle
3) Dirty Dozen
4) Patriot
5) Enemy at the Gates
6) Bat*21 (true story)
7) Lord of the Rings Triology (how did people miss this? )
8) 300

There are lot more, but no time.

PS: Wait, I just remembered the movie that is my all time favourite since 30 years. It is a Kannada movie called "Ondanondu Kaladalli" (once upon a time). Shankar Nag's first movie, where he won National best actor award. A period movie, fantastic fight scenes (kalari all the way), no makeup and very authentic.

Ondanondu Kaladalli (1978)

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Some good ones that seems to have been missed out:
Cross of Iron (1977) and The Bridge at Remagen (1969)
Both about the German side of things.

Also, A bridge too far (1977) - about Operation Market Garden

All relatively less well known movies that dont make it to the TV reruns or the popular DVD packs. Had found them on IMDB and hunted them down on the web.
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Saving private ryans , my pick
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I remembered some old ones1. A bridge too far
2.Where eagles dare
3. Kelly's Heroes

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Thumbs up my list

Some of the movies from my war movie collection--
1. Where eagles dare
2. Der Untergang (the downfall) -- darker...
3. Come and see (Idi i smotri) --- Darkest war movie.
4. Saving Private Ryan.
5. Enemy at the gates.
6. Guns of Navarone.
7. Das Boot
8. Las des as (Ace of aces)-- not a real war movie... But still very good.
9. Letters from Iwo Jima
10. A bridge too far.
11. Bridge on River Kwai.
12. Zvesda
13. When trumpets fade.
14. Tora tora tora tora
15. The great escape

And here comes my "most" favorite... Band of Brothers TV series. Get the DVD set and watch all the ten episodes on a weekend. IMHO, nothing beats this ... i have watched this series 9 times... And I just love to spend one saturday watching the whole series and sipping beer...cheers:

waiting for the release of Valkyrie...
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Old 10th March 2008, 20:52   #37
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some fo my fav i could rem.
1. Schindler's List(masterpiece) ralph fiennes was brilliant!
2. saving private ryan
3. das boot
4. enemy at the gates
5. a bridge too far(mainly for the acting)
6. letters from Iwo Jima(another masterpiece)
7. Band of Brothers series
8. Pearl harbour( i dont know why but i like it)
9. U-571
10. Black hawk down(quite realistic)

thats all i could rem now.
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Saving Private Ryan

Navy Seals

Delta Force

Thin Red Line

We Were Soldiers

Jar Head

Apocalypse Now and Redux


Enemy at the gates


Black Hawk Down

Other already quoted....!
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Behind Enemy Lines
Where Eagles Dare
Guns of Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone
Black Hawk Down

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Default some others

The American Civil war 1861-1865 was particularly bloody, 600,000 soldiers died when that country only had a population of around 30 million. Two movies about that time that are good are:

The Red Badge of Courage

An older black and white film about a coward who
gets a second chance and finds the courage within
himself to become a hero.


This is the story of the greatest land battle ever
fought up until that time. It is seen through the eyes
of one of the great heroes of that war who was a
philosophy professor turned warrior. There are some
tremendous battle scenes.

Here are some others

84C MoPic

This is the tale of a U.S. recon patrol in Vietnam

The Blue Max

Some great ariel dogfight scenes from WWI.


The story of a highly successful and highly
controversial American general of WWII.

Gunga Din

See the British Army knock the snot out of dem
uppity Indian fellas.
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Just finished watching Where Eagles Dare, fantastic movie! Richard Burton was especially outstanding with his deceptive role. Highly recommended & also the bloodshed is not as high as other war movies.

Another movie I would like to mention here is a French movie called "A Very Long Engagement". Outstanding movie about a girl & her lover who supposedly dies during the war but she does not believe that & continues to try & find him. Long but simply outstanding.
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Old 11th March 2008, 09:44   #42
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Full metal jacket ! ... my all time favourite
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My favorites are Saving Private Ryan and Enemy at the Gates

The letter read out by the Army major (Saving Private Ryan) of Abraham Lincoln, is one of the most famous letters ever written in history. Lincoln wrote it to a lady who lost all her 5 sons in the American Civil war. It is debatable whether it is justified to sacrifice many men to save Ryan, but the consoling factor is John Miller's team died in action rather than sacrifice.

Enemy at the Gates is very emotional reminding us of the tough time faced by Russians (they lost more soldiers and people than any other country in WWII) both from the enemy and their own government. it seems Vassili is a true character though we are not sure about the German sniper Kosnig.
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Lord Of the Rings - All the series. The Best i have ever seen.
10,000 B.C. - Not much of war war types but yeah i like that small wars too..
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1. Bridge On the River Kwai - definitely the best.

One that you can watch over and over again.

2. Zulu (1964). A close second to BOTRK. Based on the true story of the defense by British soldiers at Roarke's Ridge. 11 VCs were conferred (the most in a any single battle). A true war movie.

3. All Quiet on the Western Front (the 1979 remake). Sad and solemn.
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