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View Poll Results: Who are you in the Traffic?
Conformist 205 84.36%
Maverick 29 11.93%
Desperado 9 3.70%
Voters: 243. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 21st February 2007, 17:23   #61
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i was a Desperado in India until 23,
when i got my Licence in UAE it made me a 100% Conformist,

now when I am in ((Pune)) being a Conformist has become a big danger as evryone seems to be driving when its Red and stopping in the flow of moving traffic means getting bumped. right Puneites!!!!

there are very few Red signals at which people really do stop
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Old 26th February 2007, 09:39   #62
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tend to be a conformist...but in chennai you could get rear ended for doing this , cause the MTC bus walla is hell bent on getting through.....rather pay for jumping a stop signal than to sell your car for scrap.
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Old 9th March 2007, 18:53   #63
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Definitely a conformist! Even if that means most other traffic users don't like me...
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Old 21st March 2007, 22:53   #64
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More or less a Conformist....at times a Maverick, if roads are empty.
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Old 22nd March 2007, 02:15   #65
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a maverick here, but i do make sure the road is clear when i break that red light!
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Old 22nd March 2007, 07:29   #66
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Originally Posted by kkr2k2 View Post
1. Conformist - stops at red light even when the traffic police is not present.
Actually it pretty dangerous, to be a conformist, when rest of the crowd on street is not behaving that way. I just slow down at the junction, confirm no traffic flow in other direction, and then keep moving if its ok.

I have already been bumped from behind for following rules, by some one who was not following it. Remember the strange bangalore police who open up the traffic even on the wrong lanes at traffic signals?!?!
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Old 12th May 2007, 01:04   #67
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I am a conformist, just believe that if I want people to have road sense, I've got to practice it myself. I Can't complain about reckless drivers, lack of civility and road sense, and incessant honking if I almost mow down people by doing 60 on a narrow road, break one-way's because the next U-turn is 1 km away and shout at guys who stop at a red light. It's not right.

And I think that most of the people who vote are going to be conformists. Catch the mavericks of which there are plenty here I an absolutely certain actually coming out and saying they have no respect for the rules and like to flout the law

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Old 25th November 2007, 21:53   #68
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Bump Bump,
for the newbies
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Old 25th November 2007, 22:21   #69
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Default Shoes

I am a conformist but sometimes when I am alone on weekends I try on my wife's shoes.
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Old 25th November 2007, 22:51   #70
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What a wonderfully law-abiding membership!

After most of my life driving in UK, going through a red light hurts! We don't even have free lefts there: a red light means STOP even at 3.00am in a deserted village and, yes, the lights will still be working.

But I'm with Lemon and others: I'm not going to sit there and get crushed for my law-abiding pains!

I wonder about a sister poll (maybe it exists already): do you compulsively bully all other traffic out of the way? Drive at the speed of the traffic generally? Or just go your own speed whatever?

I think the questions need to be better thought out: if anyone feels like it....
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Old 26th November 2007, 03:45   #71
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Thumbs up

Confirmist 100% of the time, even at the expense of getting honked by a lot of stupidos. Believe me there are a lot of them in Bangalore.

Originally Posted by stevie View Post
a Conformist for sure and coincidentally i was complaining about the same issue today. I was on the banaswadi ring road in bangalore, this evening and im ashamed to say that most people who broke signals seemed educated and from decent backgrounds who just do not know how to follow a set of rules that can improve traffic for themselves. My driver always says that the so called educated people are really not educated coz they cant read their numbers on the signal counter and usually never wait for the signal to turn green.

I only wish people are fined heavily for this offence. Well fines did work well when they tried enforcing the seat belt rule.

How we here at teambhp can influence others to follow traffic rules and make our respective cities better. I just helps us in the bargain.

Is that too much to ask for?
I understand your plight. Having a degree doesn't mean these guys are educated in the true sense of the world & wearing nice clothes doesn't make them decent either.

What use is the decent background or a good job, if you are not respecting fellow motorists on the street? by doing what these guys do, they are putting other peoples lives at risk (not to mention their own)

What we can do at TBHP to enforce this is
  1. Follow traffic rules ourselves at all times
  2. Discourage all known(in person) Mavericks & Desperadoes actively and preach the first rule
  3. Follow the above two rules
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Old 26th November 2007, 09:17   #72
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Conformist here - Its good to be Conformist
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Old 26th November 2007, 10:40   #73
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A conformist ... I need to cross 2 railway crossings to get out of my area..

but iam not sure ... the train driver must be a Desperado.. because they all look back and smile / wave at us..
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Old 26th November 2007, 11:18   #74
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I think I am a conformist. Otherwise I wouldn't have been honked at today morning at Panjagutta. But sometimes I am a maverick too. In the crazy traffic of Hyderabad, I try to maintain lanes. I don't know what you will call that.
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Old 26th November 2007, 23:19   #75
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one more conformist here. cheers: to all conformists.
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