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Old 12th March 2009, 03:41   #76
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do you smoke harry?
Also your driving style alongwith your peppy exhaust note must be too much too handle after a period of time for the so called normal beings..
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reading this thread made me feel sick and sent a chill down my spine (the one you get when you feel queasy after a ride in a ferris wheel)
I have experienced the same kind of feeling in the rear seat of every SUV that I have sat in. Thus, one can attribute it to the bouncy nature of the suspension of your car.
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Good to know am not alone

For me the cause can be either the smell of the car...if someone is smoking...the driving style and i dont dare to read....

Also the factors which play a role can be traveling in empty stomach, this for sure gets me into trouble...

But this has given me good excuse to take my car whereever i go(long distance) i give it as an excuse to my folks whenever they question me

Oh yea about traveling on my bike that's the best and the cheapest option heheh

Originally Posted by black12rr View Post
Ho ho you got the same problem . That tablet sucks . Been years since I poped one . Avoid travel at any cost due to this reason ,ppl cannt understand If I say I am travel sick . 2 wheeler rules .
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Originally Posted by harry2223 View Post
i was always guessing it was due to ohc soft suspension and low seat position.but not able to make any conclusion on its real cause .i never thought that the exhaust note that gave me pleasure is giving somebody else in my car a headache?????
The exhaust note could be the culprit - the persistent vibration/buzzing can sometimes induce nausea. Have experienced this in a friend's car. Do you have a loud exhaust or a free flow? These are more potent in this regard.
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Originally Posted by harry2223 View Post
i was always guessing it was due to ohc soft suspension and low seat position.but not able to make any conclusion on its real cause .i never thought that the exhaust note that gave me pleasure is giving somebody else in my car a headache?????
Hello Harry2233,
Someone already mentioned about the thread i have started regarding the Skoda Laura issues on Nausea/Dizziness.
As you have mentioned about the soft suspension, there is a large possibility of this being the culprit. That is the same thing, i doubt about my 2.8 yr old Laura which is done only 13K Kms.

I have talked to someone some 4-5 months ago who had same kind of issue in his Laura. He had solved his issues by fitting an Anti roll bar. I called him up again last week and he said last months the reat seat passengers had never faced vomiting sensation/Nausea/Dizziness or whatever uncomfortness. He said it was a joy to ride afterwards in Laura.

I am also going to fit one of these roll bars in the rear soon. The Guy had fitter HnR.

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Old 16th March 2009, 12:37   #81
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One more important point.

Many people (including me) are sensitive to low frequency sounds.
Playing bassy music makes me woozy in head, and gives a puky feeling in almost no time.

Your car's engine and vibrations produce a whole gamut of frequencies.
When you roll-up your windows, it filters all the higher frequencies in the ambience - wind buffeting, squeaks etc. So all your ears can perceive is the low frequencies - rumbling of the engine, vibrations from chassis and suspension.

Most of it you cannot even HEAR, its more of a feeling sensation. And this causes puky sensation to most of the bass sensitive people.

(Its very much like what you hear when you are outside a club/pub. Only the lower frequencies from inside are audible outside.)

I find that rolling the window down, and hearing that sound of wind against my ears very very resounding at such times.

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i jus cannot sit in the rear seat of any car or suv , i have to be in the front seat facing the road even when travelling by train cannot sit in the opposite seats .
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Not usually. I've only felt a little "dizzy" after a ride in a Mahindra Jeep. What does happen though is after a few minutes in back seat I get depressed and agitated at the same time! The cure involves either:
  • Listening to music on my headphones. Or,
  • Urging/pleading/threatening the driver to drive quicker.
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Old 8th April 2009, 20:58   #84
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I CANNOT sit in the rear seat of any car. I feel very pukish and horrid. Be it any car, or a journey of any length.
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Same here I gotta drive ! Okay to demystify . Sone of us have a very sensitive eustachian tube (in the middle ear). This regulates balance and air pressure. The same part which goes pop while you're flying. Now when we are driving we a) look right in front at a narrow focus point (tunnel vision) and this means less work for regulation and balance part of your ear tubes and brain. The moment we sit at the back we are looking sideways, this now send our command and balance control all in a tizzy ! The brain is asking your ears to slow down the signals and the ears tubes can't cope up fast enough result BBBAAArrrrrrFFF !!! . Now when we take a motion sickness pill in advance this sedates / slows down the communication ports between the ear tubes and brain (like a Petes box misinforms the ECU) . And Viola you are fine now and the twisties don't bother you anymore!

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Yes I am sick of my Skoda! :-) ok ok poor joke but hey they had it coming.
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I seem to be averse to two vehicles -- Qualis and Versa. While being a passenger in these cars, I would feel nausea even for a short distance of 20-30 KM! Otherwise no problem, as long as I don't read while being a passenger.

Needless to mention that, while I am driving I am just fine (though, I do not know about the above two vehicles mentioned -- I haven't driven them)

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
While travelling on the backseat? I just realised that I cannot sit on the backseat for too long.....I actually get car sick and all whoozy / pukey!!! Whats funnier is that this happens within the city. So the only option I have when being chauffeured around is to take the front seat.

I guess we car guys are only made to drive. And not be driven around.
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Old 20th March 2011, 22:39   #88
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Default Re: Do you get car-sick?

Hello team,

Just raking up this issue once more.

Recently I noticed my mum gets sick while sitting at the back in our ANHC. She's perfectly fine when she is sitting in the front. We have not seen this in her with the other cars such as Palio, Indica etc which we had. It is only in the ANHC that she is having the problem.

I was going through the thread and noticed a few others also experience a similar problem. But what is the solution to this? Why does it happen? If she is having motion sickness, then shouldn't she experience the same while sitting in front too? Does this have something to with a particular vehicle?

Btw, I'm sure mum is not making an excuse to sit in front because she does not drive and also has absolutely no interest towards anything with an engine and wheels!!
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Old 21st March 2011, 13:40   #89
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Default Re: Do you get car-sick?

My better half got car-sick on the twisty mountain roads of Ooty as we were driven from Mysore to Ooty. The Indigo was rarely below the 70kmph mark. I asked the driver to halt at the top of a hill so she could relieve herself. Made her sit on the front seat for the rest of the climb. It was the third day of our honeymoon. She had the sense to pop a clove in her mouth from our recent purchase of spices at Mysore.

I have never been sick in automobiles, not in cars, not in MUVs or SUVs and not even in the infamous ST buses.

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Default Re: Do you get car-sick?

I've rarely sat in the back seat. But my wife will start having issues within a couple of hours of driving, especially on winding roads even if she sits on the passenger seat in front. My mother and daughter never had issues witting in the back. I think its an individual trait where somebody get sick due to constant movement. She also cannot sit in any rides at amusement parks unless it is something that goes extremely slow.
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