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Default Icse board exams in 1 month,and i need HELP!

All you guys have been in my shoes.Its the 10th standard board exam,I graduated yesterday and now im starting to feel the pressure !

Looking for advice from each and every one of you guys.. you have all been successfull in your careers...and some of you are living you dreams!

Want to hear your experiences on how you studied,how did you keep awake..what methods,trics blah blah did you follow!And finally if its not too personal what did you score ?

Please keep your post short coz i dont have too much time to spend on this forum and btw...Im aiming for a career in automobiles and motorsport,,(tuning,sale of aftermarket performance stuff,R & D,Track racing!!)



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The most difficult issue for me was time management - if you crack this, half your work is done! The key is to make a proper schedule and then stick to it. Make sure to include short breaks and don't study the same subject for too long.

People's concentration spans are different (mine is about 30 mins!) so make sure you plan your study timings according to how you feel comfortable. Also, some people prefer to study at night vs. early morning etc. there's no single correct answer - it depends.

As for what I scored - as far as I can remember it went something like this: 90's in science, 80s in maths, english, history, geography, computers and 70s in hindi. This was with an average study time of 6-7 hr.s per day - mostly early morning and daytime (was never into the late night thing).

Oh yeah - and all the best - this is the easiest exam you'll have to take, so go crack it

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Okay!Thanks...im into the "late night thing" so need some help with that..
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Binz!! be relaxed, don't get tensed/worried. as ajitkommini told, time management is very important. make a proper schedule and fix on to it. i use to prepare form latenight until early morning (10PM -7AM) with some break.. am not excellent in studies though.... used to score between 70's & 80's.
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Hey binz,
i am asuming you have finished your mocks/prelims.
I would advise you to go and get the past ICSE papers and start solving them. trust me, it helps. It helped me score 28% more than i used to score in my school.
you can also make a time table and organise all your studying so that you have time to fool arund and relax as well as study properly.
ICSE isn't that difficult as people percieve it to be so don't get extra tense or anything.
BTW, even i am into the late night thing.
Cheers and best of luck
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1.Past papers is a great idea. Always works.
If you solve past 5 years or 6 years papers for a subject where syllabus hasn't changed significantly make sure that around 70% of questions will be similar
2 hours of early morning study after sleep equates to around 5 hours of late night slog. This is a fact.
if you sleep at 10, wake up at 5/6am and then study till nine, you will need to put in atmost 4-5 hours in the remaining day to get good scores.

Write. Writing and learning, esp for maths etc,. like subjects works much better. Even for totally subjective stuff like history it works.

If you are dieting, forget it. Eat lots of carb. High energy is good. Don't worry about getting fat
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Originally Posted by lamborghini View Post
past ICSE papers and start solving them.
yea....thats one of the best things you can do....i gave my boards 3 years ago.....nd trust me...nothing helps like past papers.....i used to stay up all night studyiing cos there were less distractions nd slept during the day...try that if you get disctracted....anyways...the most important thing.....try to STAY OFF TEAM-BHP.....it wont let you study
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@Binz :
Following are some pointers from my side, more or less been good to me :

* Go through the collection of old question papers, which would more or less give u a fair idea of the more important questions. This wud help u prioritize as to which topics are of greater importance, rather than wasting time on unimportant (from an exam point of view) topics.

* Topics which u find diffciult to even understand, engage in group study, depending on ur levels of comfort with respect to studying in a group.

* Topics where u may need to answer in points, make some sort of abbreviations which wud help u remember more easily.

* Always provide diagrams wherever possible, within the limits of time availability to supplement your answers. Story writing is fine to an extent, but resort to the same only when u are not really sure of anything with respect to the question.

* When answering the exam, ALWAYS attempt questions u are dead sure of first. Helps to form a good image in the mind of the examiner, and also boosts self-confidence.

Hope these pointers would be of immense help to you.
All the best, pal.
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1. Past papers.

2. Depending on where your centre is, past papers in your present uniform.

3. Watching TV helps.

4. Absolutely useless figures go a long way. For example, the Kandariya Mahadev temple is built on a 18 foot high plinth measuring 47 x 36 feet. Those figures are imaginary, but an ICSE examiner with 1000 papers will not look closely. And yes, I got 90 in Social Studies.

5. Relax. 10th boards only serve to get you into 11th grade.
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Disconnect internet and stay away from www.team-bhp.com for sometime
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Though I might be the last person in this world to give "academic" advice, I say that the solving the past years papers is a great idea. Solve some other papers too, as here we get compilation of set papers for various subjects.
But just as important as solving these papers, is getting these papers evaluated by someone qualified to do so.
In Pune, some institutes offer "test series" of upto 10 full scale exams. I had joined one of them, and believe me, just solving so many papers goes a long way in improving your score.
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1st Say Bye Bye to Team-Bhp..
I couldnt do it..But I got to study for those 10 days when TBHP was offline..

2nd..If your portion is over,,Study the difficult things 1st & move on to the easy ones..
Dont try to study at the last moment..Doesnt help..

If you are studying selected parts..Study it thoroughly..Be prepared to answer any question related to it..

And yes!! Dont take any kind of tension..If you have Faith in GOD..then you will pass if its in your destiny..
I belive in it..Joh Hota Hai Manzore Khuda Hota Hai!!!

My type of studying is very different,,
I study only what I understand..and that too only till 5-10 pm..
No morning study for me...
I passed my 12th this way..

And for engg,,I am not planing to complete it in 4 yrs..Maybe double it..Ab Maze karke Padhna Hai..

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nice advice.. its gonna help me too because ive got my boards next year. thanks guys.
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