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[quote=speedzak;368836]I don't know how somebody can call global warming a crap!
@amu1983; Maybe it is debatable, But never can be called so!!


I think what he meant was siceitists have views on global warming as well as global cooling (remember "the day after tomorrow")...and can't make up their mind

I agree, also from steeroid's comments, it's quite deducible that nature has it's own way of balancing these factors with rains, winds, snow etc....the balance may not be defined as comfort conditioning of humans though.
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And as far as solutions go ..... the best that we can do is try and take up as many plantation drives as we can .... and then looking after the plants that have been planted . Find an expanse near your area that is lying barren -- speak with teh concerned authorities and then plant what tree or shrub is best suited to that area ...

The next is probably to try and avoid driving as much as we can .... lesser the fuel burnt , lesser the damage ..... !!! But then we are a car lovers forum ... who luv driving as much as we can ,,, so its a Catch 22 situation .
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Originally Posted by ajitkommini View Post
it's highly probable that humans alone (as opposed to some less intelligent species) will figure out a way to get themselves and other living creatures off a dying planet!
Thats if we survive until then.

In all probability, humans alone will figure out a way of getting rid of all other living species including themselves off this planet.

And we're presuming too much if we think we're responsible for the planet dying - the planet (and nature) is much bigger than anything we can hope to hope to make. It will outlast us, or perhaps get rid of us.

Originally Posted by rjstyles69 View Post
Also Steeroid you forgot to mention the colorful rains that was witnessed in parts of kerala. I dont know how far this is true. Well even heard of news that the water in the wells had undergone a color change.
For the record there was a news report on COLORED SNOW falling in parts of Russia about a couple of weeks back.

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hey fellas the timings coming soon "its revelation time"
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Ok, let's try and put off the impending disaster, or get rid of it completely!

I recently saw Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" documentary and it is quite shocking....the stats he puts up concerning global warming are only just making their way to the pop media now...

Here's my idea for Indian metros (heck, let's try and change our little corners of the world, right?). I'm not sure if such a scheme has already been implemented in cities here yet, but if it was, I'm sure pollution here would not be so high....

The scheme:
The local RTOs/municipalities should have a hotline for pollution control. With the hotline, the public can report:
a) Illegal burning of garbage, etc.
b) Excessively polluting vehicles (u know the ones spewing black smoke or fog-machine effects)

The RTOs/munis. should then take swift action against the reported erring populace. In the case of (b), they should run an emission test on the vehicle and rectify whatever needs to be rectified on it.

What do you guys think? I know that this sorta plan will take long to implement, esp. in some cities where the local authorities could be less bothered about these things. But it's gotta be done. What about the other cities? Have they implemented something like this already? Who do we need to approach to get this plan into action?

If you guys agree with the plan above, please spread the word so that we may get our respective authorities to follow suit.

"It's gotta start somewhere, it's gotta start sometime. What better place than here, and what better time than now?"
-Rage Against the Machine
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Originally Posted by Steeroid View Post

And we're presuming too much if we think we're responsible for the planet dying - the planet (and nature) is much bigger than anything we can hope to hope to make. It will outlast us, or perhaps get rid of us.
I couldn't agree more. Nature has a way of finding a solution. Like the ice age. Wiped almost everything out. Started again.
I believe when we have destroyed as much as we can, mother earth will just shake us off like fleas, stand up (all this is figuratively speaking lol) and move on. Start again, without us.
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Shaken off like fleas !! Well, it depends on how soon mother earth would shake us off or how violently. Then there will be new species on this earth since we cannot survive. They will excavate us later and debate how these funny looking creatures lived thousands of years ago... One Spielberg of new species would make movie on it....
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Grass is growing in Antartica for the first time, 25,000 people have died of heat wave in Europe, while raging fires have destroyed thousands of miles of forests in Indonesia and Borneo. The world, in short, seems to be going topsy-turvy. Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah as the desert country experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall. The mountain cluster, 1,737 metres above sea level, had heavy night-time snowfall for the past two days as a result of temperatures dropping to minus five and stunning the emirate's residents. The 10 hottest years in recorded history have occurred since 1990 - 1998 was the warmest, and 2004 the fourth-warmest. This October is also the warmest October ever. The Arctic region is growing warmer at four times that rate, which means melting ice caps.
According to NASA, the polar ice cap is now melting at the alarming rate of 9% per decade. Arctic ice thickness has decreased 40% since the 1960s. The current pace of sea-level rise is three times the historical rate and appears to be accelerating .
The World Meteorological Organisation estimates that the number of extreme weather events has doubled in the last ten years.
Scientists estimate that the sea level will rise by an additional 19 inches by 2100, and perhaps by as much as 37 inches. Some reports suggest that as many as 2 billion people might be at risk of flooding by 2050.

mmmmmm of course we should be guilty.
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Default Re: Global Warming - Guilty/Not guilty

Reviving this old thread which was started a decade back. Two articles appeared in New York magazine and New Republic this month, which paint a not-too-rosy scenarios for the earth and the humans. Whether Trump agrees or waves this off as fake news is a different matter though.


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Question Are we too late to step back?

Chanced upon this well researched documentary - surely shakes one out of reverie and forces one to think.

In the end, it's us and our unchecked greed, the planet be damned !

We're all equally guilty - the point is what are we, as individuals, as influencers, as citizens, as voters, as policymakers, or simply as (supposedly) the most intelligent residents of planet earth are doing about it?

(Not so many) Cheers !

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