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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

I saw (& heard) this song in an advert of Ten Sport of the ongoing India v/s West Indies cricket series.

Did a YouTube of it, and since then it is in repeat(1) mode in my car.

Song: "Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love"
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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

Alright I'll take a break from the usual trance/ lounge/ instrumentals/ electronica which are my current passion, I was reminiscing and went back to all the "pop"-ular music I knew and loved about a decade ago.. I feel this truly was the golden era for Hollywood and its music before it all went for trash and got soaked in expletive lyrics and music videos. Some of the songs/bands with clean music :


Blue - Signed Sealed & Delivered, Curtain Falls, Guilty, Breathe Easy

Backstreet Boys - I want it that Way, Drowning, Incomplete, etc

Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle, Fighter etc

Justin Timberlake - Rock your Body, Cry Me a River etc.

Nelly - Just a Dream, Over and Over etc

Michelle Branch : Everywhere, Are You Happy Now, etc.

Soft/Alternative Rock :

Creed : Arms Wide Open, Higher, One Last Breath etc.

Chris Daughtry - Home, September, Crawling back to You, etc

Nickelback - Someday, Way too Damn Good, Figured You Out, etc.

Def Lepp - Hysteria, Women, Pour Some Sugar on Me etc

Bryan Adams - Cant Stop this thing we Started, Summer of 69, Here we are etc

Nu Metal :

P.O.D - Youth of the Nation, Boom, Satellite, Alive etc

Korn - Got the Life, Somebody Someone, Clown etc.

Papa Roach - Between Angels & Insects, Loves Me Not, Time & Time Again

Ol Metal :

Megadeth : Symphony of Destruction, A tout le Monde, Addicted to Chaos etc.

Metallica : I want to mention a couple of Metallica songs but as a loyal Megadeth fan I gotta ignore this one. Megadeth is my only classic metal fav.

That's all I can barely recall now across genres Good ol' 00's.

Linking one of the songs listed above that I'm listening to frequently these days, one of the jewels of American Idol (an otherwise useless show) and an awesome song, this is what rock was truly about :

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My all time favorite song while driving: Aretha Franklin and George Michael - 'I knew you were waiting for me.'
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I'm back to old hindi songs (60's-80's), thanks to wynk. Keeps the mood light which is very helpful for office commutes. Other benefits include impromptu car karoake moments
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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

Long live the 80's/90's :

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Huey Lewis and the News - Hip to be Square

Kenny Loggins - Footloose

John Parr - Restless Heart

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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

Its been a while since posted in this thread. Recently enjoying

Dusty Kid - Innu

Is a must listen as it will exploit any weaknesses in the car audio. In my Rapid I upgraded system last year and was pretty satisfied. Then I came across this track few months back and straight away headed to damping shop.

Another one is CirezD - Glow.

This track exposed weakness in mid bass unit in one of the doors. Immediately got that replaced.

Both tracks are super hard!
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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

Twenty One Pilots
- Heathens
- Stressed out
- Holding on to you
- Lane Boy
- House of Gold
- Car Radio
- Tear in my heart

Their Studio recording with MuteMath is amazing. Watch It!

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For long trips, I have loaded songs of "The Brooklyn Duo". They basically play popular songs on Cello and a Piano. It has a soothing effect especially in bumper to bumper traffic.
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From bullet to Audi to Thar and everything inbetween...

Note:You must understand little bit of Punjabi.

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Default Re: Raaj Music Recommendations {Prog, Rock, Metal, Kraut, Jazz & Blues, Country, World et al}

Here comes my first recommendation:
Blackjack was the first band of Michael Bolton and Bruce Kulick (Later worked as Guitarist in the band, Kiss). Michael Bolton is one of my very favourite singers. And I love this early voice of him. Heart of stone (1979) is fantastic rocking song. Enjoy..Raaj

Though Peter Gabriel led 'Genesis' band delivered some superb progressive albums from early 70's to mid 70's, some how they were never my favourite band. But, one song remain in my favourite playlist forever, that's "White Mountain". The superb lyrics, soulful singing, awesome instrumentation still haunts and shake my spine whenever I listen to it. No wonder, its one my very personal favourite songs. Enjoy and have a great day... Raaj

'Foghat' is one the successful blues rock bands in the 70's. Their strong blues roots with 'Savoy Brown band' shined like diamond throughout their career. Though they are known for some of the finest Blues-Rock songs, this "Take It Or Leave It" has become my personal favourite 'coz of its simplicity, sensible lyrics, soulful playing. The lyrics closely resembles to my heart.

La petite fille de la mer, this is one of haunting melodies I've listened sofar. Vangelis, one of the most accomplished and influential musicians of our times. Our AR Rahaman silently copied many of his compositions. As a sampler, I would recommend to listen Vangelis "Portraits: So Long So Clear" album.

In 1985, metal singer Mr. Ronnie James Dio wanted to contribute for the feminine Africa through the funds raised by some special song. And here it goes, the superb eternal classic with all star lineup. Just watch it to believe it. Those days are over. Good music never gonna happen like this.

Hard Rock history will be incomplete without mentioning the inputs of German guitar wizard 'Michael Schenker'. He has been playing guitar for nearly 50 years and still as active as any young aspirant. Be it Scorpions, UFO, MSG, G3 etc or whatever the bands he played in, he made an impeccable trademark on them. Well, this 'Doctor Doctor' is one of the phenomenal songs he made in his great career with 'UFO' . Truly awesome song.

Phil Lynott and Gary Moore were two great musicians from Irland. They were partners in crime since from late 60's in the bands like Skid Row, Thin Lizzy and numerous solo projects. The songs like Still In Love With You , Military Man, Spanish Guitar, Out In the Fields etc shows their great virtuosity. And this Parisienne Walkways is one of the high points of their career. Whenever I listen to this version, my spine chills, not just for their great performance, but for their dedication and love for music. Sadly both died young. Rest in music and they will be remembered for the great music.

If you want me to choose the greatest blues rock player from America, I would blindly choose Johnny Winter. No other white guitarist influenced the american blues like Johnny. His playing, experiments with veteran blues legends like Muddy Waters is really extraordinary. Bottom line is, if you could spend 20 plus minutes to watch this, your morning would be forever energetic. Truly awesome music. Enjoy.

Whitesnake is perhaps my most favorite hard rock band after Deep Purple. "Judgement Day" sounds like a great tribute to Led Zeppelin Kashmir, but is great song on it's own right. This particular incarnation of Whitesnake is really legendary. David Coverdale on Vocals, Steve Vai and Vandenberg on guitars. Perfect feast for Hard Rock lovers.

Thin Lizzy is one of my very very favourite Rock bands. And seriously, I have a doubt whether I can really represent their legacy in just one week. Their gifted song writer and extraordinary singer Phil Lynott is great asset of this band along with guitar slingers Brian Robertson, Scott Gorham and occasionally by Gary Moore. This particular Emerald is perhaps one of the greatest hard rock songs I've listened in my life sofar. Superb vocal, twin guitar attack and awesome drumming is simply out of this world and monstrous.

Thin Lizzy - Got to Give it Up (1979): It was well known fact that, Thin Lizzy band leader, Mr. Phil Lynott was troubled all through his life with drug addiction and heavy alcoholism and finally succumbed for it at the tender age of 36. Well, this was one of the most personal and bold songs in the history of Rock Music. Phil Lynott wrote this song explained his addictions, troubles and how can't come out of it, even if he wanted. Very heartbreaking and is my most favorite song of Thin Lizzy.

'Danny Whitten' was one of the great guitarists and songwriters evolved in late 60's. His band 'Crazy Horse' worked together with Neil Young for coutless albums. 'I don't want to talk about you' is one of the great songs in his very brief lifetime. It was performed with Crazy Horse in 1971. Sadly he died with drug overdose in 1972. He was 29. But folks never know this song properly until 'Rod Stewart' make it popular with his version in 1976 and by 'Everything But Girl' in 1988. One of great songs.

53 years ago i. e. In 1964, then unknown Rock UK rock band, "The Animals" recorded this song. And it still shakes my spine. Wonderful masterpiece.

Undoubtedly, Summertime is one of the greatest songs wrote by Gerstein/Heyward. Originally it was written in1934 for an opera but has become immensely popular in Jazz and Blues circle by some great artists like Miles Davis, George Benson etc. But a version performed by Janis Joplin with Big Brother and Holding Co. is possibly the greatest interpretation of this song. On one hand, Janis's raw yet bluesy and soulful voice and on the other hand, diamond sharp Psychedelic twin guitar solos made this version as an instant classic. Truly one of the outstanding songs in late 60's...!!!

Let me share my experience on this song. When I was about 10 years old or something, I had listened this song at a late night. It was there in my uncle's collection. I was very afraid of its intro thinking it was a horror song. Much later, I came to know its "Whale Sound". However, I liked the song in my first listen itself and for many years, I used to skip the intro part of it. Hope you enjoy this beautiful song "Moving" by Kate Bush.

Rory Gallagher, the legendary Blues-Rock guitarist from Ireland. This is one of his many masterpieces.

Formed by Leslie West (Guiar, Vocals), Felix Papaalardi (Bass, Vocals) and Corky Laing (Drms), Mountain was the loudest rock band of their time to the extent their bass player Felix had affected with partial deafness and forced to retire from the business. Nevertheless, they are one of the legendary bands in the evolvement of Heavy Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
This particular Never In My Life was from their debut album Climbing released in 1970. With its immediate noticeable drum and bass lines and infectious guitar tone, this song become one of the highlights of their career. Play it loud and have a great day. Raaj

Clubbed with Southern Soul, country blues and killer guitar tone, 'Mama's Pride' is one hell of fantastic southern rock band formed in 1972. This particular 'Blue Mist' is from their self titled album released in 1975. One of my alltime favourite songs. Enjoy

'The Marshall Tucker Band' is no nonsense Southern Rock band with deep roots in country music. It was formed by Cladwell Brothers along with Doug Gray in 1972. Like for any other Southern Rock bands, tragedies aren't exception for this band too. Both Cladwell brothers died young, one in accident and another due to cocaine overdose. 'Can't You See' is one of my many favourite songs of MTB. Hope you enjoy.

'Stud' is an obscure British Prog-Rock band formed in 1971. Forget about the rest of the world, they were unknown band in their native country itself. Nevertheless, their music is mind blowing. This 'Sail On' is one of rare jewels in my music collection. Enjoy.

For my dictionary, Allman Brothers are something like Grateful Dead for Southern Rock genre. Especially when slide guitar God, Mr. Duane Allman was around. Sadly, like for any Southern Rock band tragedies, Allman Brothers also affected. Diane Allman died at a tragic Harley Davidson accident in 1972. He was just 24. And one year later, almost on same place their bass player Berry Oaklay faced same fate. Nevertheless, this band is one of the greatest ever. The original band was with Duane Allman and Dickey Betts onb Guitars, Gregg Allman on Vocals and Hammond Organ, Berry Oaklay on Bass, Butch Trucks and Jaimoe on drums. This particular video is one of the rarest you can find with Duane Allman. Enjoy

UFO with Michael Schenker was really phenomenal period. Love to Love was very underrated and lesser known tracks from that legendary Phil Moog and Schenker killer song writing combination. This was from their 'Lights Out' album released in 1977. The other standout song from this album is Try Me. Hope you enjoy and will have a great day.

Studio Version

S&M Live version

Like it or hate it, I love Metallica's mean yet melodic side. This is one such mean, melodic, yet destructive, powerful and one hell of bad ass song from their 'Ride like Lightning' album released in 1984. If you see me going on higher speeds on my Abarth car, blame this song. 'Coz I probably playing this song when iam doing speeds. At any cost avoid playing this song in ur car. If you do, can't help doing high speeds like I do....Have a fantastic and Ride like a lightning day.

This was originally Bach composition in 17th century. In 1970, UK Progressive/Canterbury band *Egg*took it to the next level. Great piece of music.

Henry Paul is one of the founding members of Southern Rock band "The Outlaws". So Long is one of the finest songs from his debut album "Grey Ghost" released in 1979. An awesome rocking song, especially to those who likes extended guitar solos.

One of my college days classics and still a favourite song.

Though 'Rod Stewart' and some times 'Ronne Lane' were lead singers of "The Faces", this song was sung by lead guitarist "Ronnie Wood". The song perfectly suited his voice. After this album, the band was broke. Ronnie Wood joined as guitarist in "The Rolling Stones" and remaining members persuaded solo careers. Well, the song is about Love and Women in the words and experience of a Grandfather to his grandson. An awesome beautiful song. 'The Faces' are one of my all-time favourite rock bands.

"Have I told youbLately" is Irish singer and songwriter Mr. Van Morrison's one of great songs released in 1989. Personally, my favourite song of Van Morrison is Moondance released in j1970. But, thought this song could be a good introduction for you. BTW, this song also covered by Rod Stewart which went on to top the charts on both side of Atlantic's.

Dan Hill is very talented yet criminally underrated singer/songwriter. He was known for his superb ballad, "Sometimes When We Touch". Coming to "It's a Long Road", its a theme song for Sylvester Stallone's First Blood movie. Though the movie got great success it attributed nothing to this singer. It's an awesome road song. And you will know why, if you see the lyrics and video. I always get goosebumps whenever I play it in my car.

Bruce Piephoff, I must say he is very underrated singer and songwriter. His music somewhere between Bob Dylan, Country and folk with some simple music arrangements such as guitar, harmonica etc. You can't even found his music in youtube. But fortunately, I got couple of his albums. I would recommend to listen his *Slaughterhouse*album. IMO, a masterpiece one of this modern era. If you don't find it, just let me know. Well, you can have this song as an intro of this artist. Believe me, its just least good songs of him

Like George Harrison in Beatles, Led Zeppelin too have one silent yet very talented musician by name, "John Paul Jones". He has very good composing skills, but Robert Plant and Jimmy Page rarely allowed his thoughts in Led Zeppelin. However, its one of very few tracks with John Paul Compositions which materialized. It's a dark and intense melody which would leave lasting impression on us. Truly an awesome song, No Quarter released in 1973.

Though Khaled Hadj Brahim known for his dance oriented songs like Didi, Chebba etc, I like his offbeat and traditional Arabic songs. That said, this Bakhta is my personal favourite song for the last 24 years. I wish I could know the language to understand this beautiful lyrical poetry. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but try it.

Be it Scorpions, UFO or his solo albums, Michael Schenker's guitar mastery is evident. Anytime is one of his great power ballads which has some beautiful guitar solos of Michael Schenker and Robin McAuley vocals are awesome too.

"Father Of Day, Father Of Night" is my most favorite song of Manfred Mann from Solarfire album. This song was originally written by Bob Dylan which is almost unnoticed at the time of releasing. But, Manfred made it so popular in Prog circles in 1973. A great song from the great Solar Fire album. Enjoy

To be Continued......!!!!

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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

Michael Schenker - When I'm Gone

German guitar wizard Michael Schenker has released so many albums under the moniker of MSG. But of all, his period with Irish singer McAuley is very special. McAuley's distinctive, yet powerful and melodic vocals helped to extend the reputation of Michael Schenker's solo career.

'When I'm Gone' is one such great power ballads that you can cherish for a longtime. Its been one of my favourite songs for the last 20 years.. Hope you enjoy it. Have a good day.. Raaj 💐🎧
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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

There are some bands that just sound better in a car. Dishwalla, for instance. Their first album 'Pet your friends' (from the late 90's) is a great soundtrack on a long drive. 'Haze' & 'moisture' are the two tracks that id recommend. 'Counting blue cars' from the same album was a chart topper and is one of the most recognized tracks from this california based alt rock outfit. Their 2002 'Oplaine' album recived both critical and popular acclaim

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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

La La Laletta.. .. From movie Mohanlal.
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Default Re: Your favourite song while driving

My choise in hindi is Dil mein ho tum,,mohabat tejarat ban gai hai,agar tum na hote, dil diwana na jaane,,and in western these are Nothing gone change my love for you,Last Christmas I gave you my heart,,how deep is your love.
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