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Old 23rd June 2008, 15:45   #1261
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I second Rehaan,
Hulk II was horrible forget being incredible.

Loved the last scene though
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Old 23rd June 2008, 17:51   #1262
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Watched De Taali and Hulk during the weekend. De Taali was not really out of choice but more coz we happened to be at the hall and tickets were available.

De taali : Reitesh Deshmukh is really good at comedy. Over the years, his comic timing has gotten awsumm and his facial expressions are just perfect. This is the only plus point of the movie, the story is mediocre - you really need to leave ur brains at home to watch it, nothing new in that. The movie is lenghty and the plot is predictable so that leaves you really bored after the halfway mark. Aftab is ok, Ayesha and Rimi are pathetic. The only thing I've seen Ayesha do in most movies is laugh like a maniac even tho there's nothing funny going on and she does look like a mom of 3 kids. The only reason to see this one is to watch RD act, worth a few laughs. Score:3.5/10

Hulk 2: Damn Good special effects. Storyline is not a great surprise. Hulk's on the run from the US military while trying to find a way to cure himself at the same time. Bumps into his lady love, fights a supervillain and is on the run again.
The animation is awesome, Hulk looks really mean, great expressions, the villain looks cool too. I went with the expectation of watchin good special effects and wasn't disappointed. The storyline should've been something different though. Worth a Watch IMO. I liked Ironman better than this one although my all-time favorite superhero movie is Batman Begins
Score: 6/10

Last edited by Rehaan : 27th June 2008 at 00:49. Reason: awsumm = awesome
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Old 26th June 2008, 14:17   #1263
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Just caught the trailer and I am all excited to watch this. Looks very promising.
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Old 26th June 2008, 14:24   #1264
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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post

Just caught the trailer and I am all excited to watch this. Looks very promising.
I have been seeing the promos of this movie on tv over the last few days and in my mind, I have a feeling that this movie has a storyline similar to the movie That Thing You Do. The female Prachi Desai is cute though
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Old 26th June 2008, 14:37   #1265
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Dasavataram (Tamil ): **

I had some rather high hopes from this movie, what with it being another supposedly technically brilliant film from Kamal. About 15 minutes into the movie, and i begin to feel cheated. The technical brilliance which i had come to expect is nowhere near Kamal's standards. The prosthetics used on the various characters look very fake.
In fact, they look so bad that one feels it resembles more of a mask than a proper face ! I check with wifey, and she has the same opinion.

The story line is a drag at places, but trying to count the various characters in the movie which Kamal has played keeps me engrossed. As for the track which plays during the beginning of the movie, it sounds lifted to my ears. Mallus would recognize the strains from the song "Baggy Jeans" from the movie Sainyam.

What about the plot? Nothing much in there.
Anything noteworthy in the characters ? The Naidu character played by Kamal is the saving grace of the film, IMO. Brilliant effort. The villian role (Fletcher) was fine, but appeared a bit OTT. GW Bush's enaction was hilarious with even his own aides laughing at his blunders in the movie. The rest of the characters dont even require a mention.

Go watch it only for the novelty factor. The graphics will seriously disappoint.
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Old 26th June 2008, 16:04   #1266
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Thumbs up Get smart

Here's a James Bond movie where you laugh your behinds off.
Go watch it .
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Old 26th June 2008, 16:10   #1267
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Being a huge horror/suspense thriller fan, i am eagerly waiting for "Via. Darjeeling".

I hope they don't con us by their marketing gimmicks and turns out it is more comedy than suspense
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Old 27th June 2008, 16:37   #1268
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My last few movies...

The Happening: Shyamalan really dissappoints us with this one. With a decent start the movie just turns out to be like a headless chicken roaming around afterwards. He could have done so much better with that story line and something thing that would have made the movie feel more real.

The Incredible Hulk: Awesome effects, and a very well made movie. Definitely has to be seen. I love the ending with the cameo by Mr. Tony Stark! Although a hint was given in the middle of the movie when the general takes out the super soldier serum from a canister marked Stark Industries. And it makes a perfect setting for a sequel joining two awesome superhero movies.

Woodstock Villa: I watched it on dvd, and im thankful i didnt have to see it in a cinema hall or i would have had to walk out during the intermission. I wonder if Anupam Kher gave up trying to teach his son how to act ages ago realising he is hopeless. The story itself is stupid and seems like all the director could do was have a shaky camera throughout for special effects.
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Old 27th June 2008, 17:05   #1269
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Well the guys who watched Dasavatharam i have a query.

Did you notice some close resemblance between the Raja in the first scene of the movie to a famous superstar(or was it just me)
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Old 27th June 2008, 19:22   #1270
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Originally Posted by maddy42 View Post
Well the guys who watched Dasavatharam i have a query.

Did you notice some close resemblance between the Raja in the first scene of the movie to a famous superstar(or was it just me)
Are you talking about actor Napolean?
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Old 27th June 2008, 21:03   #1271
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Watched The Hulk last night and i agree with Dippy and Tsk........it was awesome.!
The `Hulk smash` is like a 2 sec scene so it can be ignored.
Looking forward to the third part which will most probably feature Ironman as well.
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Old 28th June 2008, 07:52   #1272
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Saw Wall-E today. Saw it only because we didn't get the tickets for Wanted(also released today). There were tons of kids in the theater. The movie was kinda average IMO. It was funny at times, but the whole idea of robots "falling in love" was somewhat stupid. And then the movie had a deep underlying message. Kinda stupid message IMO.When the lights came on again after the movie ended, no wonder half the kids were sleeping. 12 bux wasted. I would give it a 6/10.
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Old 28th June 2008, 11:53   #1273
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Today was a bad day. Went to Imax to watch Via Darjeeling or Dasavtharam and guess what ? Yash Raj, it seems, has arm twisted all multiplexes to only put it's movie - thoda pyar thoda magic - in the main show times. Both movies I wanted to see were not available in the afternoon show - so MAJBOORI mein I went and watched TPTM.

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

Saif plays a rich tycoon who in a car accident is responsible for the death of a couple. So the judge orders the 4 orphaned kids to go and live with Saif. Obviously the kids and Saif do not get along and the kids pray to God. God hears their prayers and sends an angel Rani to help them.

Then the predictable happens - she helps Saif and the kids to love each other and falls in love with Saif.

Performances range from the average to bad. Kids are ok and Rishi Kapoor plays God like in Bruce Almighty

Ameesha plays Saif's love interest and is SMOKIN' HOT in that song and in a few scenes where she is in the tiniest of clothes possible.

Rating - 1.5 / 5. YAWN.
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Old 28th June 2008, 20:30   #1274
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i watched 'The pianist' today on TV, this is one movie i wanted to watch for long time but wow how how good is this movie. No wonder it's rated that high in IMDB. If you haven't watched it yet please do. The atrocities of German army is world War II is portrayed brilliantly. Adrien Brody plays the character to perfection.
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Old 29th June 2008, 00:42   #1275
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Watched the complete Bourne series today
The Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum back to back

I have already watched them zillion times till now, one of my all time favorite series of movies.
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