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Old 18th July 2008, 14:37   #1381
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Originally Posted by hydrashok View Post
In my DVD player today: Ladykillers (1955, I think) - The original version with Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness.
I hope that version is better than the Tom Hanks version.
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Gautam Bhai ! Any review on Kismat Konnection?
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Old 18th July 2008, 16:38   #1383
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Guys, opinion on 'Apocalypto' ?
I felt it was really violent, but worth a watch for sure.
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Old 19th July 2008, 09:48   #1384
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Sorry guys, couldn't update this thread yesterday. It was a hard day - 2 back to back movies and immediately after that rushed to attend the Radio Mirchi Kaan Awards.

Kismat Konnection

Story is about a out of work and out of luck college topper. Nothing goes right for him and he dials a fortune teller in desperation, who, tells him that, he has his lucky charm and has to find it. The lucky charm turns out to be a girl with whom he cannot see eye to eye and then......

Shahid looks and acts good. Direction is good not spectacular. Music is rocking, I really love the songs. The minus point and it's the biggest negative of the movie - is Vidya Balan.

She look older to Shahid and her dress designer gave her the most atrocious dresses in the movie which helped her look older.

Verdict - 2.5/5. Watchable once, a typical feel good movie though predictable most of the time.

The Dark Knight

I will start in reverse here with the verdict.

Verdict - 4/5. Mindblowingly awesome movie. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Everyone knows the story - good v/s evil, Batman v/s the Joker - so I won't say much.

Heath Ledger as the Joker is SIMPLY OUTSTANDING. What a performance ! What a superb performance ! Watch his mannerisms (the tongue flicking and lciking his scars) - AWESOME.

The action is good and fast and the background score - I am in love with it. It complemented the whole mood of the movie so beautifully. The direction and the support cast do well too.

Some action sequences - like the one where batman topples the trailer and flips his bike had the audience - whistling / clapping and cheering.

Go and watch this. And Heath Ledger - take a bow !

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Kistmet Konnection:
Its a short circuit, not a connection. After some time it stinks of burning plastic.
The story is about a baby who tries to be Shahrukh khan but can't imitate him properly.
So he goes to Juhi Aunty.
Juhi Aunty tells him "Baby, Shahrukh is like this because of Aunties. Now your Juhi Aunty is too old for you, so you need an younger Aunty"
In comes Vidya Aunty to snatch the cradle, and voila our hero becomes "Raj Malhotra"
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Old 19th July 2008, 12:51   #1386
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I watched Wood Allen's Small Time Crooks yesterday.

After watching The Ladykillers, this was the first movie I wanted to follow-up with. Similar theme of a bunch of nuts trying to rob a bank with uh, "unconventional" methods. The same-hiring-a-place-near-the-bank-and-tunneling-under modus operandi. The characters are even dumber but more endearing.

The movie soon turns into better things one the uh, operation is "over".

<SPOILER ALERT> Wooddy Allen scopes out a Bank and decides that the best place to rob it, is to tunnel into it. (The last time he tried a bank robbery with his friends, they all wore the same masks and they couldn't tell who was who, and the bank robbery sadly ended in a few years in jail.) Woody Allen rents a place as cover for his tunneling work. The place is run by his wife as a cookie shop. Soon, the cookies start selling really well, to the extent that they have to hire help to run the shop, and the shop gets covered on TV. As expected the bank-robbery is screwed up, but the cookie-shop becomes a multi-million dollar corporation with the same crazies on the board of directors. Board meetings consist of poker games and mutual ribbing sessions. The movie then turns to how the noveau rich crazies try to blend into the high society, how it nearly breaks their relationship and then how all ends well. BTW, the movie also stars Hugh Grant.</SPOILER ALERT>

This is a really nice, simple, enjoyable movie. Some might find it a bit shallow and without any direction. Well, to tell the truth, it is somewhat that way, but it is Wood Allen, and it is effortless entertainment. I really like the movie

Originally Posted by hrag View Post
I hope that version is better than the Tom Hanks version.
It is much better. I liked the 1955 version of the Ladykillers more. The humour is not forced, and a lot of the situations feel more naturally funny in the 1955 version. Tom Hanks is trying a bit too had (IMHO) to be funny in the newer version.

Another aspect about the new version I did not like is that they (The Coen Brothers) were in a tearing hurry to finish the story somehow and that really tells.

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New Batman movie "The Dark Knight" -

Debuted in North America on Friday to sold-out theaters and a record $18.5 million (9.25 million pounds) in screenings that started one minute after midnight.

Few facts about the movie -

- "The Dark Knight" is based on the Batman series of DC Comics, and director Christopher Nolan has drawn particular inspiration from dark and sombre depictions of the Caped Crusader in a series of graphic novels about Batman.

- Nolan also made the 2005 movie "Batman Begins," the previous film in his series, and it grossed roughly $372 million at worldwide box offices.

- In "The Dark Knight," Christian Bale stars as Batman and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, Batman's most notorious villain. Ledger was found dead in his New York City apartment on January 22, 2008. He died of an accidental drug overdose.

-"The Dark Knight" is the sixth installment in Warner Bros.' series of modern Batman movies, which started in 1989 with director Tim Burton's "Batman," starring Michael Keaton as the superhero. Other installments include "Batman Returns" (1992), "Batman Forever" (1995) and "Batman & Robin" (1997).

- Six sequences constituting about 20 minutes of footage were shot using IMAX cameras, including the opening bank heist and a fabulous swoop across the Hong Kong skyline.
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Old 20th July 2008, 21:30   #1388
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Ok. NC has already spilled it. But yes, I saw The Dark Knight. It was fantastic. Heath Ledger is great. A very entertaining movie. What I really liked was the soundtrack that was played through the movie. Go Watch it! Its much more than your regular superhero movies.!!
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Old 20th July 2008, 22:20   #1389
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Some movies i saw this week.....

Hancock - Except for the fact that it had no real villains the movie was good.
Not your typical Superhero movie.

The Happening
- M.Night Shyamalan should retire now or start writing comic books.

Kung Fu Panda
- Hilarious movie.!
Generally i dont like animated movies but this one was different......very entertaining.

Really liked the first half ,it reminded me of my college(grad.) days but the second half was kinda ummmm slow.
Nice music though.

Will be watching The Dark Knight in a day or two.
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Old 20th July 2008, 23:05   #1390
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Kung Fu Panda- was brilliant. I was laughing like a maniac.

Flyboys- definitely worth missing
it's difficult to screw up a movie with dogfights from WW1, but this buch seem to have have pulled off an impossibility.

In Bruges
- simply beautiful.
the setting, the story, the dialogue, actors, everything.
There is also plenty of yankee bashing for comic relief that I really enjoyed.

I watched it again, after so many years. It still looks so upto date more than 10 years after it was released. Pacino and Niro are the bestest.
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Old 20th July 2008, 23:15   #1391
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Saw this movie Rabbit-Proof fence, a true story where 3 girls run away from a camp to their home which is 1200 miles over harsh bush country and desert without any luggage or supplies, and make it.

Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)

Fantastic movie.
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Old 21st July 2008, 00:41   #1392
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Watched Kismat Konnection tonight with friends. Found the movie quite a bore & devoid of any real story. So if you do miss watching this movie, don't be disheartened!
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Old 21st July 2008, 00:55   #1393
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The Pathology : Errm gross and sick, but plot was original i feel. The corpses were treated without any respect throughout the movie. Worth a watch if you like gross stuff. its R rated.

WarGames-The.Dead.Code : Pathetic movie period. You reach/complete LEVEL 5 of a game and you become a suspected terrorist! i mean ... come on.

Y.P.F : Funny movie about various couples in various kinds of relationships and working towards having intercourse.
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Old 21st July 2008, 11:07   #1394
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Default Stay Away!!

Saw "Contract" yesterday.
A confused script with cookoo actors. Your coffee tables got more talent.
Try making sense of this;

A film about a services man (hero with perpetual stubble and a frown borrowed from Bugs Bunny) recruited by "A" cop to infiltrate into the gang of a dreaded criminal "RD" (an eyeliner applying perpetually stoned evil dude with an army to match). to finally get to Sultan, who is the brains behind RD.

RD in the meanwhile gets his thrills from shocking people to death. No not by his looks or talent but by a hand held shocker used for self defense. Here is when you already want to use that device on Ram Gopal Verma.

RD is surrounded with complete nincompoops including a Kelly Dorji look alike whos supposed to be the desi Bruce Lee with an accent like Dino Morrea.

Cut to, infiltrating RD's gang. Hero is pushed into a jail and has to kill a jail bully wully whos hench man of RD's rival ganglord "Goomga"(a moronic overacting dud who in contravention to his name, talks a lot and is dressed as a fisherman, living on a catamaran with his irritating blabbering wife and some idiots who are always criticizing him)
Hero kills Goonga's man and is out and recruited by RD. So easy.
Hero does all the dirty work for RD and gains his confidence.
RD's bimbette cockeyed expressionless sister falls for hero.
Goonga in the meanwhile looses all his men to hero's bullets and his ears to his constantly lamenting wife.
Maybe he should have been named "Behra"
Goonga whos financed by the IB (why?) hires an encounter specialist cop (a guy who looks like your friendly neighbourhood rag picker and acts like Jhonny Lever)to eliminate Hero. Hero instead is told to eliminate him. Hero reaches ragpicker's house where hes having a conversation wrapped in a towel with Mallika Sherawats poster. Hero shoots him, misses and the towelled guy escapes into the crowd sans towel and a very pixellated private part display.....Yawn..!!!
Hero, now a more trustworthy lieutenant of RD, kills streaking inspector who has come to kill him. SAves RD and becomes his most trusted man. One wonders how RD became so big withpout Hero.
Hero is parcelled to a foriegn land where he is whisked away in a Land Rover Defender 90 (a la Lara Croft) the only saving grace of the film.

While you are trying to understand the plot or the lack of it, somewhere Interval hits the screen. You want to leave the theatre but are not being able to do this as you are attending a private screening with you seated alongside the gracious host whos also financed the film of sorts.

After this its all mayhem. Hero comes back to India, kills Goonga as if it was child's play and reaches Sultan (with a truckload of RDX to be set off in schools and hospitals??!!) who has the recruiting inspector of Hero in his clutches.
Sultan kills inspector, Hero kills Sultan and his army single handedly and leaves with his lady love. One cant find out who killed RD back home and why.
Since recruiting inspector is killed, hero sets out to play don to get to the top brass of the criminals....Oh what a bore.

Financerjee : " So sir how was the movie"
Me (In a daze): "Mind blowing" [Literally you @##%&!!@(0!! it blew my mind or wahtever was left of it.]

For sheer going on and on, overacting, hamming, hackeneyed plot (what plot??), bad acting, ugly women, and bad screenplay Dont see it!!
Ramuji one more movie like this and ill write you off. I still have confidence in you.
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Originally Posted by V-16 View Post
Financerjee : " So sir how was the movie"
Me (In a daze): "Mind blowing" [Literally you @##%&!!@(0!! it blew my mind or wahtever was left of it.]
- You learn fast eh Gogi !! Now go and watch The Dark Knight - it will blow your mind in the right direction.
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