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Default Need a Car - Dream too far?

Ok this thread for all you readers might be pointless and boring. Mods, if you find it really pointless, you can hit the delete button. This is the biggest thread I ever posted on this forum, I am no writer, got no writing skills. Just wrote my heart out here, done it overnight. Sorry it is too long. Like I said earlier, am no writer, so sorry I cannot split it into parts and maintain the suspense. Just wrote it in the flow. In the next few lines, am going to go describing how cars have become a part of my life. Its what a car means to me.

I lived all my life at Kuwait amidst fast cars which then I knew very less about and now upon which I drool, grew up in the lap of Jap bred Lancers for 10 years (Dad changed Lancers ever year being a Company Car). But I somehow had this little attraction within me towards cars ever since I was as little as 7. I remember sitting in the rear seat starring out of the window looking out at every car drive past, especially the bright red tail lights which looked pretty for me then. During the weekends, sitting beside my dad in the passenger seat, I always wished I was a little bit more taller so that I could see the expressway beyond the obstructing dashboard. Be it sitting in the rear and pretending to drive like my dad, making all kinds of sounds of me skidding and revving the car, or me telling my dad to go faster in order to overtake another car, just for the sheer hoy of it. I had this special bond with cars which I cant describe, I loved traveling, loved the shades of streetlights moving by on highways, loved the music play, and I cant even count the number of times I stretched completely and slept using the door handle as a pillow. BTW all this is when I was below 10 years of age. I always wanted to drive but never got a chance obviously, had to play around with the gigantic steering with the car in neutral mode. I can never forget the excitement I got when my dad used to let me start the car! I used to run with the keys and start the car and the growl of the car always got me excited.

Now things began to change, I began to grow taller, started reaching cupboards, could now ride a bike without training wheels, I could finally get a peek of the expressway beyond the dash, atleast a part. I never had the urge to even wipe my bike but you wont believe it, I used to wash my dad's car every Friday! Oh boy! I wiped it like it was my baby! Every part of it, till I could see my little face shine back at me. Used to give it 2 washes even though my mom told me once was enough. Dad always rewarded me with a KFC kid meal that evening. Finally when I was 14 years old, dad let me drive his Galant. He now began to prefer a Galant over Lancer btw. That day is one unforgettable day in my life! Got to drive the car in a remote construction site on a very nice road, had to keep the speed below 60 though. It was fun! You all know, that feeling and experience can only be felt, cannot be expressed, not in words! I was so happy that day. But after a few months, I had to leave to India. Meant no more car fun days, no more long drives on weekends, and no more mischievous things like turning the stereo on high blast when dad stepped out of the car for a quick work. I never felt anything then.

In India, had no car, just a Kinetic. Never had any interest in cars here, not even for bikes. When I was to join a college for my 11th, dad wanted to buy me a bike. This was the moment when the automotive craze in me actually begun. I began a little research to find which bike to go for, finally ended up getting a second hand CD100. Even then, cars were not in the picture. Was a member of the biking community xbhp then and from that, I got through to team-bhp. Was a very very rare visitor here at that time. But slowly I have no idea how but I began to ditch the biking community and my visits to this forum began to increase. I knew no peanuts about cars and I just came here to have a look at the pictures of modified cars. Still the car bug never bit me. My dad came down for one year and then we had a Ford Escort (family car) and a Maruti Omni (works). Then the interest in cars began slowly. But still nothing major. That same year, the car returning from a relatives' marriage met with a terrible accident and the vehicle was damaged terribly. Seeing the unrepairable state of the car, dad decided to sell the car and go for another. He was busy and told me to find some nice car. Then I began to go to showrooms, dealers, car bazaars, check newspapers, and hours of research on Team-bhp. This is where it all began!

I knew that my family would leave in 2 months and after that the car was all for me. So I didn't want to compromise and began my hunt for the best car. This is when I began to learn the basics, what is torque, power, bhp, and what basically makes a car. I studied the market, the models, the makes, what not! I finally decided upon an Esteem. BTW the Escort got sold. Went to make the purchase but it got late and I returned home thinking to buy it the next day. But on reaching home, there was a new surprise waiting, Dad decided against buying a car, he wanted to hire 3 cabs for the marriage. I had no words, all the pain I took, all those hours of research, all for nothing! All this he justified in one statement that I was underaged (17 years) and I stayed alone and I basically don't require a car. I was very disappointed and cursed my luck for a few days. I built many castles of having a car and showing off with it. Being novice, I only wanted to show off with the loud ICE setup and bling stuff. Began to get things done using my loyal kinetic (bike sold).

Meanwhile, my research about cars dint stop. My love and interest for cars began to grow at such high rates that I spent sleepless nights over this very forum, reading every thread, learning through experiences and ideas of other users. I always spent time in the Modification thread drooling over kitted cars. It was during one sleepless night when I met Rehaan! This is where everything got boosted. I remember asking Rehaan all kinds of wierd doubts, from driving to engine crap. And this guy is such a nice guy, he used to be so patient and explain me EVERYTHING so nicely, giving me appropriate links and all. I learnt a lot of technical stuff from this guy. Thanks Rehaan! He always told me to stop wasting time in the modification section and shift to the Technical Stuff rather and learn many useful and helpful stuff. This is when I began to learn the 'under the hood' stuff, and my love for cars deepened. Now I began to hit the roads, talk to people, visit shops, and began to learn from all possible sources. This helped me mature to a new level. I never had a chance to drive a car or own one but still I had a feeling that I am more matured than other people and I deserve a chance. I used to advice people, spread and share my knowledge. I found takers and I found haters too. My college folks found me weird when I talked about the inside stuff, i.e. engine related when I practically didn't have a car. I begun to long for a car. It was the only thing I wanted.

I turned 18, and on my birthday, I asked my dad for a car. He refused on the same pretext, that I am alone and I dont require one minus the license part though. I wasn’t convinced. I cursed every guy with a car just because I dint have one. I began to get crazy about cars, mark my word 'crazy'! I observed 'every' car that passed past me and only wished it was mine. Every day I dreamt I had a car, me tuning and driving it. My mom came for a short visit to India and it was then that she observed the craze I got. We got through countless debates of why I couldn’t own a car, but never did I succeed. By now my mom, sister and jiju (brother-in-law) knew my undying love for cars and my ultimate passion. It was my jiju who always encouraged me never to let this passion die just on the thought of not owning a car.

Finally one day, my kinetic broke down badly and now it was time for a new vehicle. This was my time, I tried hard to convince my dad for a car over a bike. Tried every possible reason, be it pollution, safety, whatever, you name it! I tried everything. Mom tried too, and to a certain extent, he was convinced. He agreed. This time, I was not able to find the right car (too short time and had 2 months of exams including finals). You won’t believe me but I went test driving cars having my final exam physics paper the next day. I spoke to many Tbhp members related to finding the right car instead of studying. Well let me make one point clear, I did not neglect my studies, I never let my studies get affected by the other passions I have. So finally exams were over and I just had just 2 days to fly to Kuwait for my holidays and I still did not find any car. Decided upon returning back this June 25th and resuming my search. But on reaching here, the situation is completely changed!

Dad refuses to get me a car now. He thinks me being all alone there, if I get into any mess, there is noone to help me out. Problems are inevitable, and these problems are prone on a bike also, but he is fixed upon not getting me a car. He slowly even saw the fetish I have developed for cars, but no, this didn't help him change his mind. He is set upon getting me a car only after three years when I move abroad. I am in a totally confused state now! Sleepless nights, I just stand in my balcony and stare at the highway daily watching the cars zoom past. Considering the fact that I need to move around in a bike is not able to be digested by me, not at all! I cant see my friends who know no crap about cars apart from ABC (Acc, Brake,Clutch), driving to college and mocking at me. Its not that I want to showoff but I feel things are so unfair with me, I deserve a chance, I deserve a car, for the love and passion I have, its the least I deserve! Am really sad by the very thought of not having a car. And things are only getting worse when now me knowing about cars, am getting to see even more exotic cars here! Wish this was mine, wish that was mine! I will be visiting all the car showrooms in a weeks time and having a day out with the Ferraris, Porsches, Chevys, Hummers, etc. Yes! even without knowing how to drive a car properly! This is the love I have for cars, undying love! I still don't have a car to call my own. I may not drive as good as many out there, but one thing I can say, I love cars, I understand what goes into taking care of one, I just need an opportunity, if I get one, theres no turning back, I will take care of it even more than myself! No second thought!

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I feel you, man . Usually emphasizing the safety aspect of 4 wheels vs. 2 wheels is what works. Esp. as you are alone here, they will need to have peace of mind when they are in another country, right?
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Looking at the symptoms, I'd say it is a crush or infatuation more than love.

Your dad may have his reasons, he may be right or wrong, but it is his call for now. Most of us have gone through the same phase, I know it can be very frustrating. But someday you will look back and laugh at it, I have.

Right now my son is going through the same phase regarding bay blade stadium.
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Default My craze....

Dude Been There Done that.... Lemme tell how I got my Zen... Which I still Drive...

The life started the same... Saudi Arabia- Dad's Big Chevy Celebrity and small and cute Honda accord..- Used to sit on dad's lap and touch the steering Look at all other cars.. CRESSIDAS, CROWNS, and all.. Almost same lile yours

Well then times changed.. Dad lost his job.. came to India.. He was busy settling down and constructed a house and all.. No car... till we are settled.. was tough for a kid who used to see a lot of Colorful cars everyday and used to love cars... Used to admire My Cousin's NISSAN BLUEBIRD... that only looked different from the amby's and padminni's..

Time went on.. Took Mech Engineering for the love of autos',.. Dad bought a zen..."99 VX.. the first real car I drove on... Loved each moment in the car.. Used to from college during the weekends was only to drive that.... Was in love with it... Was obsessed.. even walking was like driving it... In the footpath I used to think that The guy walking in front of me is a lancer, Cielo, or Esteem ( based on his size) and me the Zen.. I used to mutter .. Now I downshift to Third.. Jump into the over taking lane.. Viola.. nowover took it... Well life still went on.. never knew that dad and mom were noticing it.......

Well got a job.... in a auto company.. Then I thought.. Now itz the time.. started getting hard earned money.. Salary looked big on paper.. But wasn't enough for cars.. tried saving for an year but nothing worked.. the salary was just on paper.... And I wanted a Zen...

Then one day mom to stay with me... She was amazed to see the pics of that '99 Zen all over my room.. I call her Christine.. Brochures of the Zen from RNS... Quotes from True value Outlets... She asked me whether I was crazy.. I told.. Mom I need a zen.. I'm in love with it...

Well mom went back home and persuaded dad..... to give away his Zen and but a new Esteem.. So I n 2005 jan 1st Christine came to My life... On jan 1st night I slept in her I my car porch..

Well now the tone of the story changes.. after getting her.. became soo paranoid.. Installed an auto cop... Then came hassles of parking.. parking in office and my apartment.. Insurance transfers.. Paper work.. Lifts to friends, petrol bills. Was like a love affair and a marriage.... Never took the long drives which were much dreamed about because of the fear of scorching her.. ...racking up too many miles so that she gets some wear and tear,... Never took her to bangalore city in fear of auto's scratching her...

Daily used that for Office and back.. once in while on bangalore.. only on Sundays when the traffic is less... Sometimes to pubs... and then I can't drink because Christine is there... and I've to drive her...

And I stil maintain her stock because thatz how I fell in love with her..

Then on 26th oct 2006 had a major accident.. The car was in the service station for a month.. Used to go to the service station everyday like a great friend was in the hospital... piad everything in full in advance and told him I want the car back.. whatever be it... (The cash was on a loan).. the guy did fast service.. whether he cheated me or not.. I dunno.. but there are rattles...and some vibrations..

Then had an extensive discussion with my Girlfriend... Sort of realized that is Just a car... Itz nothing... Itz more headaches if you are obsessive about it.. It just a thing like your phone or your tooth brush.. you buy the style you want...and after sometime you've to give it away.. the obsession has to wear off.. if you keep dreaming cars.. then you are wasting your time.. there are lot of things to be done meanwhile.. Everything is okay if within a healthy extent...
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Originally Posted by hydrashok View Post
I feel you, man . Usually emphasizing the safety aspect of 4 wheels vs. 2 wheels is what works. Esp. as you are alone here, they will need to have peace of mind when they are in another country, right?
I would second this! Used the same argument to upgrade my ride while in college and it actually does make a lot of sense - win win situation
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Am really sad by the very thought of not having a car.
Dont be. Since you are all of 19, I only have this to say : Get yourself a great education. And then work the hardest & smartest that you can. A nice car will become a reality sooner than you know it.

All of us have our motivations to work hard, and each petrol-head has some car that he aspires to own one day.

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Arrey bhai jaan, abhi toh shuruaat hain. Which is why the Swift I drive is still my father's Swift. Soon, there will be a day when I will buy a car with my hard earned money, and that will be my car! And I will be happiest. And I secretly aspire to own a Porsche by 30, could be the 914 for all I care. Of course if Mumbai University has its way, I will still be studying till I am 30.
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Great one!!! Mirrors the thought of every TBHPian. When I bought my first car, I really wished I were in college again. Putting loud music, driving around the campus, impressing that girl who never gave the nod!!

Then as we grow up, we become more practical and sensible (we think). the fun part is almost lost!!

But I still have secret dreams of getting an EVO imported..Don't know when
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dude I know the feeling........but it was not my dad who was against me driving his old JEEP to collage ,when he bought a new car for himself but my collage professors had a lot to do with, me not taking the jeep....... you know practicals are in their hands. So I had to settle for a 180 pulsar. and had to sell the jeep as no one used it when I was at collage.
But now it's a different story ......planning to buy my first car in couple of months.
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