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Guys, Call it fate or destiny or just a pure co-incidence ... but yesterday morning I got a call from a friend asking me if I knew of anyone who wud be interested in adopting a 4 month old , golden lab pup which ahd been found abondoned on the streets of Delhi . The lady who found him tried for 2 weeks to find the owner .. she put up posters and pics of him all over the area where he was found but no one cam eforward to claim him . She started looking for a home ... found one -- they returned it coz he is hyper active , she found someone else -- they returned him in 2 days for the same reason and then I got the call . I said I knew someone who was looking for such a dog .... and that someone was ' ME ' !!!

Fixed up with the lady who had the pup .. went over to meet him at 10 pm last night and he instantly fell for me and me for him !! As was the case with Shadow .. undernourished seemed to be the key here as well . Anyways , put him in the Bolero ..rather he jumped in rather happily -- plonked himself on the rear seat as if it was made just for him . Nobody knew at home so when he strutted in and straight onto the coffee table .... a few surprised faces were everywhere .

The big test was obviously Shadow ... which we thought wudn't be a problem as he is best friends with teh neighbors golden lab of the same age . But to our UTTER SHOCK .. Shadow attacked him !!! Got them to separate .. and try and be friends but Shadow wud have none of it , and I called up the lady to say -- I was sorry but I had to bring him back as Shadow mite injure him . My dad and wife refused to let me take him back , dad put him in his room and went to sleep .... obviously locked the door just incase I decided to take him back . Under such pressures there was no way I was gonna take him back and I passed out hoping tomorrow wud be a new day and maybe they do become friends .

Thsi mrning they kinda did become friends for a few hrs .... but at about 11 the pup ( not named yet ) by mistake went to drink water from Shadows bowl , and that was it --- Shadow went ballistic !! But by now the status us back to normalcy ..... not best friends but not enemies either , so I guess hes here to stay for good . Will take him for his course of injections in a bit plus teh de worming , a nice anti tic bath and a name !!

Heres what he looks like ... I have a feeling he will grow up to be a beautiful dog !!!

He's the same as Duke ... looks to be a mix of a Labrador and some desi dog except that Duke was Black and hes golden . Hope hes as smart as our Duke . !!

Cheers ...

Ps -- Btw , I had been warned that he is a destructive guy ... and doesnt listen at all !! So far hes damaged nothing .... as for listening , in less than 12 hrs he knows that the kitchen is outta bounds ... the beds are outta bound till asked to come up ..... and a ' NO ' means a 'NO ' !!! So I think either they understand me more than they understand others , seems my doggie traits get th epoint across pretty well .. ;-)

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hes cute
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He is so adorable. Brings back memories of my Justy's chilhood days. Congo on the new member to the family
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Khaadu - I'm very glad abt this lovable new addition to your family.
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Khaadu god will bless you for what you're doing for these speechless creatures. I love animals too and it brings a tear in my eye when someone is so loving to them. I can see that you're a good soul!!
The labs adorable. Good to know the staus quo between him and your other pet. Things will become allright in a few days. Take care and all the best my kind hearted friend..
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Khaadu congrats on your new addition to your family, he looks cute.
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You are a good man !!! BTW he looks very lovable, I feel these speechless creatures just bring out the best in us ( they make us better human beings ).
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Today I went thru the whole thread...... and was I happy for you when I read post no 47.. he is jus so cute!
i know it feels sad to loose someone.. m using the word "someone" for obvious reasons. the bonding that can take place between a person and a pet can be too much..
we had a field spanial (the little dogs with long ears..).. he died just after his first bday.. i was around 10-12yrs old at that time n cried..

anyways, when will u be takin him up there to HP?
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Originally Posted by BunnyPunia View Post

anyways, when will u be takin him up there to HP?
Dunno man ... I havnt been up there myself in ages ( atleast seems like it ) .. but definitely will when I go up next !!! The Bolero has enuff space for the two of them .. my wife and myself !!!

And guys ... I aint no angel ..... the day I dream of is when I have acres and acres of land where I can get all the cows that roam the countryside having been abandoned by their owners .... What makes it even sadder is that our country is meant to have Cows as our Gods but it doesn't matter when they left on their own . The same person will be the first to come charging if I dare to kick a cow or maybe strike down a cow accidently with my car ..... I feel that its so sad that our countrymen are such big HYPOCRITES !!!!

I dream of having a huge tract of land .. where the cows can graze without being disturbed or having to eat plastic from rubbish bins and having people chase them or send them to the slaughterhouses --- but then I guess its a dream --- does anyone have a 100 acres lying around -- No one in this country will donate it for such a cause , not even the most devout of Hindu's !!

I dont see this dream happening unless I win Kaun Banega Crorepatti 15 ( maybe they have 30 crores as prize money ) !!!


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dude i have been through this once, and i know how it feels, but really glad to know that you have got a new member in your family.
God bless you and all your pets.
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Congrats, mountain boy! Thats a really cute looking lab indeed.
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Cute guy, but he requires some fattening up. Labs look cute when they are slightly plump. In any case, congrats; he looks an absolute darling.

Regarding the go-ashram, there is one such set up in Gujarat. Run by a farmer. I like my steak, but I share your sentiments about the hypocritical treatment of cows. In addition, you should see the way elephants are treated.
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Old 19th July 2007, 22:16   #58
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dont worry khaadu, im sure once Shadow nd your new pup sit down nd talk (perhaps over a kingfisher) theyll become friends.

PS- I really love the way you take care of animals, hope your dream of the animal farm comes true some day.
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Heartfelt condolences to those who have lost pets.. Khaadu, N-C..and the rest.

Pets have such a wonderful role to play. They seem to stay happy always, and hardly expect anything from you. All they need a bit of your time,and lots of love. The unconditional love they have for others, is something no one can explain.

Here's to all the lovely little pets we have, and a special toast to the ones lost.
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Khaadu, he looks so adorable and naughty yaar. Look at those eyes man, so cuteee. Hats off to you buddy for taking care of Man's best friend.

btw - we have one abondoned cutie at our factory , named (you wont beleive it) Shahrukh - purely because of his entertaining abilities. He is so lovable and makes all laugh with crazy antics. Will post pictures in the other thread.
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