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Smile Server bole tho.... (those good ol college days..)

Server Bole tho!!!

First year was the most hectic year in my engineering academic life. On one side I was about to leave Physics and Chemistry forever and on other side I was about to join the geek world.

Scene: First year computer practical exam.
Venue: Computer Lab
Time: The worst possible time...Around 12 o’clock.

The last day of my first year exams and the biggest mountain is still not conquered - “Computer Practical”.

The only thing I learned in last one year is to differentiate between a CPU and a monitor. This is the only true knowledge I have about this subject.

Let me look at the search and sort program again.
Scanf then printf….Oops…printf then scanf… # include iostream.h…#include conio.h…clrscr()
Oh...God...I wish that share folder still exists… I hope the netsend command still works.
God...Help me… main ()…curly brackets open….

Oops !! There he is, the most brilliant student of our class Janeesh K.J , the one who asked doubt to our Mechanical faculty on the first day itself. A tough question “Sir, is it possible to store data on WordStar instead of Access “.

Ghosh!!! What’s WordStar?? What’s Access?? I am going to fail.
He looks too cool. Boy…5 more minutes left... C came after B…now we have C++ and VC++…C was discovered/invented (not sure) by Dennis Richie….

I can hear one of the gal asking Janeesh “What’s ANSI C ?”
Oops...I don’t know even that...Probably discovered by Ancy… so C was discovered by both Dennis and Ancy… might be husband - wife.

Here comes the lab assistant. “Guys get in!!!”

So at last the time has come. Utmost one more supplementary. Huh!!! Karthik …you have been through these situations now and then … bravo...Come on!!!!

I entered the lab with shaking hands...legs…entire body...

Oh that’s my system!!!! It’s still vacant…my shared drives…. Ha ha ha ..great

“Hey…take this system…sit according to your roll number” (In came the voice of lab assistant)

What the…H*%$ is it….?

Hey even this system is far from the faculty’s desk. This is great.

“Now !! turn over the sheet of paper on your desk, you have to complete the task in 3 hours. First write down the algorithm and then start doing the program.”

So...This is it… Come on…let’s see what’s in there….

Write a program to sort N natural numbers in ascending order and then perform search operation.
(PS: Use Bubble sort and binary search).

Nice question the one I have mugged up. Take this Compy – Dompy…
#include iostream.h…#include conio.h..main()….

Its’ over and still plenty of time left. Let me see what others are doing. Oh !! God they all are gone. Was this paper that easy!!

“Karthik are you finished with the work?”
“Yes Mam”
“OK !! show me the output”
“Here it is...” ..Ctrl+F9

“Okay..that looks okay..it could have been better…you should add comments where ever possible…”…bla bla bla..and one more bla….
Oh !!! she is gone….hmmm..she will never get satisfied…anyways..It’s over…

I started going towards the door

“Karthik !!! where r u going? Come over here. You still have VIVA left.”

Huh !!! Not again !!!

“Please sit “
“Thank you “

“Okay !! Tell me..What is a computer”
‘A computer is an electronic device…….tttttrrrrrrrrrrppppppp”..
I am the best..I am the best..I am the best.. Yah I am best

“What r macros?”
Did she hear me saying I am the best…

“What r libraries”

“What are command line arguments?”
‘Don’t know’

“What are inbuilt functions?”
‘Can u please repeat the question……’
Are these questions from Computer Science!!!! Huh !!!

“Okay one last question…Show me where is the server in our lab”
Hmmm….Server is something big…yah it’s very big….bigger than CPU and monitor…now I have to find where it is….hmmm…
not that…that’s a switch board…not even that...that’s AC….hmmmm…which one is the server…..Oopps…that’s her again…

“Hey !!! Stop revolving in your chair and tell me..Which is the server?”
Hey that looks like a server….
’There it is’.…(pointing hand towards the UPS, but the faculty thought Karthik was pointing towards the system..kept on the table )

“Good…Why didn’t you tell me earlier if you knew that? Actually no one answered it correctly...Good keep it up”
“Thank you mam..thanks a lot…”

Yahoooo…..last ball..sixer..yipeeee………………….

From then on I never looked back, within hours I became the hero of the class. People started coming to me with their doubts.
I cleared all their doubts. Even that svelte gal came and asked “What’s ANSI C ?”. Till date she thinks Richie and Ancy are husband and wife.

Ps: I didnt pen this down, all I did was format it. One of my friends had send this over today morning.... had a good time laughing, and some good time going down the memory lane.
So thought, why not share it with you all....
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Fantastic Spinerr.. I could get all those old memories - and laughed my heart out. unfortunately, i was a Comp Sc student and had to go through this for all 8 semesters :(
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LOL made for a good 2 mins laughing exercise .
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Got this as a fwd. Made for some good reading.
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That was one nice writeup and made me remember one of my practical exam. It was Electronics Circuits -II. I had all the circuits mugged up. I got an experiment for Oscillator. Yeah its easy, I know the circuit connections, I thought, and wrote all the possible things about the Oscillators and the circuit diagram and shown it to the examiner. He looked at it and said Okay, go get the components and connect the circuit. Well, there's it. I knew I was correct, I said to myself.
So I collect all the components and connect the circuits. Rechecked it before switching on the power supply. Then I switch on the power supply and look at the CRO.
I was stunned for a minute, what went wrong I thought as the output didn't show up on the CRO. Turned the CRO knobs in all possible ways and even hit it 2 - 3 times (Thats how we used to work with the CRO if it didn't show up the correct result ). But still it refused. Now I started to sweat. Got the IC checked, it was working correctly. Replaced the resistors, but still it doesn't work. Now I was really getting nervous. Looked around, I found a friend, showed him the circuit and asked if it was correct. He said yes it is.
Then again played with the circuit for some more time but still didn't get the output.
Now I really got worried, prayed to my favourite God, and by taking his name (Jai Hanuman), I rotate the knob of the power supply this time, casually, to increase the voltage. The next thing I saw on the CRO was a good old Sine wave. Waaaaaaaaaw, I got the output at last. Showed it to the examiner immediately, he was satisfied. Got out of the exam as soon as possible.
Needless to say I went straight to the Hanuman Mandir from there
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Since we're talking about memorable college days, here's one from me, from my engineering days.

Microprocessor practicals, and i knew there was no way i was going to be able to manage to code on the spur of the moment. As is the norm under such cases, decided to mug up some of the more popular topics, which were highly probable. Mind you, some of these programs go upto 500 lines or so, which need to be fed into the microprocessor memory and then executed. When i recieved my topic, i was relieved. It was among those which i had crammed.

With a smile on my face, i proceeded to enter in the codes of the program from memory. My memory didnt desert me, and the codes kept flowing and the smile on my face was just getting broader. Once i was done with the coding, decided to take a deep breath and then execute it.

I pressed the switch for the same, and waited. No response ! Again.. and the same result !! Now, i began to panic. Panic turned to frustration. I couldnt figure out what had gone wrong.. Went through the entire code once again. It all seemed right. I was crestfallen.

Mentally, i prepared myself for the low practical marks which i was to receive. All my grades and average would take a hit. I was lost, and life seemed to slip through my fingers.

A sudden hunch, and i decided to explore the other memory contents of the microprocessor. Suddenly i hit upon a section of code which looked familiar, and which was stored in some other memory location. My spirits were up. Someone who had used this device before me hadnt erased his code, and neither had the lab assistant. I quickly copied this code to my location, and then executed it. It worked !! What glory... what bliss.. life now had meaning.

I showed the output to the external invigilator and then left the hall.
It was after all, my lucky day. Time to rejoice.
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Simply wonderful !!! Had me smiling throughout and it was pure ' DejaVu '

We have all come across through such phases in our lives ( good ole days ). I sometimes now think that I banged my head so much studying all this and what use did it come to me ??

Here I am selling shoes in the UK market and no one cares what is C++ or whatever.

I am sure many of our friends and mates who have entered the computer fields - may have found all this useful .. heheheh
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So quiet a lot of us can relate this to our very own college days. Had been forwarding this the whole of yesterday, and most of them replied back with some experience, some prank that they had played or with something or the other… this article took most of them down the memory lane…

Man, now I want to really meet the guy who had penned this down, a simple incident, but it took us all to our labs… simply awesome.

BTB, have noticed something else, this doesn’t make any sense to the non CompSi guys or at least the ones with whom I had shared this, didn’t even smile. Not even a crack…

Last edited by Rehaan : 6th September 2007 at 12:02. Reason: tags removed
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Fantastic guys. Keep them comming.
Oh those engineering days .... I just love it
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I had this experience during my college days.
Had gotten a simple program and in my hurry I wrote a program using a different algorithm and executed it correctly. Later the examiner showed my mistake and asked me to try it with another approach.

Ok this is when my memory and all my knowledge failed me because I was already in the mood to get out of college and back to my house.
I sat down and started cracking my head to no avail. My 3 hrs was coming to an end. Finally my examiner asked me whether i have completed or not. I said grimly No i am getting some incorrect output. She asked me to show the same and went to look at others results.

By then I dont know what hit me, I swapped the program which i have coded earlier with this one and compiled and showed the ouptut. Thank god she didn't check the program after that and I received max marks for that.
Came out of the Lab sweating and thanking all gods i have known.
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