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Old 30th October 2007, 15:58   #16
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I admire your courage buddy, for stepping in to help someone whom you dont know. I dont think i would be able to do the same.

As the others mentioned, there is a risk factor associated with the same too.
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Originally Posted by humyum View Post
.....The old guy to my amazement gets up.Wipes all the dust from his clothes and walks away as if nothing happened.He looked at me and did not even say a thanks.
Meanwhile this thief starts walking away givin me a cold stare and ranting dekh lunga tere ko bla bla..!!

After this incident i think i m never helping anyone. The old man walked away without even a 'thank you'.....I atleast expected the old guy to say a thank u.Now thats not much to expect is it?
Karmanye va Adhikaraste' Ma Phaleshu Kadhachana

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Good job dude, ur kind act will not go unnoticed
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good one.

If I was directing a movie like this, i would replace the calculator with a roadside brick, or may be bare hand punch.

breaking a scitific calculator....ouch.
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Old 30th October 2007, 19:02   #20
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BRAVO humyum! You did the right thing, I feel it takes a lot of guts no matter how old or thin the opponent is. Especially when it's about this gunda lot, you never know how many turn up from 'god knows where' to take on you.

Don't be ridiculous to regret what you did, I'm sure the old man was too stunned and disoriented to say anything and felt it was best to vamoose!
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Thats some good courage displayed dude, hats off to you

But the whole naration makes me wonder if the old guy was really innocent. I mean you never know just because some one is shabbily dressed you cant call them thieves !!
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Old 30th October 2007, 19:18   #22
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good job man! Such guys deserve the beatdown of the century, I hate such excuses in the name of youth. He needed much more than a bleeding nose by the public, but you had the courage to save him.
God Bless.
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Old 30th October 2007, 19:48   #23
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Way to go,humyum! I think this is a fine example of a person going out of his/her way to help another person in trouble. Its really commendable.

For what ever reasons the youngster kept hitting the old man,I don't think anything justifies the fact that a chunk of people stood around and watched the 'tamaasha'. And only 1 person dares to confront the youngster,irrespective of the fact that at that point he didn't know who was at fault.

I've seen it here in the US a few times. People get into a brawl,but 99% of the time people jump in and separate them,and get them to talk things out and sort it out then & there.
Anyway..God forbid,things could have gone out of hand if humyum hadn't diverted things.
Hope you aren't badly hurt,humyum! Take care,and get well soon.
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Old 30th October 2007, 20:02   #24
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You've just been a good soul mate.

Sometimes our moral fibre needs to get shaken up. You did what your spirit wanted you to do - and you did well. Extremely well, i'd say.

The pace of life in today's circumstances does make most of us numb to external sentiments.

Cheers to you, though.
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Old 30th October 2007, 20:03   #25
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atleast u saved him forget Thanks or any other formalities which happens mostly in movies. maybe u broke ur calculator today but God will gift u something more worthwhile in future dont worry
& Thanks for saving that old man not many got that kind of courage to save someone.
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Old 3rd November 2007, 18:46   #26
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Its for these situations why i carry my handy swiss army knife with me..you never know..
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