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View Poll Results: How do you drive?
Very mild. U drive to make others' life easy 2 1.75%
Normal mild. Calm and composed, come what may! 48 42.11%
Aggressive. U like racing with taxi drivers 19 16.67%
Very aggressive. Taxi drivers are scared of you 12 10.53%
Choose your own style. 33 28.95%
Voters: 114. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 9th April 2005, 12:58   #31
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I drive my own way and if anybody messes with me they will be sorry.
But generally, whenever i drive, i do so cautiously and give all my signals
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Old 9th April 2005, 13:19   #32
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Originally Posted by lamborghini
I drive my own way and if anybody messes with me they will be sorry.
But generally, whenever i drive, i do so cautiously and give all my signals
But you are still way under age.....
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Old 9th April 2005, 13:47   #33
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Originally Posted by ported_head
But you are still way under age.....
hmmm... i should have added the "Not Eligible" option to the poll... darn!
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Old 21st April 2005, 23:34   #34
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Normal mild.
Even on Express Highway with Honda Accord! :(

any grandmother would overtake me on any given day
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Old 21st April 2005, 23:47   #35
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i have my own style of driving..depends on the situation..i could be calm and cool..and if the situation is worse..i could as well be aggressive....adrenalin rush'es to my foot..and the next moment..i get to see everyone in my rear view....
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Old 22nd April 2005, 01:47   #36
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I'm a mix of option 2 and 4... ... and that makes me select option 5 :
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Old 26th April 2005, 13:42   #37
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I would say I fluctuate between option 2 (normal mild) and 3 (aggresive).
Since my car is fairly new I tend to be #2 thesedays and when out with family....when I'm alone maybe I do get aggressive....sometimes
On long trips and highways I am a fast but safe driver..ie I don't let slow vehicles hang about in front of me but I do not take stupid risks either.
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Old 26th April 2005, 15:52   #38
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Hmmm im a born again driver, in the city, and am Very Mild.

90% of the time, im very mild, like:
- stopping for women and children to cross the road
- stick to 30-40kmph
- Stick to my own lane and if there is an obstacle in my lane slow down/ stop rather than cutting into another lane
- horn? whats that now??? dont think i have one on my car ;-)

BUT, if someone tries to cut into my lane, in a jam, i will do most things possible to keep him/ her from cutting in. on the road if someone cuts in, i over take and cut back in front of him/ her to prove a point (???). after that i calm down and go back to my very mild self :-D

the other 10% im in a boy racer mode. dont get into races with other cars, but drive fast and hard, with the gears shifting only after 6k on the tacho and never really getting into the 4th gear.

On the open road, i like to drive hard. these days, however, i do get into the 4th and the occassion 5th gear. but avoid racing situations....
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Old 26th April 2005, 22:42   #39
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Dude, Dciete... what car do you drive...? How can you resist putting the engine over, what, 1000rpm in EACH GEAR??!!!
I cannot resist the temptation of overtaking a Lancer with a loud muffler in my City by flicking from 4th to 3rd and revving it till I smoke the guy like he was beef at a bar-b-que...!!
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Old 26th April 2005, 23:08   #40
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I am a mild driver. My driver charecteristics are same as the first half of Rahulmd's post. But I use horn alot. Thats the only way to remind the autos, go no where bikers and oldies with their Padminis that they don't belong to middle lane. I try to take an uncrowded route even if it is couple of KMS more. I love pushing my Palio in to corners. In cities I like to drive at 60-80 in fifth gear and some good Jazz.

So far I did not do much highway driving. But whenever there is a chance, I love pushing the car across 100.
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Old 25th October 2011, 13:32   #41
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Cool What kind of driver are you?

In general, what kind of driver are you? Let's find out from our T-BHPians. Tell us what you generally are. Don't consider those certain situations where you might go one type or the other.


1. Sedated, defensive, calm, indifferent: In short, you take care of yourself, the passengers and your beloved like a baby. You are not really bothered about other drivers bossing around, or driving rashly. You are also not much worried about reaching your destination on military time (save for those certain situations). You give way to rash drivers, smiling and thinking: "Why the hell does he have to drive that way? Hope he drives safe for the rest of his journey." You also are on the constant watch out on the road so you don't hurt anyone or no one hurts you or your beloved.

2. Considerate: you have a brain that works so you know that the road is for everyone to use, so there is no harm in letting go. You sense a driver's need for space ahead and you either slow down or move faster ahead. Basically, making sure other driver's also have their fair share of the road.

3. Offensive, rash: the most hated category. Complete opposite of the above two kinds.

4. Spirited, but not inconsiderate or rash: probably the best of the breed of drivers and a skill perfected over years of driving, this is a mix of speed, considerate and defensive driving, employing a level-head during every minute of your journey.

As my signture states, I am a defensive and considerate driver and an advocate of the same.

So, what are you? I would love to hear about everyone's style of driving and the principles they generally follow. If your style is not listed above, choose "Other" and please explain in your comment.

Cheers, drive safe and have a wonderful Diwali, everybody!

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Old 25th October 2011, 13:54   #42
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Default Re: What kind of driver are you?

In most cases, I would consider myself to be a spirited driver, however, for the most part, I try my best to be considerate towards fellow users. trust me, on Bangalore roads, this is itself a task. However, I cannot deny that there have been odd instances where I have let anger or irritation get the better of me and I have, albeit for a brief period, resorted to rash or inconsiderate driving, purely aimed at teaching somone else a lesson. In retrospect, these are not situations one is proud of, but then young blood has its pitfalls I suppose.

However, as I grow older and with more thousands of kilometers under my belt, I can sense that my driving style has evolved to a greeat extent, where, when the roads allow, I do drive fast, but not at the cost of jeopardizing my machine, or my safety, or the safety of others. In almost all cases, I draw a line where 'fast' borders on the 'rash'- in my opinion, a very very important distinction, which often gets subsumed one into the other.

A petrol head will always like a bout of redlining, and quick driving, but as I have realised, that can be done in an appropriate manner, considering the safety of myself, and others at all times.

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Old 25th October 2011, 14:16   #43
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Default Re: What kind of driver are you?

Problem is, I will assume that I drove in a "spirited" fashion at a strech of road when I'm in the mood. But to someone else, that would constitute rash driving.

For instance, have you ever noticed how tough it is to sit on a passenger seat when someone indulges in "sprited" driving? although we ourselves might have easily driven in the same manner knowing that we are in control, but the heart beats much faster in that pasenger seat knowing things are not in our control.

My point being, I don't think most individuals will be able to answer this question objectively. They perhaps need to ask the people around them and then tick the right box
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Old 25th October 2011, 14:21   #44
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Default Re: What kind of driver are you?

Voted for Sedate & Considerate. I mainly oscillate between these two. In an empty stretch of the road is when I might think of raising the speed OR may be the same road can give me a sense of calm to be a sloth

Reason for this behaviour, for me Car is supposed to take me from Point A to Point B.


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Old 25th October 2011, 14:27   #45
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Default Re: What kind of driver are you?

Do you really see someone positioning themselves as "Offensive, rash"?
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