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Default YetiBlog® - Tales -2 - The King and Black Label

Captains Stardate: 30th October 2007

I'm on my way to New Delhi. Accompanying P and K from my company. P is from Germany and K from the UK. We're having a wonderful time. For both of them, it's a first visit to India.
Get past the culture shock and they love Indian people and their warmth.

The 3 of us are laughing and joking as we check into Kingfisher Airlines.
Girl-at-counter: Sir, do you have any liquids in your handbag.
Sam: No
K: Nope
P: No.

GAC: Have a pleasant flight Sir, thank you.

We walk to Sec check. I have my backpack, K has a backpack and P has his laptop leather bag. We're in line.
K: Bloody Hell. I forgot.
S: What?
K: I've got a bottle of whiskey in my bag. It's the one P and I bought at the duty-free.
S: You're serious?
K: Yeah. Now what?
S: We can go back...
K: Naah, not worth it. Shall I take it out now? Dump it quietly somewhere?
S: No, leave it in. Maybe they won't spot it.
K: And if they do? Will I get into trouble? Be in Indian jail or something.
S: No no, they'll take the bottle. Tops.
K puts his bag in the Xray. S and P are through. K is through butttt...

Officer in charge: Sir, this your bag?
K: Umm.. yes
OIC: Open please. You have liquor bottle.
K: Oh do I? Oh. I'm sorry officer I must have forgotten. Silly me, heh heh.
K takes it out. P and I are watching quietly.

K: Well here it is, haha. Nervous laugh.
OIC: I see. Now you must go back and give it to check in counter.
K: Go back?
OIC: Yes, you go back and give it to check in counter. They will check in for you.
K: But I don't want to go back. It's just a bottle of whiskey. Can I leave it here?
OIC: Leave it?? Confused. Leave it here? Not take with you?
K: Yes. You keep it, destroy it.
OIC: But it is Black label! More confused look.
OIC: No sir, why waste? You take it to Kingfisher they will check in for you.
K: But...

Now the German speaks. Give us 4 glasses and we can all finish it here.

OIC:Now aghast. Not allowed!!
P: OK 3 glasses them. We'll finish it here.
Nervous laugh. P, you can't drink here.
OIC looks at me. Sir, inko samjhaiye, kyun waste kar rahe hai. 5 minute lagega.

says I, let me do it. I'll take it back with me. You wait for me. Are you sure? Yes.

I walk back to the counter. Go to the same lady.

S: Miss? I'm sorry, but we have this bottle.
GAC: Sir, I asked you!
S: I know I'm sorry, my fault. What can we do now? Can you put this in a plastic bag and check it in?
GAC: But it will break!

I love Indians. Anywhere else in the world, this would not be their problem.
S: What now? Anyways, forget it. You keep it.
GAC: No sir, we will do something for you. Wait.
(Supervisor. Buzz buzz buzz. Whisper whisper.)
GAC: How about I get your bag back?
S: Well, OK. Sorry for this trouble. Here.
GAC: Which one of these 3 tags?
S: Shrug. I can only open one bag of these three. But I don't know which one is mine. Oh this is awful I'm so sorry.

GAC: OK. Smile. Relax.
(Walkie talkie, walkie talkie.)

15 minutes later, a golf cart is bringing back all 3 bags from the aircraft to me. I open mine, put the bottle in and she xrays it for me again.

Have a pleasant flight Sir.

We reach Delhi and drink to Kingfisher. And to the amazing CSIF. And to Indians as a people. K and P have never seen people that care so much.
After all it was only a bottle of whiskey. But in India it was BLACK label sir!

Dr. Mallya, I'll give it to you. Again. Your airline rocks!
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Now only if Mr. Mallya could do something about his *other* airline
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Very nice....Sam Bhai you must get a kingston lock for your berry.
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Your write up is amazing Sam and it makes me glued and yes of the present flying lot KF is far ahead and guess others can never match it, be it the glam dolls of flying or the service they render.
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Sam. ... that was a fantastic experience.
where is the third one?
We all love your tales , keep them coming.
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Always heard praise about Kingfisher airlines, but these two 'tales' are too good!
Sam Bhai - one word to describe your posts - FLUID. haha.
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So You're the one causing all these delays at the airport?

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Every blog, travelogue, guide is so wonderfully entertaining to read!

Excellent, as usual!

Sam, do you know I always make a few of my friends read along your write-ups every time I find something interesting? You have more fans than you know!
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@Sam: Those are some really nice experiences you had, Have you written to the Incharge for such good service?

As usual a great write up

Btw its Captain's Log Stardate: *****

@Thad E Ginathom : LOL
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Well sam that would be fun...4 of you drinking....CISF included....by the way why are all such experiences like sticking onto you!!!
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Originally Posted by 1self View Post
You are one LUCKY man maaaaaan!!
Lol sam. Third time lucky (fyi - sam lost 2 blackberrys before this divine intervention)

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Good job KF !!

If you guys were allowed to finish the bottle off right there,everyone would have had to say.. ' Sam Kapasi P(ee) K(ay) aaye..'
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thats a job well done by KF Airlines employeess
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Sam, thats a nice attitude by the KF people. I did not get my phone back when i just forgot it for few mins in my office restroom.

Last edited by satish_appasani : 7th December 2007 at 22:07.
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Default Good on ye!

"OIC looks at me. Sir, inko samjhaiye, kyun waste kar rahe hai. 5 minute lagega."

This gallant OIC sure does have his priorities in the right place! As does the KF girl!

Sam, I had worked with EasyJet ( ground handling), I can promise you that you wouldn't find such service standards with them or elsewhere in Europe!...For sure our service standards could give the best a run for their money...and WIN!

P.S: Thoroughly enjoyed another of your write-ups,Cheers mate.
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