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View Poll Results: Do you always pay the fine?
Yes I do 32 37.21%
No I prefer to bribe 23 26.74%
I always talk my way out with the cop 22 25.58%
I used to bribe but no longer do 10 11.63%
I have never been held yet for a traffic offense 13 15.12%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 86. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31st January 2008, 10:58   #16
Senior - BHPian
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If i need to stick at my point then i pay fine


try to talk my way,if not workable i pay fine
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:06   #17
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A tough question to answer. If you are ready to pay the fine the cops try to include offences which you really dint commit and try to make you pay more fine. I have been caught twice so far for no mistake of mine and i had to bribe them just to let them go off!
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:07   #18
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i just want to get out of the situation as early as possible..the less cost, the merry..less hasslefree even merrier
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:14   #19
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i dont preffer to bribe and please note this is not a justification to my act of bribing, but if you get your license 'zapt' by the traffic cops you have to go to the court to get it relieived or go to the main office and get it relieved, that is a lot of pain and a lot of time wastage . . so i try to see i have all my papers in tact, no breaking traffic rules and if by mistake i jump a signal and if i am caught . . i do bribe.
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:16   #20
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Encountered four ocassions so far in my 4 years of driving. On the first count, i didn't have my license at that time. I was let go on bribing Rs 50 to a constable at Ameerpet X Rds. The bad luck was my bike's fuel came to reserve level and engine got switched off at Junction. Second time i forgot to take my license from car and was riding my bike and was caught late night at 12:30 AM IST at Sec'bad X Rds. Third time, it was my friends doing triple riding and none of them had the license and the bike was also a new one and were caught near my home and had to bribe Rs 200~300 (don't remember exact amount). Fourth time, i forgot the license again and was caught by some Cops from Crime dept and then i had PUC and Insurance and other docs but my License and RC were in car again and i spoke to him and made my way out without fine or bribe. Damn i forget these stuff a lot. I made up my mind to photocopy all the required docs and put a copy in bike , car and one in my wallet so i would never have to face such situations again.

Voted for both:

I always talk my way out with the cop
I used to bribe but no longer do

EDIT : Congrats to myself on reaching 100th post

Last edited by TrueDreamer : 31st January 2008 at 11:19. Reason: Congrats to myself on reaching 100th post :p
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:27   #21
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So far I have always paid the fine and insisted on an official receipt
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:31   #22
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had been stopped many times-everytime i had all papers,but on two unfortunate occasions i was caught jumping the signal- once at khairatabad signals(was following a car ,didnot check out if amber turned into red),constable stopped me and pestered for sometime. I tried to explain the situation but he didnot hear, paid some rs.40 of loose change and got away.
Second time it was obviously my fault as I failed to notice the amber going to red, pulled off the road when the constable blocked the way;again some rounds of reasoning(argument)-again paid rs.50. Then onwards made it a point to stop if signal is amber-even if drivers behind me are honking madly.
Recently took a u-turn and stopped by a constable, was surprised to know that u-turn is prohibited at that place. All i could notice is a no parking board and on advertisement board there. So i argued that its not my fault as there were no obvious signs instructing about u-turn-finally won my way out without any fine/bribe.
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Old 31st January 2008, 11:57   #23
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Once I was caught by the cops for parking my bike in a Bus Stand at around 12:30 AM. There were few others as well besides me. And as my bad luck had it, I was carrying an expired insurance document, the valid one was at home. I told him the truth and tried to convince, but he didn't agree and was kindaa rude. Meanwhile he was collecting 200 Rs (Bribe!) from others (who had some missing document) and letting them go. Somehow I decided to go home and get the document. After I brought the doc I had to wait at the Bus Stand till 2.30 AM for the guy to come back (He had gone from the scene for rounds). Shown him the doc and paid a fine of 100 collected the receipt for the same, and went back home with some proudness!.
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Old 31st January 2008, 12:25   #24
Team-BHP Support
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Earlier i used to be a fool, and insisted on a receipt when i paid a fine. Now i have become wiser, and prefer to talk my way out of it. If it doesnt work out, i smile and tell him this is for your chai-paani.

Am i ashamed of it? NO. Anyways, the money i pay as legal fines IMO never goes towards the upliftment of cops and maintenance of the police force. They somehow manage to go into someone else's coffer.

Awaiting my latest fine for allegedly jumping a red light (which was not switched on), but some cop decided to act smart, and noted my car's registration number.
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Old 31st January 2008, 12:27   #25
Senior - BHPian
simply_sunny001's Avatar
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i try to talk my way out of the situation and influence the traffic cops.

and its been only 1 over speeding challan in my whole driving career.

but if i have to pay then i would surely pay the challan rather than bribing the cops.
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Old 31st January 2008, 12:32   #26
ikoneer's Avatar
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I prefer to pay the fine, but due to lack of knowledge on the laws end up bribing. You should also have options like 'Do not want to bribe but forced to' etc.
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Old 31st January 2008, 12:35   #27
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I prefer to pay the fine and keep it straight
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Old 31st January 2008, 12:40   #28
Team-BHP Support
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Smaller offences, lately i have been stopped uselessly and i have spoken my way out teaching the cops quite a lesson.
If found guilty i prefer paying a fine, but there have been instances where a surprised cop has himself asked for some chai paani while refusing the fine, yup thats true.
Once, Rt and i were at a bike showroom, while my scorpio was parked along the roadside.
A tow-van comes, and the cop tells me how much traffic i have caused, and they've got a message from the control room, etc
Tells me the fine is Rs. 100, which i handover to him and ask for a challan for the same. He's all baffled by now, tells me no no, chai paani would suffice, so fo this i had to go to a paanwala around the corner, get some change, and handover 20 bucks to him. So much for the control room messages and the traffic i had caused!!

Greater, read larger offences, i bribe if i can't talk my way out.

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Old 31st January 2008, 12:49   #29
Team-BHP Support
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Except one occassion that im not particularly proud off, its been the fine for me.
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Old 31st January 2008, 13:05   #30
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Whatever is less... i know the fine is more so i pay the bribe... sorry, sometimes give away the license and keep riding on chalaan till the license reaches the traffic police head quarters, then pay to the fine to the Trafic Department.
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