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View Poll Results: Do you always pay the fine?
Yes I do 32 37.21%
No I prefer to bribe 23 26.74%
I always talk my way out with the cop 22 25.58%
I used to bribe but no longer do 10 11.63%
I have never been held yet for a traffic offense 13 15.12%
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Old 31st January 2008, 13:11   #31
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Depends, if im in a hurry to reach somewhere, i would pay the fine & be done with it.paying fine is easier & quicker.

if not i would bargain.highest bribe paid by me till date is Rs.50/- highest fine being Rs.400/- for talking on mobile.
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Old 31st January 2008, 13:36   #32
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It must have an option to say 'pay fine whenever possible'. I was caught only few times. I was harassed on one occasion and in other cases cops would try to harrass or sound threatening if I demand a chalan. In one exceptional case, I didn't have the insurance paper with me, right inside my layout road. I said I can get it from home right there in two mins. He insisted that I must have on spot. Ok. I begged for chalan as I had a baby with caretaker towards the end of the day. He said I would have to come to police station. Knowing it as near, I was ready and started with them. Just before we went out of layout, he started saying... 'you have a baby. We will be sinned and we will not promotions. You give something if you want or you can leave'. I didn't know how to handle this human and cop. I didn't have change and gave 100. I asked for 50 back if he could. He politely returned 50 and thanked me. That was really dramatic on the emotional side. I can never forget that.
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Old 31st January 2008, 15:21   #33
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Well i most most often bribe but i do not "prefer" to do so, nor am i very proud of that fact.
Most often i am compelled to bribe as the cops make false claims that fine cannot be paid on the spot, i will have to give him my license and go pay the fine at the RTO. In such cases i prefer to bribe than argue with the officer.
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Old 31st January 2008, 15:31   #34
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During my biking (BE, early career) days, it was a mix of the two - determined by which was lower, primarily due to my always-near-extinct financial status. These days, not that I own any mint, I insist paying the full official fine - which is exactly zero in my car, since I've not been involved in any offense till now (touchwood). During NY 06, coming back with a friend in his car with him driving after a naturally alcohol party at his house, we were pulled over and my friend slapped with a Rs 1500 judicial fine for drunken driving. I pitched in with Rs 700 which remains all the fine I've paid till now while in a car.
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Old 31st January 2008, 15:41   #35
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Default 2k fine for doing 120 on the highway

I paid a fine of 2k ,for doing 120 on a 80 zone,this was on the GT Karnal rd,Delhi.Was coming back from the raid.

Couldnt bribe my way out,which i usually do.
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Old 31st January 2008, 17:23   #36
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Originally Posted by Sahil View Post
Well i most most often bribe but i do not "prefer" to do so, nor am i very proud of that fact.
Most often i am compelled to bribe as the cops make false claims that fine cannot be paid on the spot, i will have to give him my license and go pay the fine at the RTO. In such cases i prefer to bribe than argue with the officer.

This is what i have encountered most of the times. The instant you agree to pay the fine they are like "No no ... Sirf fine nahi lagega... gadi bhi japt hogi and license bhi surrender karna hoga". The instant ur wallet opens and a 50 ruppee note pops put ..... " Is baar chod deta hoon next time se nahi chalega yeh" ( means next time he will demand Rs 100 ).
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Old 31st January 2008, 18:18   #37
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I bribed many years ago. But now i only pay fine if i am at fault.

Here is a short story. Once i was driving to a TBHP meet and another member aadix called me if i am coming to the meet. When i was briefly answering the phone, a cop jumped infront of my car and stopped me. Here is the conversation.

Cop: Show your license.
I remove my seatbelt, pull my wallet out and handover my license to him.
Cop: Ok, pull the car to the side.
After I pull my car to the side..
Cop: Not wearing seatbelt?
Me: Didn't you notice me removing it when handing the license to you.
Cop: You have to pay Rs.500 as fine.
Me. Fine, i will pay. No problems.
Cop: A better deal, bribe me.
Me: No way. I will pay only fine.
Cop: Wait for the Inspector to come. He is at the next signal. (He himself is an inspector)
I wait there for 5 mins. Then the cop again comes to me..
Cop: Still you have time. You can bribe me.
Me: no way.

Another 5 minutes pass and then the first cop comes to me with his subordinate.
Cop 1: He will take you to the next signal. Pay your fine to the inspector there.
Cop2 gets in to the car and i drive away.

Cop2: Why do you waste money? Let us drive back and bribe my sir.
Me: Why are you loosing your respect for the sake of few bucks? I don't want to bribe you.

Meanwhile i saw a biker driving rashly. I asked the cop why they don't stop bikers like that guy. He murmurs something.

We reach the next signal and the imaginary inspector is nowhere around.
Cop2: Let us go to station. You can pay the fine there.

When drivng to the station
Cop2: Bribe us.
Me: No way.
Cop2: Then stop the car here. Give me your license number and we will send challan to your home.

He hands me the license and gets out of my car. I never received that challan.
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Old 31st January 2008, 19:20   #38
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Where in Hyd was this?
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Old 31st January 2008, 19:37   #39
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Satish, hilarious experience. I would do the same if i have loads of time on hand.

Otherwise, wave a hundred buck note and they flock to you like bees flock to a mound of honey
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Old 31st January 2008, 19:42   #40
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I have been caught 4 times. Paid the full fine only once for no fault of mine.
1. Driving in a no-entry road because it was night and I did'nt know it was no-entry in the middle of the road. Paid bribe Rs.20/-
2. Lane cutting when going to the left to avoid right turn.- Paid Rs.50/- as bribe. (Fine is Rs.100/-)
3. Parking in no-parking zone. Paid Rs.200/- to prevent them from taking my car. Actual fine is Rs.300/-
4. Parking 15 metres from turn..(I still debate this), I was not in a no-parking zone, still they towed my car away. I stopped the cop halfway and offered Rs.200/-. He asked to pay full fine at the police station. I ended up paying Rs.300/-
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Old 1st February 2008, 13:23   #41
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I wasn't using my handsfree kit while driving this morning and attended a call while lasted less than a minute. A cop spotted me and asked me to pull over.

The fine is Rs. 1500/- and/or a 6 month revocation of one's driving license?

Generally, I don't drive without the handsfree kit and I certainly didn't want to pay the fine either. I tried to convince him and he finally settled for a Rs. 200/- bribe.

Don't think I will answer phone calls while driving without the handsfree kit in the future.
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Old 2nd February 2008, 22:44   #42
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I generally avoid breaking traffic rules. Have been caught twice, once for jumping signal and once for lane cutting,...apologised to the cop n told him that i dont want the receipt for the fine and that I'd prefer that he return my license. He took my signature on the reverse of the receipt and let me go after i paid the fine...

Once I just said im genuinely sorry that I jumped the signal and the cop let me go after giving me a warning...Now that was a pleasant surprise!!
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Old 3rd February 2008, 09:10   #43
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well prefer to pay the fine, else whatever i payed would go to the cops house, than to the govt. coffer
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Old 3rd February 2008, 09:59   #44
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I have been stopped just once, for a routine checkup. But if I am held for violating some law, I would prefer to pay a fine.
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Old 3rd February 2008, 21:04   #45
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When I was a student in mangalore, I used to be a rash driver. not very bad, but bad enough. the police have tried to stop me several times, but never succeeded. This was mainly because I drove non Karnataka registered cars and Mangalore cops love picking on KL, TN, PB,AP etc.

So I was forced to run every time they tried to stop me. In Kerala, I have never been hauled up by the cops. And in the UK the speed cameras ensured that I was the most law abiding driver, ever.

That explains why I have never got ticketed or had to bribe.

But like most others on this thread, my order of preference would be

1.talk my way out
3.pay the fine

PS- I'm not as evil as I sound on this post.
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