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Originally Posted by four_tire View Post
Aishwarya Motors
Abhishek Motors
Madhuri Motors
Preeti Motors
Kamal Motors
Raj Motors
Kumar Motors
You forgot to add Rajnikant Motors
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Mohanlal's will be nice. Lol

Well GTO imperial motors may sound differnet when its pronounced in Kerala.

What about using Auto instead of Motors?

eg: Sagar auto

Try spellings like VK auto
MM auto
Vandi motors
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"YTM" Your's truly Motors.
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Ididntknowhattonamethisstore Motors
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There's a Honda dealership opening up in Kolkata, named Pinnacle Honda.

Pinnacle Motors?
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Here's a no-no...

Quality Motors

As soon as you see the word 'quality' in a business name you can tell it will be rubbish!
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Old 21st February 2008, 17:05   #22
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you could try to use

ISLAND MOTORS. i have always liked this name.

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How about Running Motors?
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... or maybe Motto Motors

If I were to be opening this place though I would have named it Bethleham Motors.
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Old 21st February 2008, 18:25   #25
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Hopeless Motors -- people wont expect quality and will leave satisfied once u serve them well
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Old 21st February 2008, 19:43   #26
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Ice Cream Motors ( Motorshop & Ice Cream Parlour Rolled into one ) - Saw this once near Manchester in UK. Thought it was really cool.

Other Ideas - ( Personal, Random thoughts ok !! WHatever is coming to the mind as is - UNEDITED )

Kamaal Motors
Mahabharat Motors
Motor hi Motor
Excellent Motors
Victors Motors
The Chop Shop
Chip Foose Motors ( My Fav - would be imitation though !! )
Overhaulin Motors
Custom Motors
Cruisin Motors
Fast & Furious Motors.

Last one now - This one is bound to get you Media Coverage

' Khalli ' Mahabali Motors

That's it - No more !!

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BHP Motors?

Chor Bazaar Motors?
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Here are some of the names that i suggested, alongwith their meaning:

meanings made bold & underlined are in malayalam. (the exact english words are failing me )

Apt Motors - suitable
Aspire Motors - desire
Auspice Motors - protection
Axiom Motors self evident - proposition
Azure Motors - sky blue
Credence Motors - belief
Crescent Motors - increasing / quarter moon
Debonair Motors - elegant / courteous
Dynamic Motors - active / energetic
Élan Motors - utsaham / aavesham
Elegant Motors - graceful
Elite Motors - best
Eminent Motors - distinguished
Euphoria Motors - feeling of well being
Eureka Motors - expression of triumph at a discovery
Excel Motors - to be superior to
Fab Motors - excellent
Galaxy Motors - brilliant company
Gallant Motors - brave
Genesis Motors - origin
Grande Motors - big / large
Hyper Motors - excessive
Imperial Motors - of superior excellence
Insight Motors - thorough knowledge
Insignia Motors - badges of office or honour
Iris Motors - rainbow / colored layer outside pupil
Lucent Motors - shining / resplendent
Maestro Motors - master of any art
Maxi Motors - very large
Minerva Motors - Roman goddess of wisdom
Neo Motors - new
Noble Motors - person of rank
Odyssey Motors - Greek epic / long adventurous journey
Ozone Motors - an allotropic form of oxygen
Panacea Motors - ottamooli
Paramount Motors - supreme
Phoenix Motors - an emblem of immortality
Pioneer Motors - fore-runner
Seraph Motors - angel
Suburban Motors - outlying part of a city or town
Symphony Motors - swarykyam / chercha
Zenith Motors - highest point

There is a photostat (xerox) shop in Cochin by the name 'COPY SHOP'. I was really impressed with that. We need something like that. Unique, yet elegant and innovative

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Masti Motors
Malabar Motors
Mustang Motors
Missile Motors
Muscle Motors
Mercurial Motors

and finally

Masala Motors
Meenkozhambu Motors
MyKeralaChips Motors

I'm hungry :(
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How about Pappu Motors
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