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Queues at railway level crossings are a complete pain. You wait 10 minutes for the train and people pull up next to you at the front so the whol of the road is blocked. A similar situation occurs on the other side. When the barrier is lifted you end up spending more time to get across as both sides are blocked. The idiots who jump to the front you catch up with and overtake in 2 minutes.
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Another rant now.

I fill/check air in my tyres at one pump in Vashi. As soon as I get into the line, a 2 wheeler comes and stops parallel to me. Now starts the cat and mouse game.

Both are waiting for the vehicle in front to finish off so that we can be the next in line (even though I reached first). We both move millimeters every second - the 2 wheeler trying his supple moves while I try and block him with my size. If I get in before him, the 2 wheeler will go in front of me and pull his bike back.

When the attendant has finished checking one tyre of mine, the bike guy goes "poooocccchhhhkkkk mera check kar de na".

I get down and ask him - "how can he check your tyre inbetween ?"

He says "mere do tyre hai na !" I have no words - speechless !!

I tell him - "tyre tere nahi, teri bike ke hain" and walk off.

Thankfully the attendant is now familiar with me and knows that I get pissed off if someone jumps in - he finishes of with me and then checks any other car/bike.

Also, when I get in line behind a car checking the tyres - the guy will put the engine off, get down and walk all around the car with the attendant. When all tyres are checked he starts searching for some loose change to tip the attendant. He will SURELY have no change in his pockets, so he starts searching in the car and will not stop till he triumphantly comes out with one coin atleast.

I mean the air stations have an audible warning now-a-days, why do you have to get out ? ANd the same guy will just sit in the car when the attendant is tanking up on fuel or diesel in his car !! Which one is worth standing outside for ?

When you fill petrol or when you fill air ?
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have you realized that exactly the same mentality comes down to our road etiquette? see 2 inches free and push the nose of the bike/car in. who cares who came in first.
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Yes Vivek, I do know the same thing comes into play on the roads as well. Specially the auto guys - their front wheel has to be perfectly centered between the 2 cars standing in a proper lane.
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I have seen quite a few instance of "fairer" sex taking "mis" advantage of being fair. Including my wife!!

Once we were there in PVR snack counter. I was happily standing in the queue, when my wife thought that she will act smartly and jump the queue to get us some popcorns.

Luckily the lady in front of us was not to be taken lightly and she shouted at top of her voice.

Lesson learnt. Now she respects the Q.

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You know what drives me mad? When the guy behind you sticks himself so close to you, he's almost spooning!
No need to - please give me my well-deserved 4 centimetres!
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Just yesterday. Spencer's on old airport road.

Heavy rains, a cranky baby and a fedup wife waiting in the Bolero outside.

I had to pick up some stuff for the next day. I quickly pick up 4-5 items and rush to the queue.

Have a guy with a big grocery cart infront. He looks at me and realises i am in a hurry and requests me to go ahead of him. I decline say thank you and tell him that i appreciate his gesture and i am happy to wait. He smiles and starts unloading his cart on the check out counter.

Listening to this, a guy in his late 20's carrying a laptop bag and an HP badge standing behind me asks the gentleman infront of me whether he can go ahead instead???


I instantly explode and ask him whether i have come here for Bhajans? He mutters in Hindi below his breath and i let go.

I give the choicest expletives he must have ever heard, i speak very fluent hindi of the bambai kind. He just stares at me.
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Just the other day I was paying up my electricity bill and there were a couple of people behind me and here comes a decently dressed chap, parks his bike and very coolly walks upto the counter and i was the next in line, I just blew it, i side stepped and faced him head on and a said a strict WHAT ? , and he says he is in a hurry, and I told him wot do you think the others dont have any work and its not that the queue is too long, its just another couple of people to go, so told him to fall in line. He held on to his sheepish grin till i took my bike and left leaving him a cold stare.
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even on roads. In a two lane road at a junction, I usually stick to the right lane, leaving the left lane open for the people who want to go left (its a free left at most places). Yet there are idiots who will come up from the left , and make a lane there, blocking those who want to go left, and those idiots who overtake from the right , and onto the wrong side of the road, eventually blocking the vehicles coming from the other side.

When the light goes green, all hell breaks loose , and these idiots from the left and right try to squeeze out the folks in the middle lane, trying to get in. Usually I avoid rush hour traffic, but this is beginning to get to my nerves, the few times i do get stuck.

EDIT: @ DriveR - never have any problems with my favourite petrol pump. The guy once poured 500 bucks of petrol into my diesel indica, and I could have made him cough up the 500 from his salary, if i complained. But I didnt.

Now I get 5 star service from the petrol pump. If the attendant sees me waiting, he shoos away all the bikers , and I get to go first

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I went to get my car fueled up at a pump that I used to frequent. There were a few bikes in front, as I waited in line. Then other bikes started coming in nosed themselves in front of my car. The attendant did not even say anything and just carried on. I gave a honk, backed out and have never returned back to that pump again.
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^ Exact opposite has happened to me a long time back.
Waiting patiently on my thunderbird, I await my turn.

This verna tries to butt into the gap that exists.
Of course he cannot do that.
But then he honks.

His window was down. my bike less than a feet away.

I love my Roots Vibrosonics.
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Talking about the fairer sex taking advantage - here is what I experienced today morning. Had been to the ATM and the board said one person at a time. I waited patiently as there was someone inside. Then comes this woman who walks promptly inside ahead of me. When I call out to her that she has to wait for her turn, she points out to the second ATM and goes inside. The man who was using the first one finishes his transaction and informs her that only one machine is working. Without any hesitation she rushes over to it even as I am allowing the gentleman step out. All I could do was just glare at her and remain behind her in violation of the board outside - that was my only way of showing my irritation.
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