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Default The QUEUE tales

These 2 seperate incidents happened at booking counters of 2 different multiplexes.

Incident 1

This happened a few weeks back - 14th Feb to be exact. I booked tickets for Jodha Akbar online @ Pvr cinemas, Mulund. The show was to start at 10.45 pm.

I reach the mall at 10.30 pm and walk up to the ticket counter.

There are 2 counters for internet booking and other booking methods. One counter was closed and as expected there was quite a queue at the internet booking counter. I got into line and a guy joined in behind me.

He was the desperado types and wanted everything quick. He spies a staff member walk into the ticketing area and come to a stand still near the shut window. So smartly he moves out of the queue and triumphantly is the 1st person to rech the closed counter. He pushes aside the board that says counter closed and asks for his tickets. The staff tell him that the counter is closed and he should join the line that he was in earlier. His ego is shattered and he now smartly comes and again stands behind me. A small argument ensues with the guy behind him but then the guy is a gentle man and allows him to stand in front of him and take the place he had vacated.

Soon it is my turn and I am scrolling to the sms (confirmation one) on my mobile to show to the ticketing staff so that I can collect my tickets - this smart guy behind me slides up to my left and thrusts his hand into the window and asks for his tickets.

I loose it and ask him what is he doing ?

The conversation goes -

Me - Kya hai boss ?

He - Ticket le raha hoon

Me - main kya bhajan kar raha hoon

He - maine phone pe book kiya hai

Me- toh bada kaam kiya ?

He - Lene de

Me - chup chaap line mein khada hoja

At this moment the staff intervine and ask him to wait.

He - chal theek hai , lele

Me - Ehsaan kar raha hai kya mere pe ?

And till the time I moved out after collecting my tickets, this guy was muttering under his breath.

Incident 2

This is at R-mall in Mulund again and at a ticket counter again.

I don't remember which movie but there was quite a queue with 2 guys (X and Y) behind me. As soon as my turn came , I asked for the tickets and put my right hand in my back pocket to remove the cash and I hit someone to my right. I turn and see the guy X who was behind me in queue is on my right almost pushing me away from the counter.

And suddenly I feel a slight push from my left - I turn to see that the guy Y who was behind the guy X is on my left. I am practically sandwiched between these 2 guys and both are raring to have a go at the counter. I politely ask them if they had heard of something called a queue, in better layman language - line system ?

Both asnwer me the same - Line mein toh hai na - aap ke baad hi ticket lenge.

I ask them to get in behind me and not crowd around which obviously they do not understand.

And both these incidents happened with people who were educated (or atleast looked educated).

Why are we always in such a hurry ? Push and Shove will get you everything - that's what people believe here.

2 more things that I frequently encounter at queues in cinema halls

1) People reach the counter and then start a conversation with their relatives/friends waiting outside the queue. Which seats ? What time show? how many tickets? Advance booking?

I mean come on man - you can decide these things and get into the queue saving a lot of time for yourself and others too. Ladies are the biggest culprits doing this from what I have observed !

2) Sometimes I see a long queue and get in behind them. But when the guy 5 people ahead of me buys the tickets and moves out, all the 5 behind him also move out. They were togather and got into the queue togather to buy tickets. What did they prove ? "yeh dosti ham nahi todenge" ??

Sorry for the rant.
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Welcome to the reality. Faced many situations where everyone thinks its thier right at all times in all places. See around yourself, going to the restroom, getting into the buses/train/plane. Its all there. Most of it is by the educated lot, who are decent in office but not outside.
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Arre NC bhai, you faced this situation at a mall. I face this situation in my company almost every day! Our cafeteria's handwash area has only three sinks and only one exit/entry. Most of the times when there are people already there, me and my friends politely stand in a queue. And almost every other day some smart*** would come and not see the queue. We have to then remind them! Surprisingly, most of the times its the ladies who are in a hurry.

Not only that, there is a queue for taking food also and so often the guy behind me is in such a big hurry to eat that he keeps poking me with his plate! No concept of space.

And dont even get me started on how many times i have been pushed back into the elevator by eager crowd wanting to board it when i want to get off it. They treat it as if its a local bus!!

All these incidents are annoying but i somehow manage to find the amusing side to them as well.. like the look on their faces when i tell it to them.
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We Indians still haven't understood the meaning of QUEUE / WAIT etc. Imagine how the Indian traffic would have been if we did.

-- Torqy

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I normally man-handle such people if they are smaller in size than me .. For bigger sized people, its better to wear "toe crusher" shoes and do a more subtle job on their toes or even more subtle job with the elbow.

In airport queues, Some idiots try to run you over with their baggage trolley. I have yet another solution - just wheel the hand bag behind me.. the person behind me has no choice except to keep distance.
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Hahah N_C, i dont know whether i should really laugh on this but, since i watch movies almost every sunday, i see this happening everytime. I know at times it really psyches me out, but then i try not getting into any argument, not that i am scared but just feel sad for these educated mannerless people who are always in a rush as if they want to leak??

At times yes i do get into arguments, but u see this happens not only in theatres but also at railway ticket counters where a person sees his train from far and runs to the counter so that he can buy his ticket asap and rush for the train, but then helloowwwwww you are buyer number 22nd in the que and you cannot climb everyone. Yeah one thing i like during this process is when other people argue with such nerds, it goes to the extend of pushing each other, and funny faces, and abuses , thats when i burst out laughing, and i attract more eyes at me hahahah.

Forgot to Mention parking Lot Que, when you waiting for you turn, and this really wanna be alonso drives in-between and honks , the best part that time is the old drivers like uncles ,aunties & grandfathers , give them that I-am-so-angry-look

Good point N_C

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One more thing I just remembered.

Interval time and I get into the queue - some smart alecks come in from the exit side and ask for their order. When they are questioned - they say - I was only buying popcorn !!

So what are the people in the line buying ? The counter itself ? ?
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Well people who travel by trains must have noticed some ppl and esp ladies go to the counter even though there is a queue acting as though they need to buy a pass but end up buyin tickets. P!$$ing off man. Cant they blo0dy wait?
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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
The conversation goes -

Me - Kya hai boss ?

He - Ticket le raha hoon

Me - main kya bhajan kar raha hoon
Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
hey say - I was only buying popcorn !!

So what are the people in the line buying ? The counter itself ? ?
howlarious. love your sense of humor bro.

but yes, yeh duniya aisi hi doggy cheez hai

Disclaimer: Doggy above is meant in general and not meant to abuse any breed/person/species and any hurt is completely unintentional.
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This happens everywhere. Be it cinema queues, getting into a parking lot or any other queue. Particularly rampant at the entrance to Infinity Mall (Andheri), where people in cars try and sneak in ahead of the line of cars waiting patiently for their turn.

These people constitute a new emerging breed in India, which I call the "Educated Illiterates".
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though a lot of generalisation have been made in referece to ladies, i too have, just a few days ago experienced this wherein we had gone to see movie Race and i was waiting in the queue to buy some snacks at the counter, this man ahead of me wasnt in hurry at all and took hiw own sweet time to go ahead in line, even when it was his turn, beleive me he took 10 minutes just to decide what he wanted, imagine, me and hordes of other people behind me getting frustrated as you shoudl always decide well before entering the queue as to what you would want to eat. he ended up changing his order atleast 3 times even when he paid up he wasnt still sure if he had got all he wanted.

so i feel that there are people like this who dont understand basic etiquettes or manners to behave in the society.

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I have also encountered similar situations. I was in Pakistan once and there were hundreds of other Indians overe there (Cricket etc). We were at a STD/PCO type place and they just would not queue like human beings. There is only so much you can take before you too have to start pushing to keep your rightful place in the queue. Strange how they understood the concept of queuing at the Pakistani immigration counter but once through that it was the usual behaviour.

The worst example I saw was the British High Commission in Delhi, people were jumping the queue and the lame excuses they came out with were stupid. The woman behind the counter did nothing to stop them. One man's reason for jumping the queue was that he had spoken with Mrs Sheila (so I asked did Mrs Sheila say he could be uncivillised and jump the queue). Indian Government officials there for diplomatic visas etc were the worst and the woman behind the counter all too willing to accomodate their queue jumping.

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Happened at PVR cinema as I wait in a queue to pick up tickets.
A well dressed educated looking guy jumps the line and gets ahead of me.

Me: What do you think you are doing?
Him: Just one minute, want to ask something.
Me: what?
Him: I was in line just a moment back.
Me: I don't trust you, but go ahead.
Him: What?
Me: Why the hell should I trust you, ask your question and get lost fast.

His question to the counter was who is the heroine of the movie Mithya.

maybe the idiot does not know the concept of movie posters.
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Typical Indian Queue near an elevator : The guys wanting to get into the elevator(usually at the GF) are right in front and blocking the door to the elevator, so that they get in first. Result the folks trying to exit and the gang going in, all result in a gridlock for a few minutes.

Typical indian Queue at the Airport: If you happen to be waiting at the ticketing counter for your boarding pass,there is a million to one chance that the guy behind you has always got his luggage trolley a millimetre behind your legs and you either get tripped over or banged up from behind if you make any move at all. He gives you a sorry if you stare at him and the moment you move forwards, he knock you down from behind again. Goddamn...
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I remember a relative of mine telling me about how it was such a big deal when BEST had started the queue system for the first time in Mumbai.

Another thing that I hate is when people stand in the OUT line. Adlabs has two 'in' lines and an 'out' line in the middle of the two 'in' lines so that you can walk out without a problem. There are so many idiots who come and stand in the 'out' line thinking they are smarter than everyone else.

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