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View Poll Results: Does it make sense to scrap parking fees in Bangalore?
Yup, absolutely. I am sick of this daylight robbery. 9 45.00%
Nope. We need attendants to make people park properly 10 50.00%
Whatever 1 5.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2nd February 2005, 15:19   #16
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Originally Posted by amitoj

Bangalore Mahanigam Palike is planning to scrap the parking fees in Bangalore. In some ways it makes sense because you dont want to pay 4 to 5 bucks for parking for just 5 - 10 minutes! On the other hand, you cant help but wonder that wont it throw traffic out of gear as people will now park wherever they can, however they can?

What do you all think?

Oh by the way, the BMP intends to make up for the loss of revenue from ad firms who put up hoardings!?!

Source : The Hindu, Jan 28: http://www.hindu.com/2005/01/29/stor...2917610300.htm

cant they have a system where parking for the first 10 mins is free - if u come back in 10 mins dont pay !! this kinda system exists abroad and even in multiplexes car parking slots there is this system !!

so y not try this ?

but yeah with scrapping of parking charges - ITS GONNA BE A FREE FOR ALL !! i hope u bangalore guys get roads to drive on from the time this is implemented

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Old 2nd February 2005, 15:21   #17
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oh they do tow the cars...and invariably damage it. else if they see you approaching they say that they dint want to tow it as it would have gotten damaged so now you gotta pay the fine and tip him too...
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Old 3rd February 2005, 03:57   #18
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Yeah, parking fee is always fine, untill ur the one who is harassed. Trust me i am tired of these parking attendants.

-according to BCC only 87 roads or so have the parking fee. Show me 87 roads which don't have it.

-only the main roads have a parking fee of 5 bucks, but inspite of that they either print 5 buck receipts or force u to pay 5 bucks.

-most of the time these guys are drunk, which is always a nuisance and they dont even put the parking tickets, and sometimes take the same used tickets and put it on other cars.

-the ticket clearly says u need to pay 10 bucks for parking for more than 2 hours.With no proper way to ensure the time, they always harass u to pay more.

-one way or the other u r harassed and i hate it, when some illiterate goon irritates me first thing in the morning.

I have had it with these guys i dont mind paying but its the parking attendants who are the source of all the problems.

I think they are better off, using electronic parking meters everywhere, like the ones on Brigade Road, and charge a bit extra, atleast the money goes to the government in the process and the public doesn't have to get harassed from those parking attendants.
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Old 3rd February 2005, 08:17   #19
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Lets promote car pooling:
If u have 5 people in the car you pay 5 bucks.
4people = 8bucks

1persone = 5bucks
2people = 2 bucks

Another option:
If the date of the month is an even number then all cars with even number regns.... pay 5 bucks and odd number cars pay 10bucks......and vice versa.

Just a thought!
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Old 3rd February 2005, 11:53   #20
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I guess there has to be parking fees and attendants to help out.. atleast in crucial areas where parking can create a nuisance if not dealt properly.

I have an idea..u may think it is stupid..but how abt having prepaid parking cards which can be rechanged for some fixed amts. These would be swiped at the parking location (like the debit card m/cs) . We need to have a centralised database which tracks the usage of the card.

We are going places interms of the way we deal with money and this system can be had in all of the places identified by the BMC. Atleast we would be eliminating a lot of hands that exchange money and the attendants would be paid by the govt.

It is important to take care of the following point.

1) Have a higher parking fee at crowded/narrow streets/malls to encourage people to park in places away and walk their way.

2) Have a proper fee structure with In and out time to calculate the parking fees based on the time.

3) The infrastructure to setup maybe huge initially, but worth the try as it maybe rewarding in the long run as we are progressing.

My 2 cents...that's it

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Old 3rd February 2005, 12:11   #21
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Originally Posted by Tom
Just a thought!
More than 'Just a thought'

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Old 3rd February 2005, 19:16   #22
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Thumbs down

its a stupid populist move. Makes no sense. Just a few months back they increased the parking fee for brigade road to prevent people from parking there for long hours!!! now they are doing the exact opposite thing. i cant imagine how brigade road and mg road is going to be now on weekends.
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