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@Chevy Lover@ good examples. Reminds me of days when i was trying to teach my mom how to drive. I realised that everytime she sees a bigger vehicle coming from the other side of the road, my vehicle speed would increase. When I asked her about this her simple explanation was "I am trying to reduce the speed of the car but in anxiety I am hitting the gas pedal instead of brakes"
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My mom when she was learning driving at the driving school,i was sitting behind.A taxi was trying to take a 'U' turn on the road.Mom had to brake to stop the 800 and guess she does
A TAXI TAXI TAXI TAXI..and leaves the steering and just freezes.The driving instructor and me laughed our hearts out.
She got her DL but she still cant drive.
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Originally Posted by SohailPistawala View Post
I think we Need KimRS to contribute on this thread, she has one helluva hatch!! LOLS
i heard my name......

Radhikadas, good to see that your investigating our " bad rep" let me know if you need some answers regarding Europe ok?

(have to advertise my own topic here just a little HAHA)
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/introd...-everyone.html (hello everyone!)
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I stay in Pune and all those who have been to Pune or stay here will agree that the traffic sense here is the worst it can ever be anywhere else.
For this reason I am scared to even teach my wife driving.

We all have this image built in our minds about women drivers. I agree there are women who drive very well and those who cant drive well.

I was once smoking outside my office, sitting on a bike and was observing a lady struggling to get her car out of the parking slot in reverse. I calmly watched for around 3-4 minutes. A thought came to my mind to help her get th ecar out of the slot. But before I can do or approach for help, I got horrified by what happened.

There were two cars parked besides her Alto. On the left of it was a Brand New Civic & on its right was an Ikon. What happened was this. After trying for so many times, she turned the steering full towards the right, turned her head towards the rear to see the rear. And then, she couldn't control the Clutch & the accelerator properly i guess, because the Car reversed at a very high speed and BANG. And there was this Brand New Civic, which would go to the workshop for replacement of Drivers door and some work on the right of the bumper.

Strangely, on the same day, while going back home, I see this beautiful girl in her 20's driving a Bolero, and driving it perfectly in such crazy traffic.

It puzzles me as to which category my wife would fall into once she learns driving, which I have to teach her very soon.
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Old 24th April 2008, 11:27   #35
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i have seen a lady ride a full sized Royal Enfield Bullet 350. No fuss when she overtook a Superfast State bus That sure impressed me
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Old 25th October 2008, 20:00   #36
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Default Ladies and Machines

Women and Machines? hmm...

Year 1995: Some 13 years ago I was overtaken by a Zen in Delhi, and the chase went for 10 kms. The lady had guts I must say. (I was in a M800)

Year 2008: I made Wifey learn to drive in a diesel indica so that she could drive the Astra. Now she cannot drive petrol cars as she cannot understand the concept of revving a bit before de-clutching.
I gave up.
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My wife has a proper Dubai Driving License - and all of you know its no cake walk to get that! After our marriage she decided she needed an Indian one - so off she went - got herself enrolled into a driving school - got trained on an Amby and a Trekker - no less! - took her driving test , passed, and got her license.

So?? .....

So now she has two licenses - AND YET cannot drive!!!
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One of my friends Ė they have a Civic and a Santro Automatic. The husband has been driving for 15 years, but the wife learned just a year back. The man is still not a comfortable and confident driver whereas the lady adapted to the wheels like fish to waterÖ Nowadays I see the taking out the Santro with some excuse and the lady freaking out in the Civic
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