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Default For normally_crazy - A truly filmi story

I was reading today's mid-day and found this story. It reminded me of Gautam ;-), so posting it here.

Mid-Day - Article

Rugved Ghiya (27) was waiting inside the Ahmedabad airport terminal on August 27, 2007, for a flight to Mumbai, when he spotted a girl drinking tea a few metres away. The girl looked familiar, and he realised he had seen her at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, where she was a couple of years his junior. Ghiya went up to her and introduced himself.

Message on a napkin

Her name was Deepti Dutta. As they got talking, the announcement for the security check for her flight to New Delhi was made. She said goodbye, smiled and left, but he did manage to get her mobile number.

“Just as I saw her disappearing into the terminal, I realised I wanted to marry her. I was unbelievably attracted to her, but I thought it would be weird to tell Deepti I loved her,” said Ghiya.

He tried calling her, but her phone was switched off. Frustrated and increasingly restless, he sent her a message on a paper napkin (I don’t know you and I really don’t know how you would feel reading such words… I have the rest of my life to understand you and you have an entire life to be in love with me.) But he didn’t think it would reach her.

“So, I called her and told her I had sent her a message,” said Ghiya. At this moment, Dutta pipes in, “I asked pointblank what was the message. But that’s when (much like a film), the line became unclear.”

Says Ghiya, “I realised she was going off without knowing what I felt about her and I begged an airport official to make an announcement on the PA system. I told her, “This is for Deepti. I just want to announce, I think I am in love with you.”

An AAI official said it was difficult, but possible to make personal announcements at an airport. It depended on how insistent the person was.

Added Dutta, “I did not say anything. I was too stunned. But after returning home to Delhi I mailed him a regular, normal email. That was the beginning of our friendship. We chatted every day on the phone and emailed and I realised I was falling in love with him too.”

On October 10, 2007, Ghiya proposed and Dutta accepted. As a toast to the airport where it all happened, they have designed their wedding card to look like a boarding pass.
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Ha Ha super.What more romatic you can expect.So their marriage will be in flight! and will be delayed by 1 hr ?
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Superb story! It is really amazing how love can happen almost anywhere! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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Thanks ntomer. I just came out of a meeting - and I see this. Made my day !!
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The story just my day.
Thanks a ton for sharing it with everyone Bro.
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Just put a smile on my face. Very touching touching too. Made my day too
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hehe... it is indeed a very filmy story, complete with holes in it!
For example, i couldnt understand the whole "message on a napkin" story. Did he intend to make a paper plane out of the napkin, run to the boarding gate and throw it at her?
And, if her phone was switched off, then how could he call her and tell her that he had sent her a message?
Did he finally manage to convince the AAI official to make the announcement?

Oh well, i guess "kahaani poori filmy hai" and my questions are pointless. After all, as they say, Love Is Blind (to logic, perhaps)
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wow... truly filmy estyle...All the Best for the couple...
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Bravo!!! This is super duper awesome!! I wish them love and luck and pray that they always do crazy romantic things like this. Really made me happy.
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Awesome ! Wish the couples a good luck and hope one of their kids become a pilot
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Good one! Hope they stick to their travel plans (read married life) and there are no cancellations due to bad weather (feelings,of course).

Reminds me of a very close friend.He met this lady on a train journey from B'bay to B'lore,and took a liking to her.They exchanged phone numbers,and he kept pulling her leg saying that she'd not pass her BComm exams. Quite head-strong personalities,both of them. She passed her exams 2 months later,called this guy & literally shouted out that she had passed.

They ended up meeting again,1-2 years later in NY.She happened to live in the hotel right across the guest house where my friend was put up,while on a business trip.

Well,the following year they got married,and now have 3 kids. Been over 14 years,I guess.
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Originally Posted by ntomer View Post
I was reading today's mid-day and found this story. It reminded me of Gautam ;-), so posting it here.
A super romantic story
However, I would like to know why it reminds you of Gautam?

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Really super, filmy, emotional stuff with some twist and turn here and there. Wow! When is the wedding?
Few unanswered questions like Amitoj's comes to mind though.. Care to explain for us tubelights?

Great story, Nitin! These are stuff which makes us forget the hardships of our daily life. Thanks for sharing here.

@Mods, why don't we make this the official Filmy story thread of Team-bhp?
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Great story. It bought a smile to my face too. A bit filmy i thought but nevertheless. I am dying to know why it reminded you of Gotya? Pray share that with us too.
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Total time-pass story. If the phone was switched off how did he call her to tell her he passed her a message that too on a paper napkin. The theory of sending a message on a napkin is really original, were the guys at the airport or some restaurant passing around napkins. Then the PA announcement is so overdone. If the guy already had the number, couldn't he wait till the phone switched on after reaching the respective destinations. Worst the girl actually reverted this fellows feelings.

Arre! In todays small connected world finding the contact details of someone, especially from your own college isn't a big deal at all. That exactly has taken the charm out meeting someone after a long time.

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