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Originally Posted by Chevy_lover View Post
Spadival, that was hilarious!!!

I have installed a crash guard on my Chevy just for this purpose!
Please Note:
A crash guard reduces the protection of the crumple zones in the event of an accident.
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I just do not care who honks, shouts, screams (unless it is an ambulance and It it stuck behind me at a signal). At every red light I turn off my car, increase the volome of the music system and just enjoy the music...till the light is green. I have had many instances when I have been the only guy waiting at the red light and everyone zooms by but thats their problem . I will NOT let myself be bothered by these morons and pushed into crossing when the light is red.
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Originally Posted by bblost View Post
Please Note:
A crash guard reduces the protection of the crumple zones in the event of an accident.
Yes, I have heard about that! But what impact can a bike cause @ 30km/hr? The crash guard will actually prevent any damage to the car!

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Default Re: Should one follow traffic rules/lights at the cost of getting abused

In chennai during summer corporation supplies water through water tanker lorries.They run in all small small by lanes they don't stop in signals. Those fellows were always in a hurry. lot of accidents because of them.

I always stop my vehicle before the stop line and swithoff the engine when the timer comes to 6 seconds to turn green i kick start my bike . but every one crosses the zebra crossing and then stop. Traffic police don't do anything,unless there is a SI / higher authority they act and ensure vehicles are stopped.
even if the signals turns green we have to look for those signal jumpers from the opposite side and then move for our safety.
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Default Re: Should one follow traffic rules/lights at the cost of getting abused

What a coincidence that this three year old thread is revived at this time. Last week the entry gate to our colony was changed temporarily. This gate opens onto a small roundabout. To enter it I have to turn left immediately after the crossing. However an Indica was blocking the entry. Behind it is a Nano and then me. Instead of closing in on the Nano I left a gap so that perpendicular traffic can pass through. I saw no point in closing the gap and blocking others when I can't proceed any further either. At that time I also thought there was enough space to my right for others in my direction to pass through (I kept to the left in order to turn left). An auto-wala kept knocking on my rear LHS window asking me to move on. But what really shocked me was a Honda City that grazed on my rear RHS bumper in an attempt to pass through. If he wasn't so close behind me he could have passed confortably. I chased and caught up with him but he denied hitting me.

The reason I am relating this is that I got all that for being considerate to other traffic.
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Default Re: Should one follow traffic rules/lights at the cost of getting abused

I am very pleased to see so many like minded people on this thread. Chennai city is no better than the other metros when it comes to signal jumping.
I always stop when the signal lights are red much to the chagrin of the traffic which follows behind me.
One is hard pressed to understand why the cops just stand put and watch people flouting traffic rules. They do not seem to understand that if they continue to put up with it then they are the very ones who will not be taken seriously in future.
The educated and the so called cultured people also do not have the time to wait for the signal to change.Honking for "right of way" when they actually do not have the right of way is the tune of the day!
Chennai has timers installed at most of the important junctions. It would be good if the Traffic Police could install cameras alongside these timers to film all the offenders and challan them. They could then appoint a private collection agency to go after these offenders to collect fines and part with a percentage to them for services rendered. I am pretty firmly convinced that if something is done on these lines the signal lights will treated with a lot more respect.
if you want to jump signals then pay for it. The traffic police would be instilling some road sense into amajor portion of the roadusers who have become totally insensitive to signals. Also, they would be able to fill up the coffers of the state.
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