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Default When you have an off day

0940 hours

Exams got over yesterday, I haven't had this good undisturbed sleep since a fortnight. aah feels amazing, no alarms, no tension to study(especially if you are a one night stand sort of person) and no stupid VTU papers waiting to whack me in the face with a club for another 6 months.

1000 hours

Got to go to bank to deposit some cash, a long wait in the queue later, get to the counter, have entered the denominations wrong, that hasn't happened before, ever. Anyway, know the bank people, the counter guy says urgent beda (no urgency) and corrects it himself, hands over the counter foil and am done. okay, something's not quite right today.

1015 hours

Need to have a haircut, the salon is crowded, have to wait for my turn. It's somebody else's turn now, he goes and sits on the red chair, he's on phone and harping on about company, legal opinion, payment, registeration, objection, half an hour later he is still on the phone and his hair cut is half done, on the side not covered with his phone/hand. Now its my turn finally, get the worst hair cut ever, ah I told you something didn't feel right today.

1120 hours

My 3 year LG 19" CRT went kaput recently. My friend has a spare 17 incher lg which she has agreed to lend me. She lands with the monitor in an auto, I lift the monitor which was kept on the seat and the seat is torn, slightly(quarter inch or so). Obviuosly, the auto guy gets very offensive and starts abusing. My friend tells me it might have torn before itself. But no way to establish that now, the auto guy is not ready to listen, he tells how the owner will belt him, how customers refuse to sit because the seat is torn(superhuman customers can see the quarter inch tear on the seat from outside apparently). So thats 230 bucks as fare(not on meter) and another 100 more for the seat, he says he has to replace the whole seat cover. Hope he has had an epic crash today.

1300 hours

Reach Gandhi bazar and have lunch at gokul and return home by 1500. Now its time to take her View sonic 22 incher that she had dropped at my place after buying yesterday, we start out on the bike with the panel. 22" it might be, but LCD it is, life's a lot easier.

1545 hours

I am fishtailing worse than a cobra, pull over to the side. You guessed it, a puncture. Have had nearly 7 nails in the last 3 months. I guess the problem is Michelin M45. Grippy it might be, it grips everything good, so good that it grips all the nails and pins too. I had to replace the tube, a quick enquiry around reveals that there are no puncture-wallas for quite some distance around.

To make matters worse, cant carry that panel around walk and push my bike to the puncture-walla, so I flag down an auto and send my friend in it along with her panel. I take another auto to the nearest Honda showroom and get myself a tuff-up tube, bloody 380 bucks for it.. for a frikkin tube!

I take another auto go back to where my bike is parked, hold box which had the tube in one hand, sit on the tank and start riding slowly towards a puncture-walla I had spotted on the way to that showroom. It's fish tailing massively now, if there's one joy ride missing in wonder la, it has to be this. it was fun, but scary. finally reach puncture walla, get the tube changed. and off I go to meet friends.

1700 hours

Meeting them after a long long time, also have to take some things from one of them,. He has got the stuff on his i pod, but no data cable. okay off I go to another friend's house, get the cable, now what do I take it on, need some blank dvds, go to the nearest stationary store and buy 7 of his imported discs, ALPHA its called, only thing missing is a "Q" at the end. Go back and try to write, it says 8X, but it writes at 4x,one wasted disc and eons of time later, the discs are burnt and off we go for dinner.

2145 hours - CBI road/bellary road junction

Yes we just had dinner, I set out from the restaurant, I am stopped by a huge batallion of mamas

mama: helmet helmet tegeeri saar(remove helmet)

me: /removes helmet

mama: DL kodi(give DL)

me:/hands over my DL

mama: yellinda bartideera? (where are you coming from)

me: /shows the restaurant and says, ootakke bandidvi (had come for dinner)

mama: yen kelsa madtideera? (where do you work?)

me: Naan student, engineering final year.

mama seeing my DL in a ravaged state: yen documents heega itkolodu guru?(IS this how you keep documents?)

me: maleli nendu heegagide (It's got wet in rain)

mama: Card maadiskoli bega saahebre (Get a card made soon boss)

me: ok

2150 hours - sadashivnagar police station signal

mama: helmet tegeeri (remove helmet)

me does as directed

mama: DL ideeya? (Do you have DL?)

me: yes

mama: ok hogi (ok hogi)

2210 hours - magadi road underpass construction

I am standing in signal, two mamas are going around from bike to bike and it appears like they are asking the riders to remove helmet and smooching them. One of them approaches me, taps on helmet and says tegeeri(open)

mama: yen hesuru? (whats your name?) leans towards me, brings his face close to mine and puts his ear to my lips.

me: Chethan

He doesn't fancy people with my name I suppose, moves on without saying another word.

2213 hours - few meters before the vijaynagar bus stand signal

mama flags me down

mama: helmet open maadi (remove helmet)

mama: Drinks maadidyenappa? (have you had drinks)

I am tempted to say, saar neev free kotru kudiyolla (sir, I wont drink even if you give for free)

I don't drink
I don't smoke
I don't eat non veg(no egg also, except in cakes)

before all of you say, "saale paida kyon hua?" Let me just say

me: (but I say) illa saar (no saar)

mama pats on the back: aaytu hogappa (ok go)

I mean how do they manage to rely on midieval methods to nab drunk drivers I dunno(ask name and keep ears to lips?), and secondly they have assumed that today, for some reason all the drunk ones are going from CBI road to vijaynagar. So, they have placed 20 mamas every 50 feet and think all the drunk people are on two wheelers today.

I mean atleast they are trying to do something but, those methods scare me. What if their (highly scientific) methods make them feel I am drunk? Earlier it was fun to ride in the city after 10 or so, now you have to stop every 10 feet.

I dont know what I wanted to tell, just felt like sharing this sequence of events, and its quite long, I would like to say, if you came here after reading the whole thing, then thanks for having the patience.

else, go back to para 2, thank you..
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Thats a heck of a day! Don't worry, people have had worse and everyone has an off day sometimes. You just gotta put your head down and do what needs to be done. The "on' day will come back soon.
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Hello hooligan, quite an adventurous day! probably you had lined up lot of chores for a day, try & go easy next time. Maybe try doing 1 or 2 things in a day.
Anyway thing sometimes go haywire, but dont let them bog you down. Come on harder the next time.
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Hooligan : thats lot many mamas stopping you. This is one day you wouldnt forget. Save this day in your memory.
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That one hell of a day and one hell of a narration!

Hope today was a much better day, ho0ligan! :-)
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It was really hell of a day, and all this after answering VTU papers... hope there were no surprises in the papers... VTU standard...
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All's well that ends well. So when are you making that bike ride to Mysore?
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