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I've read a few people here saying that population is not a problem, unless not handled properly.

Now think.

How much oil/gas/coal is being used everyday ?

How much food/water is being used everyday ?

The same can be said for every resource. The land is under drastically high pressure to produce more and more. The water table levels in North India are tumbling faster than post-Lehmann Fiasco US economy. Alright, not that fast, but fast enough to be a cause for concern.

We've swiped down forests. We're modifying nature. It was not meant to be like that.

Foremost cause of mismanagement is corruption. Corruption mostly exists due to poor man's needs more than a rich man's greed. That's why it's prevalent more in developing nations.

Proper health and education facilities are not accessible to all, coz there's simply too many of people to get them.

Resources are being depleted. Wastes are being produced in enormous quantities. Pollution control ? Joke. I know members of pollution boards having more LCD TVs than the space in their home.

Growth is not bad, but growth at the expense of something, that should be unacceptable. And it isn't. We clear forests for land, we mine for coal, we drill for oil, we empty natural tanks. We're killing animals. We're destroying plants. We're making the air unbreathable. I might be going a bit on the radical way here, but humans are increasing like insects. There are simply too many of us than there should have been. We're making simple things complex. We've got a skewed list of what priority should be.

It might seem hard, but unless we find new sources of energy, like feasible fusion or anti-matter, only then we can depend on the sheer energy we have to survive through the earth as it will be 50 years later.

If an economy is gonna slow down coz of lack of workers, it's needed. We're going way too fast. Like an exponential person. Our world has changed after Newton. We need to slow down. We all know what happens if a machine is made to go too fast than it's designed to go. Apply the same analogy to nature.

Perception of the world has to be changed from a colony of humans to some place where all types of species are supposed to live together. Even if it means to be living in the jungles.

IMO, Avatar does not show something so outlandish. The Na'vi live like man did for a million years or more. Man survived for those million years, and same holds true for Na'vi. Man lives like he has done for the last 400 years, and he's hunting other worlds for resources. One way or the other, we're stripping the earth of everything that separates it from, say, moon.

I think I better stop or else I'll be kicked out for overloading storage resources. =))
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Probably super perks and tax rebates for one child per couple sounds good.
More than one child and lose all sounds even better. But these are for guys who get taxed. Not everyone on the street are taxed.
So after half a century we have lesser educated and more uneducated/backward etc.
Next, if there is a natural imbalance, nature will take care of itself. So no need to worry about that part.
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The way I look at it is that our politicians deliberately ignore the population issue. Their potential vote bank increases in direct proportion to the increase in population.

The only way to tackle this problem is through economics. Provide tax rebates and subsidies to families with two kids or less.
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Default Re: A solution to our population problem, Please contribute.

Hope the whole country realises and follows
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