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Old 4th November 2005, 18:17   #31
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Originally Posted by msprabhakar
Hey veyron1, Good definitions... but you forgot to define bliss...!

part 1) doing all of the abovesaid stunts in high-performance oil-burners, so you don't burn a crater through your wallet (well, at least the crater won't be from the fuel bills)...

part 2) being an auto journo (a' la J.C or our very own A.J.D, or H.S), and doing all of the abovesaid stunts with somebody else's monies...who cares if you do them in an oil burner or a gas-guzzler then, eh....??!!
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Old 3rd January 2006, 18:59   #32
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Any road any where any time of the day any weather. Dire Straits in the Player, fuel indicator touching "F", alone in my car ..a ciggy packet, coke, and some munchies.
(Damn the mention of a ciggy makes me go and smoke one right now... BRB).

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Old 3rd January 2006, 22:43   #33
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For me driving pleasure would be driving on roads with scenic beauty attached to it...... It automatically makes my right foot light
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Old 4th January 2006, 11:24   #34
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Hmmm... driving pleasure! To me the driving pleasure has to come from both intrinsic reasons like the vehicles ergonomics, response (engine, brakes, steering etc) as well as from extrinsic reasons (thin traffic!).

I feel the drive to my office (our global headquarters) at the outskirts of hyderabad through the six-laned highway in the mornings at around 8am when the highway is relatively empty is a pure bliss. I roll down the window, wind palying in my hair, some light music playing (crooning!) in the background, and the winter morning's light sun making its presence felt on my warm cheeks... ummm heavenly...
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Old 4th January 2006, 13:17   #35
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If I am on the road, I need to drive, whether it is my Baleno, an Esteem, a Contessa, a Ford Escort, a Zen or a Mahindra Classic. According to me the tougher the external situations, the more fun it is to drive. I love taking out the jeep and wading through the Milan Subway when it is closed due to flooding, or sometimes get my wheels on the divider and move ahead up the traffic. I love the car that can do that. The one in which I have done these things is the Mahindra Armada. What a monster it was. Never needed to go to the gym because of that vehicle. So let rain, storm or Katrina come, my car should let me say,"You don't bother me".
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Old 15th December 2009, 14:27   #36
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Twisting roads, sparing oncoming traffic, not so scorching sun, roaring engine, screeching tyres, some one trying to catch up from behind and slipping back every so often.

music? what do you have an engine for!
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Old 15th December 2009, 22:32   #37
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Driving pleasure for me is being comfortable in the car you are driving,relaxed and unhurried with perfect synchronization between man and machine.I love it when the car is giving's it's best performing well without any hiccups whatsoever.
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Old 15th December 2009, 23:02   #38
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Driving is a pleasure. Period. Need one say more?
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Old 16th December 2009, 00:06   #39
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To go technical, Good Steering feedback, good throttle response and comfortable.

But The pleasure is owning a car that you have spent on with your hard earned money and when you sit in and start it, the Sound, the music that comes is pleasure, pure bliss!
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Old 16th December 2009, 10:23   #40
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Driving pleasure=driving with wife and kid on not so busy road,speed being 70-80 + its overcast and raining outside with headlights on and wiper on at medium speed + and ofcourse with ICE on.

Actually it happened few months back i really enjoyed it.
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Old 17th December 2009, 19:11   #41
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Originally Posted by SS-Traveller View Post
Driving is a pleasure. Period. Need one say more?
+11111111111111111111 to that. Every time you get behind the wheels its a pleasure irrespective of the cars/roads/distance
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Old 22nd May 2013, 21:13   #42
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I know this is an old thread but I think still relevant because this term is used even in a lot of magazines and articles. So I've been trying to rationalize or objectify what it means - well, trying :-)

Recently read an article about the new Lexus sedan that's coming out, and how Lexus is trying to define "fun to drive" and measure it. Maybe they're kinda missing the point by trying to define it. I don't know, guess I will know when I test drive their car.

So far, driving pleasure means to me:
- throttle response. When you press and the car just GOES that feeling is awesome

- steering feel, feedback, predictability, on-center feel

- Less body roll

- wide body and lower center of gravity, giving a feel that the car will not topple if you throw it around at speed

While those are true, there's also the irrational factor or emotional factor- like the love of SUVs and trucks, for example. I don't know if I can call that "driving pleasure" but it's definitely there. In my case it's an irrational craving for a Yezdi and a Gypsy. I trace it back to my uncles/fathers vehicles and deriving a certain identity.

Curious to know others opinions- what's the driving pleasure in an SUV? Truck?
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Old 22nd May 2013, 21:55   #43
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I am a newbie driver, started out in Dec last year when I bought my Liva. But its only after my recent drive from Chennai to Kerala and back that I got a feeling of ease driving it. Now I feel in control of my car and also a feeling of comfort.
This according to me is driving pleasure.
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Old 23rd May 2013, 20:31   #44
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Default Re: What is driving pleasure?

In US, driving pleasure can be had only when you are the first one in the signal to go. The initial rush of 0 to 50mph is something to experience in a 6 ltr V8 engine. But beyond that, you can very well replace the engine with a 3-cyl 800 cc inline for the rest of the journey because you cannot go above 75 mph anywhere. In India, things can be very different.

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Old 24th May 2013, 20:44   #45
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Default Re: What is driving pleasure?

This might be a bit dramatic even for myself but I'll put it like this :

The muffled growl when awoken, hastily flashing its bright eyes. The surge of torque that gets you moving like a dart whilst being cocooned in the quiet interiors held with the reassurance of bolstered seats. A steering wheel that help(s) the hand(s) to change its direction like poetry in motion, while quietly narrating by gentle nudges, how the ground beneath its wheels is. Gear changes, pedal responses and pulsating cylinders syncronised to perfection. Motion that gives a feeling that the music itself has surrendered to the will of the drive. A fusion of 2 minds equally adept - man & machine, each incomplete without the other for as long as they are in motion they are one.

As you depart leaving it to meditate, you stare at they key with a half-smile, beginning to count the time before you hear that growl again. That is the only driving pleasure I know.
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