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View Poll Results: Have you ever received a Counterfeit currency unknowingly? What did you do with it?
Yes, reported to police / magistrate appropriately 0 0%
Yes, but Destroyed it out of fear! 3 21.43%
Yes, passed it to another person (else I would lose its value) 2 14.29%
Lucky me, never encountered one! 6 42.86%
My friend / received one unknowingly. Scary though! 3 21.43%
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Old 5th September 2009, 03:10   #16
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Originally Posted by Stanher View Post
Today a 500/- note I withdrew from a SBH (State Bank of Hyd.) ATM has the serial no. starting from 7AC- a student of mine, last week, gave me a handwritten-list of fake 1k and 500 notes, and 7AC is listed as fake 500 in that!

But is it true? Anyone who could verify this?

IF it IS a fake one, what do I do? I read in an online article that a guy in Srinagar got 2k worth of fake notes from a local bank (name not mentioned) ATM, and when he went to the concerned bank branch, they flatly refused to return it, and in turn, suspected him of getting the note from somewhere!

500 notes with those serial numbers are just probables of bieng fake, I got the same list for a Bank collection officer and the payment i made him had one 500 note bearing the serial numbers mentioned in the list. I got it from the SBI ATM,i assume they check the notes before loading the ATM with cash.That note was not a fake.
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Old 5th September 2009, 09:28   #17
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So is 7AC series a fake 500 note or (I hope!) not?
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Old 28th November 2009, 04:04   #18
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Default Fake notes - how do you tell the diff?

The other day, i filled 200 bucks worth of gas and handed over a 500 rupee note to him.

He fiddled with it a bit and returned it back saying that the note wouldn't work. I asked him why he felt so. He told me that he suspects it to be fake.

I go inside and meet the manager. He asks the attendant to check the note using the machine. The note doesn't show any signs of being fake. The manager comes and double checks it and finds no prob.

The attendant is not convinced. They then get the list of serial numbers that fake notes were found using. My note has a 6CH code which is not on that list.

I tell the guys that i wont give them another note unless they can prove that this one is fake. I ask them to take it to the bank and get it tested. If the bank says its fake, then i would gladly return the money back.

The next morning, i goto the pump and ask them what happened. They say that the bank accepted the note and didn't find anything wrong with it.

This got me wondering. How the hell do you differentiate between a real and fake note?

Are there any prominent differences between the 2?

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Old 28th November 2009, 09:25   #19
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A friend once was returned a 500 rupee note.
It was state-of-the-art identical, except for Gandhiji's face being a tiny bit crooked.
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Old 28th November 2009, 10:21   #20
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There are quite a few watermarks and impressions in various places. You'll see a new one everytime you look at a note.
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Old 28th November 2009, 10:37   #21
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Please see below, the easy ways to find out a original Note.
This information/illustration recieved from ICICI :

Original note.pdf
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Old 9th December 2009, 21:06   #22
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Default Beware!

Originally Posted by Stanher View Post
A 500/- note I withdrew from a SBH (State Bank of Hyd.) ATM has the serial no. starting from 7AC-

But is it true? Anyone who could verify this?
Sorry to have replied to your query so late. I just happened to read yours now. A few days back while I was at the SPAR, the store at Somajiguda.

They had displayed this notice:

The following notes with the serial numbers are not acceptable as per RBI instructions:
Rs. 500
1) 6AB, 6CW, 6BL & 6AV
2) 7CA, 7AC, 7DN & 7DD
3) 8BP, 8BS, 8PQ, 8DC, 8BD, 8DP, 8BF
4) 9BK, 9AN, 9AR, 9P, 9CN
Rs. 1000
1) 2AQ
2) 8AC
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Old 10th July 2012, 14:23   #23
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Default Counterfeit / Forged Bank Notes - INDIAN RUPEES (INR)


Counterfeit Bank Notes is an increasing menace today. Many of us have come across questions like: what to do if I get one? Should I just destroy it? Will I be caught just because I hold it right now? many many more questions like this.

I recently came across a website issued in public interest by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). I am sure this will help a lot of Team-BHP readers here.

RBI Link: Reserve Bank of India

Quote from the website:
5) Whether anyone can get exchange value for the forged notes which he or she has received unknowingly?
Being a forged note, ab initio, it has no value.
7) What should one do if he or she unknowingly comes in possession of a forged note?

As per Section 39 of the Criminal Procedure Code, every person, aware of the commission of or of the intention of any other person to commit certain offences, including those relating to counterfeiting of currency, is required to immediately give information about such commission or intention to the nearest magistrate or police officer.

8) How can we avoid taking forged notes?

While receiving banknotes, it will be a good idea to develop the habit of checking the genuineness of the notes.

9) If a person unknowingly deposits a forged note in a bank how will the bank deal with it?

The bank will impound the counterfeit note in the presence of the tenderer. The bank will also issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer. The receipt is authenticated by the cashier as well as by the tenderer. The acknowledgement is issued even in cases where the tenderer is unwilling to countersign it The bank will thereafter forward the impounded note to the local police authorities for further necessary action.

There was also a news that "POLYMER CURRENCY" (Plastic Notes) are soon to be deployed as a "Trial" in few selected states of India. This is a technology developed by Australia and is already in practrise in many countries of the world.

I wanted to bring this to T-BHP to spread this word across. Pour in your thoughts friends, this is a topic of both personal & national interest.

@ Mods, similar but Older / outdated threads do exist on our forum but this is the latest information available online. Please merge / move threads if required. Thanks.
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Old 10th July 2012, 15:54   #24
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Default Re: Fake Currency Notes - How do you tell the difference?

Thanks for the RBI link. But strange that it is not showing feature to switch languages (hindi at least).

Wikipedia page says RBI had already made announcement to introduce Rs 10 plastic notes in 2009 ! Was it released ?
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Old 11th July 2012, 17:22   #25
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Default Re: Fake Currency Notes - How do you tell the difference?

The 500Rs fake notes are more prominent i guess, with prolonged usage the ink turns a shade of dark black which when in a bundle can be easily recognized . The texture too is not as smooth as original.
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