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Old 13th November 2008, 15:28   #16
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Shocking but not unexpected. Arent we gotten used to of inefficiency of our Govt and Police force. There excuses in not doing their job is never ending. What to say,this is a routine in the country we live.
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Old 13th November 2008, 15:36   #17
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LAW students fighting and beating a man after he is down? Men of the upmost moral courage and integrity, men who believe in justice and fair play about to be admitted to the legal profession? India, you are a bit scarey.

I would like to see some follow up posts on the outcome of this incident.
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Old 13th November 2008, 15:44   #18
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What are we surprised at ?
I have witnessed a mob go on rampage when I was in Std. 10.
I came to know our culture. Now we all know what we are from within. This is not one off incident.
Go to the roots of politics in India and know more. Go to the roots of politics in college ( my college has voting, etc., so hell lot of politics ) and know more.
We were never great at our thinking level ( proof : we lost our freedom ) and this is reflection of it.

Arguments like " Police " and " Government " are of no use. We the general public are the one to build them. If no one is ready to pay bribe, then how can corruption begin ? It all stats with the general public.

This is nothing. I have witnessed worse things than this. This is not even 1% of it.
I am glad to know that things like this are surfacing now.
Expect them to rise.

I think of the people who are faced injustice.
What will be their mentality for the rest of their life ? This is the factor that worries me the most.
They wont be good citizens for sure.

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Old 13th November 2008, 15:59   #19
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While the whole incident is inhuman and barbaric, we need to be aware of how law colleges are breeding grounds for future rough politicians (atleast in Tamilnadu)

I know for a fact the following things:
1. Many law students align to political parties
2. There are frequent quarels / fights betwen rival gangs
3. I have witnessed elections in a law college where enough blood was
4. Objects used during such fights include swords, knives, sticks, bats,
stump and last but not the least country made bombs
5. Some join law college as a means to enter politics and attain fame
and money
6. When police interfers in such cases, politicians jump in to save the
students. Police most of the times cannot really do anything in such

It is a pity that judicial system has gone to such levels but thats the reality today

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Old 13th November 2008, 16:38   #20
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thiyags22,forget Law college students.

Didnt this happen some 6 months back within the Chennai Highcourt premises during some election between the Lawyers.

I saw it on TV News and it was a sight to watch practicing Lawyer's have a go at each other.
As usual,the Police were mute spectators because of the " ITS OUR PROBLEM AND WE WILL SORT IT OUT ; DONT YOU DAMN INTEFERE" attitude from the quarelling parties.

The Police were only happy to oblige that.Becase you know what,had only they interfered,the quarelling parties would have joined hands to fight the POLICE AGRESSION.
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Old 13th November 2008, 17:45   #21
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Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
LAW students fighting and beating a man after he is down? India, you are a bit scarey.
I would like to see some follow up posts on the outcome of this incident.

Thats what hurts the most beating someone who is already down !?

To answer your question yes India is very scary when it comes to communal violence!

Outcome you say,..well you just saw it...!! It'll get written up it'll get debated and will be on the front page for a few days,..and then slowly be forgotten till another incident pushes it up back to the front page.

A few inspectors suspended or transfered out,..a few students arrested and remanded to custody !! If any of the victims die then it could result into a long drawn case which could continue for years before justice (if at all) is dispenses. This is usually the case when it comes to the judicial system and mob violence,...its just too long drawn.

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Old 13th November 2008, 18:27   #22
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Really horrific!!!

Sometimes humans behave worse than animals, beating a man mercilessly & that too when he has given up!
Feel sorry for that young guy, I hope he doesn't have any serious injuries!

On top of that, morons in Khaki are standing there & watching this gory scene!
Shame on you TN Police!
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Old 13th November 2008, 18:45   #23
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Here is the news item regarding this. Chennai cops fail to stop students' clash, suspended

the cops excuse is, they were waiting for the college principal to give them permission to intervene. The cops and college principal have been suspended.
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Old 13th November 2008, 19:32   #24
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these things do happen. trust me when i say this if you touch those who are in power then you will be dead meat before you know it!!. thats why the police stay away!
in my brothers college things went out of hand someone did something( ragging as in forcing him to do drugs!!!) to my bro! and that someone is still in a wheel-chair!!..i heard like that..some say he is dead!!!( he hasnt been able to walk ever since!) thats all i have heard.
my bro was a memeber of a really strong students political group( very very influential too read the money bank in that students party) and his couzin(mine too!) was a strong guy among the regional ( read a religious students front!!) both of them ganged up[ drugs united them..shocking but true..!!] and final year gang was beaten into a bloody pulp!! no one was spared! my bro was really pissed off and in a mentall shock ( after such a ragging who wont be!!??) he lost his human side and almost killed that senior!!( a cricket bat and an iron rod !!) what is left of him i still dont know .Even my bro doesnt know, he was taken away by force by my couzin. and never told about what happened afterwards to the victims.
police didnt even have a FIR filed!! they all had dinner in a star hotel the very same night!!

its not because the police are incompetent that they stay idle. they hav no choice but to listen to orders from the top!( which are always from party people)

best option is stay away from problems period!!

peace out
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Old 13th November 2008, 19:49   #25
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I can't say anything here as we all are just sitting and discussing here, but not doing anything. Its our mistake that our country is becoming even more corrupt.

I feel what India needs is a Rang De Basanti style eradication of the root of the problem - The politicians. Now you may ask if that happens then who will be left to govern the country? The answer is once it starts happening, Politicians will become fearful and the problem will get sorted to a great extent. But who will do it? Me? You? I think none of us.

Until it happens with someone we know/love, we'll just get on with our lives. Like Sameel said: "best option is stay away from problems period!!"
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Old 13th November 2008, 19:57   #26
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I felt very bad seeing the entire thing in TV

I just hate the way certain things are

Law students taking law into their hands, kudos for prospective Lawyers
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Old 13th November 2008, 20:12   #27
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@OP : youtube removed the video
violence is part and parcel in most parts of the country especially with students and colleges during upto 1990's.I was brought up near a famous arts college near Kochin(Nirmala college ,Muvattupuzha). during mid 1980s and all ,I remember the students who put fire on local Buses ,Goondas entering campus(upto the pre-degree course pdc) ,achayans carrying country made guns to intimidate ,chasing opp gang etc .beating everything was usual there during that time.

I must say ,Kerala lost all that after the Plus two came. .Now ,it is the turn of KA and TN ,it seems :

Now we got child-sitters like sree "Jeppiar" and "Dhinakaran"(karunya engg college) in TN to look after that! go through satyabhama engg college(and many other TN colleges also!) :
Sathyabama University: Boys and Girls can't talk to each other

And I am shocked to find many students in TN love to be treated as school kids as in Satyabhama college and karunya.Orthodox people!

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Old 13th November 2008, 20:23   #28
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Mera Bharath Mahan! Long Live India. We need martial law in this country. Period. India will never change.
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Old 13th November 2008, 22:25   #29
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Disturbing... Really Disturbing. Why? For what? Is life so cheap here? No remorse? no sympathy? Humanity? What happened? What are we doing wrong?

Spoiled my day. Praying that the injured get well soon.
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Old 13th November 2008, 23:50   #30
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I dont know what mentality leads students to this. I am myself in college, and things do get out of control, and yes the actions of police are as per top order and eventually end up on politicians.
Earlier in another college, when seniors came to me finding alone and started " ragging ". It was all violent and let me tell you the differences start here.
And to feel secure, those who dont have influence join any one group where others will think twice before touching him. This is how carriers are lost. I know many.
There is only one solution to this : Keep politics out of college. For this the college administration has to get to high morale. Then these thing can be prevented.
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