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Thumbs up

Kudos to you for saving these innocent lives.
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Well done Million Swords. I really appreciate what you have done. You are a life saver. There are those who would just leave them to perish but you have been a God Sent to them

They are very adorable. You area good man.
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Noble deed indeed. Kudos to you.
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Cool Some more photos - u might like!

I have attached a few more photos, after they have grown in the past week or more,. hope u like them...

PS: I had to find another sturdy house for them again. The rain has been merciless on the small cardboard house I had made, and it succumbed to the rain. The pups were growing and naughty now, they climbed on the wet triangle house and flattened them and then were searching for the house they were sleeping. I noticed them sleeping on the house after they crushed them to ground.

So I decided to part with my car-wash bucket, I tied it to a rope so that it does not roll away, and secured it on the other side of the compound wall to a stone. The pups found it nice to roll inside the bucket and played around it, climbed on it, bite it and yet the house is good enough for sleeping time.

You can see them having fun with my car-wash bucket!

When the bucket became too little for them both to sleep, they hug each other to accommodate inside it. Later Whitey sleeps half outside to allow the little one to be safe inside the bucket.

They have now run out and need the bucket no more, but I have left it there if they need it, for another week to see if they come back to sleep if needed!
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Saving 3 cute puppies when Chennai was flooded! - with photos-img_5782.jpg  

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awesome, really nice effort there MS do be careful with plastic bags though since they can cause suffocation
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Great job. Appreciate it. Btw the pups look really adorable. You will be an inspiration those who ll want to do the same thing if such a calamity occurs again.
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Default How to Feed them...

Originally Posted by Sudipto-S-Team View Post
Fantastic. You have a big heart. The pups will survive. And looking at them they might not even be ten days old. By the way, you say you fed them !!! What did you feed them? It's extremely difficult feeding such young pups. Great work once again.
Usually pups don't take anything other than their mother's milk. They do not know to identify anything else.

I was waiting for their mommy to come by and feed them, I guess she was caught in the rain and flood some where, though dogs are very dutiful in this aspect, she was seriously in trouble some where I guess.

As new born pups need milk every 2 to 3 hours, it was a long wait for the pups without milk. So I told my wife, lets feed! She was happily ready with a cup of milk.

I decided to feed them with raw milk[not boiled], which is good for the pups, as my dad used to say. So I placed a empty CD tray as a bowl [this is because the rims need to be very very small just about 1cm tall, else the pups will not be able to reach inside the bowl], and we did not have any other smaller rim bowl.

Pups were able to smell the milk, but not locate them, so I had to touch the milk in my index finger, and then show it near its nose to smell, and lick, then guide them to the tray to taste the milk. Rest is for u to see in pictures, they hurriedly finished the tray with no traces of milk! just half a cup of milk for 3 puppies is all needed at that time.

Now after they have grown to about 7 to 8 CMs high, they can eat solid food such as biscuits, rusk, small chicken bones to treat their growing sharp teeth, and raw chicken would be a treat for them. I gave them Egg Yellow because it is very essential for their growth at this time. [I skip yellow for my diet, so I have abundant Egg Yellow left over, I don't mind saving them, and then finding the puppies and feeding them when I get time].

A good chicken treat would be sausages, because they are minced already, and easy to chew - pups would love them, and they are naturally carnivorous.

I gave them sausages, and some small chicken bones after I had lunch at Mary Brown once, I packed a couple of small pieces and all bone parts in a take away pack, the waiter wondered what I was upto, I just got the box from him, and I packed it myself, and when I reached home, I called the puppies and they climb inside the bucket, I can lift the bucket across the wall and feed them. Then they go back to their place to sleep, and do natures duty.

They love Bones always!

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Man... No words. I m sure you could bring a smile on everyone's face who read this. May God bless you dear.
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Excellent effort! Hats off to you,buddy.
Very rarely do we come across people who take the time to save these helpless creatures. God bless you!
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No words to describe it. And one of my friends will be your fan for ever, because she loves pups and people like you.
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be blessed and you have set an example for society,Kudos to your parents first and then to you.
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MillionSwords, may you live a million years! That was quite a gesture, and those pups are adorable. Use feeding bottles for milk and try not to feed them meat - they're not ready for it yet.

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Great job MS. Keep it up!
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Just returned home after a frustrating days work. Reading your post has rejuvenated me! May your tribe grow
Keep up the good work!

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MillionSwords bhai, you are hell of a nice guy ! Be sure that your good deeds will be rewarded for, though I know that watching the cute puppies being happy is itself a good reward. Thanks for sharing, for letting us share the happiness.

Once I found a lady in Cubbon park, accompanied by all the strays in the park(for those who do not know, it is a huge park), a sizeable number. They waited all around her, patiently, no barks or anything, while she arranged plates and put food in each. The orderly manner in which they ate would put to shame some humans, who jostle for space and fight to be first at the table at many marriage parties that I have seen. I mentally paid tributes to the lady, I guess she was a regular, going by hoe the dogs behaved with her. Each of the dog knew that it would be fed, and was waiting for its turn. Amazing.
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