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Old 17th April 2005, 03:46   #31
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nomally the cars in the family are kept for about 4-5 years.i had a mahindra jeep which my dad sold after 10 years !! then got an 800 sold it after 4 years then bought the zen in 1996 still have it then got a 1000 sold that after 3 years then got another one for a year and then an esttem had that for 4 years and now got the baleno.and will get the lancer in a while.

oh yeah and the kinetic has been in the family since 1987 !!

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Old 18th April 2005, 17:50   #32
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my family cars

dad bought his first car - 1972 model fiat - second hand purchased in 1987. drove it for 5 years and then sold it

bought a m800 carb in 1992, navy blue, kept it till 1999 and got Rs 75000 when sold.

bought a m800 pheonix red again in Nov 1998 which i drive now . clocked 95000+ kms and still engine hasnt given any probs.

bought a accent grey, in August 2001. has clocked 55000+ kms till date.
contrary to many accents which start giving problems at an very early stage , touchwood this car hasnt given any major engine or suspension problems till date. the only change which is happening is new tyres which are finalised to 185/60 R13 Michelin tubeless.

so i can say that we keep our cars for a long time and we often tend to get very emotionally attached to it.

hubby's side

a bajaj scooter purchased in 2000 and sold in year 2003.

purchased a pulsar 150 in 2003 and running till date.
changed the tyres for better ride and grip.

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Old 22nd August 2006, 11:59   #33
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Car brings luck to me!.. But that wears off after sometime.. I trust or dont trust my cars based on how much unwanted spending happens on the car and other things... So I believe my vehicle to bring me lucky charm..

Also I really believe that .. some vehicles are looking out for their owner and it happens like love.. its mutual.. you know why i end up buying used vehicles now
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Old 22nd August 2006, 12:48   #34
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Our Tata Indica is 4 years and counting. When the replacement comes in a few months(looking at some hyundai) it will get relegated to the status of a second car, or be replaced by a pulsar
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Old 22nd August 2006, 17:36   #35
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Five years is the ownership tenure for the cars in my family.

We had an 800 previously which had clocked only 18k KMS and was sold for a very good price... Sadly it wasnt driven much...

Previous to that we had 2 padmini's.... my memory fails me on the ownership tenure...

my bikes in the past have been around for an average of 4-5 years....

now my esteem is clocking 4.5 years and my Fiero too....

my dad wants me to sell the esteem next year.... but i find that very hard to let go... it's clocked only 30k KMS and feels like new....

Ssshhhh.. a secret... dont tell my car cos she'll get jealous... i mite sell it off if i get a really good OHC Vtec in a year or keep her for 2-3 years and get myself a used CIVIC... how does that sound?

BTW my 800 is 4 years and counting... i did get a fantastic deal for it more than a year back but returned the token amount as i couldn't part with the car.... she'z as good as new too.... 25k KMS only and smooth as butter....
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Old 22nd August 2006, 20:17   #36
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We use our cars until they are fully depreciated and fall apart. Examples : My 800 ran till about 150,000 km. Ditto for my Premier Padmini 137D. And for the 118NE. My Esteem has covered close to 2,00,000 and is up for sale. My Jeep had a heart transplant after 140,000 km. And I dont think I am selling the Vtec or C220 anytime soon.
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Old 23rd August 2006, 16:01   #37
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Interesting thread!

I seem to be the old-fashioned type who likes to retain his prized possessions for ever!

My first automobile was the Kawasaki-Bajaj KB-100 RTZ, bought in January 1990. I still have it, after 16 long years! Used it extensively and did some 56000 KMs till 1996 when I bought my first car, a Maruti 800. After the Maruti purchase, my bike driving almost stopped. Sometime in 1997 or 1998, I got the KB-100 engine upgraded to 125 CC from the local Bajaj dealer. These days, I use the KB for occasional short trips to market, etc.

I've done some 2,05,000 KMs in my Maruti 800 (the engine's been overhauled twice) during the 10 years that I've had it and it still drives like new! Plan to keep it for at least a few more years.

Have bought a new FIAT Adventure recently and hope to keep it as long as parts and service are available!!
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Old 23rd August 2006, 19:43   #38
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i am going to buy a 98 m800 and will keep it forever.

at least till the time its called 'vintage'
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Old 23rd October 2009, 23:18   #39
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Premier Padmini 1984 model had it till 2002 18 years.Maruti 800 ' 97 model
still going on till date.
Dunno when i will sell it.

Do you still have you 800 ??
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Old 24th October 2009, 08:28   #40
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Maruti 800 - Sold off after 13 years of great service at 120XXX kms
Wagon R - Sold off after 5 yrs of service at 65XXX kms
Esteem 01 - Still using it after 130XXX kms & still going great guns . Basically cant see myself now driving any other car.
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Old 24th October 2009, 10:00   #41
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I am pretty boring with cars and only have a sticky affair with them. All my vehicles outlive union parliament. Learnt riding on dad's 1984 bajaj super. It is still alive at my native village, but, on life support, needs a bit of TLC before she ignites.

First bike purchased from salary was a 1998 Yamaha RXZ. It was gem of a bike and served me for ~47k kms. It was in mint condition when I parted with her in 2006. I discovered streets of Mumbai and North Konkan on it. Even after a decade away from the mega-city, thanks to this "little" bike, I have the entire geography in mind. Regret why I sold her

The next oldest member is wifey's 2001 Kinetic Style. Done only about 6.5k kms so far. Had many initial niggles like, ignition coil conked off within warranty period. Petrol pipe came loose on the middle of the road and thanks to kinetic engineering, it was so diificult to put it back. I had ~3 litres of petrol gushing down on a hot engine... very scarry. Now there are no niggles. It starts even with a dead battery and putters around w/o much fuss. Used for local errands only.

2002 WagonR is my first car. Going strong at ~46k kms. Discovered entire stretch of Konkan from Daman in the north to Goa in the south on this MAV. Had one set of shoes replaced with Michelin XM1 and normal periodic maintenance. Very hassle free experience

Next is a 2006 Bullet Electra. Done about 12.5k kms so far. My four years old wants to paint her "pink" when she grows "big" and ride to "school". This machine will probably outlive me.

Youngest one is my palace on wheel- a 2009 Safari VX 4x4. The black beauty has done just a little over 6.2k on odo.

Nice thread.

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Old 24th October 2009, 11:34   #42
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We keep them till they fall apart or it visits the service centre too often.
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Post Re: How long do you keep your car?

10 plus years is what we always target for. But, it can vary depending on the change in requirements. This is the history till now.
  • 1st generation Maruti 800 ( Made in Japan model ) - Used it for 5 years and 25000 kms. Father sold it after he met with an accident. It was absolutely trouble free for all of that 5 years.
  • Maruti Zen carburetor engine model - Used it for 12 years and 1,25,000 kms. Was a very reliable vehicle and is meant to last really long.
  • Toyota Etios Diesel - 92000 kms and 4 years. The only part replaced due to ageing till now is the rear suspensions, that too at 92000 kms. This has to be the most durable vehicle that we have ever used. Plan to keep this for 10 to 15 years ( unless if we think of an automatic transmission gear )
  • Toyota Etios Liva Diesel - 33,000 kms and 4 years. Zero unplanned replacements till date. Will replace it as soon as Toyota comes up with an automatic transmission vehicle ( either Liva or the VIOS )
I haven't included 2nd hand purchases in the above list. For 2nd hand vehicles, we buy it as a stop gap arrangement till we go for a new purchase. Normally sell it within 2 years after purchase ( FIAT 80s model and Maruti Esteem (My old Esteem's birthday celebration @ Autoteam Maruti Service Masters, Cochin) MPFI model )
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Default Re: How long do you keep your car?

We keep our cars for 10+ years.

M800 bought in May 1996, sold in April 2011. Run for 150000 km.
Hyundai Santro bought in Sep 2003, sold in July 2014. Run for 80,000 km.
SX4 bought in April 2011, so far clocked 52000 km.

All cars were maintained decently but out of the three, SX4 is maintained very very well. Thanks to Team-BHP, the car feels absolutely new to drive. Cars of a few of my relatives have clocked similar mileage and they really appreciate me when they sit in my car.

So, planning to keep SX4 too for 8-10 years at least.
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Old 28th December 2015, 18:00   #45
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Default Re: How long do you keep your car?

My first car an Alto x-fun was sold off within a year in 2006, when I had to move out of Gurgaon. Then got an SX4 in Sept 2007, which is still going strong, with less than 50k on the odo. In the meanwhile got a astar while in Hyderabad, and now its the main workhorse, and brought it to chennai as well. This has now got more than 50k in 4+ years.
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