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Default Eating out in Singapore

Singapore has one of these hotspots where the food is really hot.

Boat Quay ( Thai food at the end near Clark Quay)
Excellent Kra Thong Thongs.
The chicken curry & rice is to die for.

Indian food in singapore - naturally near Mustafa's and the premium place is Shalimar or something like that Robinson way - Opp Hong Leong Building near the DFS place.

Singapore Crabs and Seafood hawker place - East Coast parkway.

Singapore -I once was taken to a japanese fast food meal place near the Tiger Balm Gardens near the west of Singapore, awesome place, someone recollect the place's name please let us all know.

Singapore - Pastries & bakery products - HILTON SINGAPORE awesome stuff, I had the opportunity of spending a birthday there, it was out of the world.

Rest most of the places around the CBD are great on the normal singaporean food. Lau Pa Sat market has this Malaysian/Indian biryani place which is awesome - its a stall. Spent a lot of days eating the lunch from this place, papad,, curry, biryani etc great stuff.

ANy one tried Wang Mui ? The Chinese churan ? great stuff.

London & Suburbs,

Sakoni (can't help)

Acton - there's this wow Indian restaurant, great food.

Circular road at West london suburbs (near Wembley Zenith compound, Mexican food joint, again great food)

Nando's kababs (bonglabosshi) aka bangledeshi kababs but the calcutta recipe.

- best of the best foods - Cheese Gibbin at the Lebanese bakery on the junction of the Post office road (Karama GPO road)
I can go to dubai for this and come back. The mods won't let me emote on the board here, its something to do before dying.

Dubai - Flying Tigers Diner - for the chicken burger & salad at Deira city center. ( One earns and lives for this till the wives take over)

Baklava - across Dubai. Great stuff.

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Chili’s - Mushroom Jack Fajita
Bertucci's & Olive Gardens (Italian) : Chicken Marsala
Thai Restaurants- Gai Sub Gra Po
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Default USA - New York City, Boston

Foody Alert!

There's a whole lot of excellent places serving delicious food in New York City, and outside. Here's a few places that my wife & me and our friends frequent - we're a bunch of foodies:

Gyros / Chicken & Rice / Taxi driver cuisine / Gaadi food
Have Chicken & Rice (or Pita), Lamb over Rice (or Pita), Chicken & Lamb over Rice (or Pita) at any of the million carts located on any street corner in Manhattan and come away a changed person - excellent food.
$5 can feed one person - lunch & dinner.
Most popular cart is the one located on the corner of 53rd St & 6th Ave.
Few others located on 30th St & 5th Ave, 26th St & Madison Ave, 32nd St & Park Ave.
These places are usually open from lunch time till 4am - timings vary.

Chinese - Indian:
Tangra Masala Asian Fusion
If you're craving Indian-Chinese food in New York then there's just one place you need to know. Try anything - they'll make it as spicy as you want and the taste..... wow. It's owned by a Chinese family from India. Excellent food - as you would expect in a restaurant in Mumbai.
3923 Queens Blvd, Long Island City / Sunnyside (Queens), NY (Go to this one - 10 min drive / Subway from Manhattan)
87-09 Grand Ave, Elmhurst, NY (The original location but it's too small).
Indo Munch
182 Lexington Ave (@ 31st St), New York, NY

Chinese - American:
Sichuan Gourmet
If you're on a trip to Massachusetts (MA), then don't miss this restaurant. The Chinese food is to die for - the number of Desis eating here speaks for itself. Try the Smoky Hot Shredded Chicken w/ Cayenne (also known as J2) and the Jumbo Shirmp w/ Sichuan Pepper Spiced Salt, but basically try anything.
271 Worcester Rd. (Route 9), Framingham, MA
Convenient Plaza, 502 Boston Rd. Billerica, MA
(Besides Billerica Mall, near Lowell)

Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine
Try the mixed grill.
212 East 34th St (b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave), New York, NY
Turkish Kitchen
Upscale but excellent food.
386 3rd Ave, New York, NY
Sahara's Turkish Cuisine
513 2nd Ave (b/w 28th & 29th St), New York, NY

Kabul Kabab
Try the entrees!
42-51 Main St, Flushing (Queens), NY
Bamiyan Afghani Restaurant
358 3rd Ave (@ 26th St), New York, NY

Mexican / Latin / South American / Cajun:
Expensive but excellent food & drinks.
1022 3rd Ave (b/w 60th & 61st St), New York, NY
Expensive but excellent margaritas & food.
953 2nd Ave (b/w 50th & 51st St), New York, NY
Caliente Cab Company
Try the fresh made Guacamole, extra spicy with lots of lemon.
488 3rd Ave (@ 33rd St), New York, NY
Baby Bo's Cantina
Nice small joint to go to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
627 2nd Ave (b/w 34th & 35th St), New York, NY
Maui Tacos
A decent place to go to while walking around the Empire State Bldg. Food isn't fantabulous but you get what you pay for + friendly servers. They can make your margaritas / sangrias strong.
330 5th Ave (b/w 32nd & 33rd St), New York, NY
Border Cafe
Visiting Harvard Square in Cambridge (Boston), and you miss this - man! you're missing something.
32 Church St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Italian & Desserts:
Bella Napoli
Try the Clams alla Posillipo & the Garlic Bread.
130 Madison Ave (b/w 30th & 31st St), New York, NY
Terra Rustica
550 North State Rd, Briarcliff Manor (Westchester County), NY
Good food & deserts (try the Tartufo & the Tiramisu)
447 3rd Ave (b/w 30th & 31st St), New York, NY
Isle Of Capri
Good food & desserts but timings are restricted.
1028 3rd Ave (@ 61st St), New York, NY
Veneiro's Pasticceria & Caffé
Got a sweet tooth? Go wild here! Diet for a day or two and have your fill of desserts and dessert wines in this pastry cafe. Be warned - there's always a line here. This place opened around 90 years before I was born, and it's still going strong.
342 East 11th Street (b/w 1st Ave & 2nd Ave), New York, NY
Ghiradelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop
Not Italian, so clubbed it in here because of the desserts.

Japanese / Hibachi / Sushi:
Gasho of Japan - Hibachi Steakhouse
A great alternative to the now very commercialized Benihana chain.
6 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne (Westchester County), NY
Iron Sushi
440 3rd Ave (b/w 30th & 31st St), New York, NY
319 5th Ave (@ 32nd St), New York, NY

It's all you really need for your Thai fixes! Here medium means HOT!
Go to any location - they're both excellent.
396 3rd Ave (b/w 28th & 29th St), New York, NY
46 West Old Country Rd, Hicksville (Long Island), NY

Thai NY
Located right next to Jaiya (in Manhattan).
394 3rd Ave (@ 28th St), New York, NY

Saigon Grill
Excellent vietnamese-fusion.
91 University Pl (b/w 11th & 12th St), New York, NY
Noodles 28
417 3rd Ave (@ 29th St), New York, NY

Sri Lankan:
Sigri Sri Lanka Restaurant
Excellent Sri Lankan cuisine! Very very spicy! Try the Fish Cutlets, the Kothu, Curries, Grill - it's all good!
91 1st Ave (b/w 5th & 6th St), New York, NY

Penang Malaysian Cuisine
Great Malaysian food. Get your curry & canai fixes here.
127 West 72nd St (b/w Columbus & Amsterdam Ave), New York, NY

Seafood - American:
City Island (Bronx), NY
Visit this place and be overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of food. Be ready to shell out a few greens though.
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA
Need I say more?

FiRE + iCE
Mongolian BBQ, I hear someone asking? Near Harvard Square, but they have a location coming up in West Nyack, NY.
50 Church St, Cambridge, MA

Brick Lane Curry House
Named after the Brick Lane in London. The owner's a British-Indian (now British-Indian-American, I guess). Everything tastes great. Try the P'hall (pronunced: Faal) but only if you want to burn your insides.
306-308 East 6th St (b/w 1st & 2nd Ave), New York, NY
Tiffin Wallah
This one's for the veggies! Good desi snacks! Bhel, Alu bonda, etc.
127 East 28th St (b/w Lexington & Park Ave), New York, NY
Copper Chimney
No, they're not related to the one in Bombay. Slightly pricy but good food - Check in advance as they sometimes need reservation.
126 East 28th Street, New York, NY
Quick kebabs & frankies
97 Lexington Ave (@ 27th St), New York, NY
Kabab Factory
Owned by a young Panju chap. Great food - very accomodating.
101 Lexington Ave (b/w 27th & 28th St), New York
Indian Bread Company
Teeny little place known for it's Kathi rolls (NY name for Frankie).
194 Bleecker St (b/w 6th Av & MacDougal St), New York, NY
They're expensive but go during lunch time for a better deal. Chefs aren't Indian, but the food is very much so. A little on the milder side but tasty.
11 Madison Ave (@ 25th St), New York, NY
South Indian food.
110 Lexington Ave (b/w 27th & 28th St, New York, NY
Madras Mahal
Another South Indian joint.
104 Lexington Ave (b/w 27th & 28th St, New York, NY
Another one for the veggies. Pre-fixed Gujarati / Rajasthani Thali - If you're in the mood make advanced reservations or they won't let you in. Very arrogant waitresses. I wouldn't recommend it as the food isn't fantastic - it's alright. Walk-ins aren't welcome. Works with some of the Desi crowd bringing their American friends into a make-believe village atmosphere.
409 3rd Ave (b/w 28th & 29th Street), New York, NY
Mount Everest Restaurant
Run by Nepalese management, they make delicious Indian food - that somehow a lot of other Indian restaurants in the US mess up.
Try the Lamb Saag, Garlic Naan and the Chicken Tikka. They'll make it extra spicy for you. Great buffet menu too.
7927-C Belair Rd (Route 1), Nottingham (Baltimore County), MD

Thats it from me, with more additions to come. Korean, etc.

ps. abhijitaparadh, if you're missing Goan cusinie, you should come to my place .

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Thats quite exhaustive list and glad to say that I have been to most of those places.

Sure, would love to meet up with you sometime.
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aah78: It looks like I've googled "restaurants in US" lol! nice list though!

My favorites have been:

1. In the US: Chipotle, Burger King (chicken tender crisp and $ 1 breakfast) and Chinese Hut.

2. In Dubai: Al Karachi Darbar (Deira and Karama).
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There we go. I have so many experiences and most good ones to share but they are too many. I also know its going to be a long post.
therefore, I would like to bifurcate it, country wise and in the case of the US, city wise, so here goes;


I believe that the best way to see a place and get the feel of it is to walk. Walk and eat its local cuisine, some being variants of other country food like the US has Tex Mex which is so much different from te actual Mexican. So also the US pizza is a whole world different from its Italian sibling.

Lets start with the Big Apple- Mostly Manhattan

N.Y. being a really cosmopolitan city there is all kinds of food available.

A stroll through Broadway will immediately tickle your food senses. I remember eating at a no frills steak place called TAD'S I think its situated on 55th, going towards 42nd. Im also sure there may be many Tad's now. Whenever I visit NY, i always eat at least one meal there. Its steak by weight and char grilled, the way a steak should be. The first time I ate there it was for 2$. On my last visit I still paid only 6$ for a huge T-Bone with a salad and a big Jacket potato topped with sour cream. Yummyy!!

Everywhere in America, one gets real value for money in food, unike in most Europe. The food here is rich, fattening, unhealthy and huge in quantity. In short its fantastic.

Though most of my bad food experiences abroad are with Indian food there are a few Indian Restaurants I would recommend. The top on my list is situated in Manhattan, called TAMRIND situated at 41-43E, 22nd street. If you are home sick, I suggest you eat here. The food here is as good as any of our better Indian restaurants here. Its not cheap but i wouldn't call it expensive either. Best ask for recommendations from the owner, a dapper Punjabi/cut surd guy who will politely and willingly suggest what you eat. This place is popular so book before you go. Its popularity is gauged by the fact that there are an equal number of non Indians eating there if not more than the Indians.

Somewhere in Manhattan (and there will definitely be more than one around) is THE place for Ribs. Long big beef ribs or small baby back racks of lamb or pork. Visit TONY ROMA'S. You cant get better than that. They have branches all over the world now including Bangkok and Singapore, where I have eaten with great pleasure.

I will mention only the speciality places so excuse me if i skip the regular, burger and pizza place.

NY is famous for its Delis or Delicatessens. Its a very NY-USA culture where a small place specialises in something.
I would like to mention the top two in NY called KATZ DELI and CARNEGIE DELI

Both these delis have arguably the best Pastrami sandwich i have ever eaten.
Pastrami is a highly flavoured, smoked meat which is cut and served as a filling.

I walked into Katz at 205 East Houston, and told them I liked my sandwich stuffed. Thats the mistake i made. They continuously keep slicing a huge block of meat you would think for around four sandwiches and stuff it into one. Its just great. Theres around a pound of meat in the sandwich and is best eaten on Rye bread.

Katz is also famous coz it appeared in the movie When Harry Met Sally, in the scene where Meg Ryan fakes her orgasm in a restaurant.

The whopping Pastrami sandwich at Katz

Name:  KatzPastramiSandwich.jpg
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Size:  13.3 KB

The Carnegie Deli is a few steps away from the Park Central Hotel In Manhattan. Famous for its Pastrami sandwich and also others, their motto is if you can finish our sandwich, theres something we are not doing right. We had one sandwich between the three of us and some was left over. Here sandwiches are huge, like ones at Katz but here is where you get one of the best NY Cheesecakes in the world. Of course USA is cheese cake heaven but this place beats it. The best is the baked not the frozen. Try the plain NY cheesecake made with pure cream cheese (Philadelphia cheese)

Some pics taken of the net.

The Carnegie Deli

Name:  Carnegie_deli.JPG
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Size:  152.7 KB

The famous Pastrami sandwich

Name:  carnegiedeli.jpg
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Size:  17.6 KB

The Strawberry Cheesecake

Name:  carnegie cheese cake.jpg
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Size:  31.1 KB

The sandwiches and cheesecakes are pricey but when you see the quantity, it appears cheap.

Another real meat eaters place is the Churasaria. There are many spread around again. They are basically an all you can eat Argentenian meat only restaurants. If you order their all you can eat, it is served on your table in small courses, mostly straight from the skewer. Grills, skewers, char broiled, you name it, theres meat of all variety and type. Theres white, red and even game. I love such places.

Chinese food is very evolved everywhere you go. I would be missing if i didnt mention the Chinese restaurants in China Town In NY.
I went to China Town, after making enquiries about the best restaurant there. Unfortunately i dont know what it was called as the board was in Chinese.

As we entered, the staff greeted us. Chinese restaurants are not the most friendly places in NY, as you will discover if you are not with family. If accompanied with wife and kids they go out of their way to please you. The food was god and very NY, not spiced. I requested the owner who was also the chef t o make me something he would eat, in Beef, chicken,
(not orange/lemon) and a plate of pak choi or choi sum accompanied with steamed rice. What i got was super fantastic Chinese food.

You can see the satisfied look on our faces. Always the bill is accompanied with orange slices as it cleans the palate.

A guide to eating ABROAD!-dsc01939-large.jpg

.....more later im going to be posting continuously now.....!!!

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Originally Posted by V-16 View Post

You can see the satisfied look on our faces. Always the bill is accompanied with orange slices as it cleans the palate.

Attachment 95060

.....more later im going to be posting continuously now.....!!!
Both the waiters are also giving appreciative looks in the mirror
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Actually i was weary of going to a chinese restaurant in China Town NY. I had experienced their rude service many a times till my friends told me about their Familial affinities.
While i was sitting, a group of Americans wanted to come in. They were flatly told that the time was over. It was 20 minutes to closing. After they left, another group came in and was allowed, they had women and children with them. Time to closing, 8 minutes.

I enquired why so, they said, "Before group drunk... and will want more drink. This group with family, no problem"
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Default South Africa

If you are in Jozi(Johannesburg), SOuth Africa, dont forget to visit montecasino, it not only boasts of one of the most glamorous casino, but also has some fabulous eateries. For Indian food there is Raj, nice place with good food.
Another good place where we get good middle eastern food is Anat with its Shwarma, Falafel etc.
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My experiences have been eclectic. Most of my travelling has been in Europe and Japan.

The obvious difficulty is communications - the only recognizable English words being Chikeen and Pock! If one is willing to experiment, one can point out, in the display outside each restaurant, the corresponding plastic model of what one desires. There is an humongous variety one can sample from in Japan. Sign language works quite well, if one feels English will not work. I have even spoken in Hindi in many places just to get the non-verbal communications going - and it worked perfectly. Just think beyond Sushi, which is as common-place as pakodas in India.

* There is not much street food in Japan, because the Japanese do not consider eating in public places (other than the ubiquitous food courts) as good manners. Exceptions:
- Tako-yaki: Tako is octopus (legs), yaki is fried. Round fried balls of batter with bits of octopus legs, spring onions, ginger etc. and covered with a soya-sauce based glaze. Heavenly on a winter evening
- Yaki-tori: Literal translation 'fried bird'. Same as Chicken Satay without the peanut sauce
- Udon: Thick noodles in a broth, with vegetables / meat / egg more as a garnish than substance. Slurping compulsory and socially accepted - how else can you get the piping hot noodles into your mouth

* Subsistence eating comes in the form of 7-11, AM/PM etc. which have a decent variety of bakery stuff, as well as yak-tori, fried fish, cutlets etc.

* Korokke: Croquets pronounced the Japanese way. Fist-sized balls of mashed potato, mixed with, sometimes with a core of, minced meat, covered with bread-crumbs and deep fried. Enormous variety - each town has a couple of speciality Korokke shops - who compete on national TV for the Best Korokke title!

* Tonkatsu: Fried crumbed pork cutlets, but one can always find chicken and fish equivalents on display

* O-bento: Boxed lunch / dinner - rice, steamed veggies, tofu, a bit of meat or fish, Japanese pickles etc. packed so prettily in a box one wouldn't feel like disturbing the setting

* Kare-raisu: Yes, curry-rice it is. A distant cousin of sambar-rice - just that the sambar got modified over more than 100 years. Beef / pork / chicken / veg in a dark brown sauce with a vaguely familiar South Indian taste, over a bowl/plate of glutinous rice. Available in 5 grades of heat, the top 2 being rather difficult even for Indians. Ask around for a Kare-Raisu shop - these are small joints with limited seating. All over Japan - even in Hokkaido!

* Soba: buck-wheat noodles (like pasta) boiled in a specialty broth which is served as the sauce. A simple meal eaten cold with very few accompaniments. Each district seems to have its special soba, with stuff added like spinach, nori, etc. to change the basic flavor of the noodle itself. The flavor is very subtle and delicate, and that is how the Japanese differentiate between the varieties
(to be continued...)
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The great thing about Canada is that it's a immigrant's country and it shows in the amazing food avaliable there. Following are places located in Toronto.

Mr.Greek : Great greek food. I must had tons of Chicken Souvlaki in 1.5 years!

Swiss Chalet: Fast food but great food. The Rotisserie Chicken meal was yummy.

Real McCoy: (Markham Rd and Brimorton Dr.) It's a very famous take away joint. Famous for burgers, pizza's and souvlaki. Their Mojo burger is very famous in Toronto. They had great chicken souvlaki too.

There was a Japanese outlet at Fairview Mall which served great Teriyaki chicken.

Also, had a Korean lunch buffet at a nice restaurant (forgot it's name now!). Their barbequed chicken and rice lunch was fantastic.

There is also a canteen at a GM dealer by the name of Foster Pontiac Buick GMC located at Shepphard and Warden. It's run by a Greek lady, very matronly character. Eating her food made me feel like it was ghar ka maa ke haath ka khana . She introduced me to Chicken / Pork Souvlaki and I was hooked to it for life. Her sandwiches and hot dogs were yummy too.
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Originally Posted by aah78 View Post
It's all you really need for your Thai fixes! Here medium means HOT!
Go to any location - they're both excellent.
396 3rd Ave (b/w 28th & 29th St), New York, NY
46 West Old Country Rd, Hicksville (Long Island), NY
Woah!! I've had my BEST experiences for Thai food at Jaiya Thai ever ever. It's HOT HOT HOT and just too good to be true. Awesome memories. Makes me want to rush back to NY

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA
Need I say more?
Not at all, the name says it all.

I'd like to suggest this restaurant called "Automatic" for Lebanese food in Dubai (Bur Dubai).
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i used to love the Chilli burgers from Carl's junior and how can i forget the Pizza slices served in Sam's club. Besides iHOP, Denny's used to my favorite - man i miss all these

Originally Posted by Rocky_Balboa View Post
These have me addicted in Dublin, Ohio.

Mongolian Barbeque, for BBQ

coincidentally even Dublin, Ireland has this restaurant
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Continuing on my food trail in the US of A I come to Orlando. Spinkled with a lot many restaurants than one can imagine, this haven for children and older people alike is a dream destination. Not so much for food. America being such a vast country it is difficult to cover all the restaurants in a city, more so as many of us do not dine all over and have to fit food into our schedule. Therefore mostly, the food taken is of the fast or the street variety. I will omit a lot of swanky restaurants from my posts as my objective is to get to familiar food or the absolutely unfamiliar.

Cici's Pizza
is an Italian restaurant which has many outlets sprinkled all over the US.

Cici;s offers a all you can eat pizza buffet. You enter the restaurant and pay per person. Its around 7$ per head and 4.5$ for children under 12. This includes 2-3 salads, two pastas with two sauces, around 8-10 pizzas with different toppings and half of which are vegetarian, free drinks and refills and around 4-5 desserts including dessert pizzas.

Its awesome food and fantastic value for money. The pizzas are cooked in the oven right in front of you and everytime you go for a piece, you are guaranteed a piping hot slice straight from the oven.
We ate at least three meals there as it was the closest and the children absolutely love it. In fact after the last meal there we had to beg the boys not to suggest that place again.

A visit to downtown Disney is an absolute must as Orlando is not all about Epcott centre and Disney land.

This place is created for tourists and is divided in two halfs by a bridge. One side is very kids oriented with kiddy shops ice cream parlours, fun restaurants, multiplexes et all and the other called Pleasure Island is for adults with its Harley stores and night clubs, bars, pubs cafes etc.

Here one must visit the world famous Ghirardelli ice cream and chocolate shoppe. If you pass around its impossible to miss it. The whiff of something baking and chocolate will hit you. A hot fudge sundae is a must. One does not find a lot of these stores in the US. Owned by the famous Ghirardelli chocolate house, their chocolate fudge sauce is to die for, liberally sprinkled over the ice cream in a huge glass. Its aptly called the best chocolate sundae in the world.

The world famous Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Fudge- the best ive ever had

Name:  choco fudge.jpg
Views: 2503
Size:  60.9 KB

Talking about ice creams, there is an Ice Lolly that somehow i saw only available at play parks. I may be wrong but maybe its available only in these places. Its called Idzakadoozie and is an ice lolly with twirls of flavoured ice running round it. Orange, Lemon, Green apple, Raspberry, it has it all. My quota was at least 3-4 a day.

Jr with the Idzakadoozie lolly

A guide to eating ABROAD!-dsc01548-large.jpg

Just across the border from USA, in Canada go for the Krispy Kreme donuts, again my vote for the best in the world. No other donut can match its cottony texture. Beware its easy to eat about a dozen (yes its true) and then kick yourself for having added that many empty calories but what the heck, you only live once.

Food in Canada is almost the same as in USA but for one thing you dont get in the US the Giant Canadian Hot Dog.
The US has its share of hot dog stands where you can get a quick hot dog with everything for around 2$ but at the foot of the CN Tower its available for C$-4. Theres this huge sausage which is slashed criss cross and grilled in front of your eyes. Its then plonked in a bigger roll and handed with two hands to you. You then choose and put whatever you want on the dog. The cart has a huge array of accompaniments to be added on free. You put whatever and chomp on the delicious goody only to order one more. Then you get stuffed and sink into the rear seat of the car.

Hot dogs are the staple food of America. One gets many variations of it. The simple dog from the street vendor of the famous Coney Island Dog from Coney Island NY, with chili on it or the famous hot dog from Pink's in LA. They are all good.

Sorry i dont have more pics of these things. I misplaced my camera somewhere with all these priced pics in the US itself.

....enough of US food. Coming soon food in the far east
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
Mr.Greek : Great greek food. I must had tons of Chicken Souvlaki in 1.5 years!
Seriously! Greek food has been a discovery. I too am hooked to it. Mr greek makes some excellent stuff - Bread with a spinach dip, the souvlakis, seafood - its all great.

For the veggies, Greek places always have an option of rice, potatoes and a Greek salad. You will not be disappointed.

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There was a Japanese outlet at Fairview Mall which served great Teriyaki chicken.
don't know if its closed now. Fairview went thru a massive reno after you went back and hence some of the old outlets closed down.
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